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AT with eugenchen - Solve by Mao-Ookaneko AT with eugenchen - Solve :iconmao-ookaneko:Mao-Ookaneko 121 6 Somnambula by krowzivitch Somnambula :iconkrowzivitch:krowzivitch 225 4 Mountain Trekking by aJVL Mountain Trekking :iconajvl:aJVL 404 7 Commission by Holivi Commission :iconholivi:Holivi 426 12 Share Dast by Holivi Share Dast :iconholivi:Holivi 518 20 The Teacher by TamberElla The Teacher :icontamberella:TamberElla 8,404 288 Teatime on Public Transport by blayrd Teatime on Public Transport :iconblayrd:blayrd 5 2 Commission: Tempest Armor by SilFoe Commission: Tempest Armor :iconsilfoe:SilFoe 824 41 Pear Butter Animation by TheRealDJTHED Pear Butter Animation :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 2,162 127 Dream by aJVL Dream :iconajvl:aJVL 582 20 One Late Afternoon - Twilight Sparkle by aJVL One Late Afternoon - Twilight Sparkle :iconajvl:aJVL 1,639 65 Poison Apple Brewing by TalonsofIceandFire Poison Apple Brewing :icontalonsoficeandfire:TalonsofIceandFire 394 13 Forest Monster by Anuk Forest Monster :iconanuk:Anuk 204 18 Worm: Skitter/Taylor by monkeyjay Worm: Skitter/Taylor :iconmonkeyjay:monkeyjay 80 11 Defending the Shores by MisterAibo Defending the Shores :iconmisteraibo:MisterAibo 159 23 Worm - Taylor by sandara Worm - Taylor :iconsandara:sandara 3,300 125




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A Ruin In Colors
Think I forgot to upload this after doing some edits months back.

Anyway, this was a study of a full color spectrum applied to what is usually stereotyped as monotonous
Evocation: Urban Mirrors 2
Been awhile.

Something that came out of a study to make my own painting process and workflow more natural.

I feel like its important for us to do this every once in awhile. People change and we can get stuck in certain habits or methodologies that is unhealthy.

This piece was produced under 15hrs, which is a much faster clip for me in general.
The Deep Forest Heart
You know how most of us keep going back to a painting or another, because of some inexplicable itch? Well, this particular piece turned out to be that, and I've been using it as a test bed for lots of small experiments I learnt this few months.

Can I conclusively say that this piece is finished for me? Maybe, but I gotta close this book sooner or later, and this is probably the final rendition, save tiny edits if there's time. It's time I moved onto another experiment.

Edit: an update to the overall visuals.
Ancient Days of Winter

Give reverence to those long passed,
they tend to the most ancient days of winter.
Cradling in slumber the twining, twirling,
slithering shoots of spring. 

Last piece before the New year.  A happy new year to all!

2016 was pretty trying for me. I had to unlearn lots of student habits after stepping into the working world. Painting being one of the first to take a hit. 

I was not very happy, overall the experience was a good one...but over the past months something ached so badly I wanted to go somewhere to scream. Painting is something that built me up, I will never stop doing it. One day I will make it something I do, warm and cozy in a small room, but that day is not here yet. That does not mean I cant start preparing for it nevertheless.

So here's what my watchers (if any of you are still around after my 2016 black out) can expect.

I will be back to updating on a per week basis. Namely I will be doing 3 different painterly things as a test to myself, primarily whether or not i can keep up this resolution. Every Thurs, Friday, Saturday expect to see updates. Even if they are small ones. A large painting might come out once every two weeks, or it might take longer. The fact of the matter is my job comes first, and supporting my family comes first. Slowly I hope to build up these 3 projects into viable side revenues options that I can turn to in the future.

Here's to a new year of successful resolutions and new opportunities opened. 
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cartoon-girl-2010 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017
I'm with the others...your work is amazing!

I can't stop watching the Lullaby video and wish I could do that for an idea I have (inspired by someone combining that with Luna's reply for a duet)

I have such respect for animators....I could never do something like that and I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to make even a short video
JemiDove Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Heyo, I'm not the biggest MLP:FiM fan (I grew up playing with the Gen 3 MLP figurines haha) but I do love fan art of it sometimes and discover some fan songs here and there, like Lullaby for a Princess... I was just relistening to it today, decided to search it up on Youtube to see if it was animated and there it was - you were the background artist!! :O Beautiful work, the whole thing!

Also I'm most pleasantly surprised that you're a fellow Singaporean like me :XD: It's locals like you who spur me on to keep doing what I'm doing! :dummy: I'm currently a year 3 TP graphic design student, though I have zero passion for graphic design really... it was more like my parents didn't have faith in the local animation/game industries, so they got me to study that instead... which I regretted listening to them for. :( Got quite depressed in my first year, hah. I'm going to pursue Animation at uni (likely Lasalle), and then find my way into the videogame industry. (people reccommend that Digipen would be a better choice for me, but I feel that studying Animation opens me up to actual TV/internet animation jobs too if I can't land a job in the game industry)

Whoops, that was way longer than I wanted to type ^^; You've just earned yourself a new watcher! :)
KALETHA-EBON Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
i just wanted to let you know how amazing you really are!!!!!
i saw your princess laullaby and i am just wow no no i mean WOW!!!
i am trying to animate my stories and characters and some times i lose the means to keep going and you've 
just inspire me to keep trying even when im sooo tired after work hours and hours of work.
i need people like you to keep my dream alive.
i want to do this soo sooo badly and i will keep trying even when people put me down.

thank you so much for helping a stranger you dont know.

thank you.^^
Simbaro Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Professional General Artist
Perseverance is one of the most important aspects in any creative work! I'm glad that lullaby was able to give you the inspiration to keep going, god knows I had my own share of inspiring artists pushing me onward as well ^^
KALETHA-EBON Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I thought i would say hi since its been a while. I finally got married in September and had to stop drawing for a minute, but since i came back i thought about doing a production intro, i think its call that or something, and u finished the rough and is now cleaning the lines. Wish i could show you maybe somedays. I've been so afraid of showing my work lately cause of the bad past here on d.a. (shrugs) but every now and again, i look back on your videos of your last project and learn, woshed you had more but really i wish i could meet you someday and hang out and share, but idk who knows but it would be cool. Ill talk to you again sometime and ill try and be brave and post my onto when all finished. Bye till last or anytime if you like to talk sometime.
comicfam Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
p.s. i wonder do you comic page? fanfiction? Animations?
comicfam Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
i love the Lullaby For A Princess and my little pony!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
comicfam Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
love the LULLABY FOR A PRINCESS!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart  and my little pony!
kitkatyj Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Woah! I've never seen you before!
Hello fellow Singaporean! :D
FredsonV Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing gallery!
I'm glad that I found you through the Lullaby project >w<
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