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Another work that was part of my Masters, this is an illustrative type identity I created for "The Sound Lab" - an awesome radio program on Triple J that plays the best new experimental music.

Hard to categorise the show further than that, but you get everything from post rock, ambient, noise, to minimal techno, house, chiptunes, twisted folk, electro-acoustica, remixes, dubstep and experimental hiphop. Great to sink into late on a Sunday night :lol:

As an identity, it fits as part of a "dynamic branding" approach, where there are many variations of the "logo" with different amounts of detail or formats, but where the essence of the identity is always maintained.

I've just copied and pasted this next bit from my thesis for anyone who cares about what certain things represent. Otherwise, hope you like it! I may upload other bits and pieces related to this project

Due to the highly experimental nature of musical content on the radio show, it was appropriate and indeed essential to reflect this in the identity. The approach of interpreting the scientific and experimental connotations of ‘lab’ was taken and visually infused into the type, which was made to look like a system of pipes, test tubes and other laboratory apparatus. Surrounding illustration referenced the predominately electronic nature of the music through circuits and motherboard-like imagery that in places fuses into musical notation or guitar necks. Idiosyncratic and more natural forms are shown emerging from areas of the design to represent the sometimes organic style of the sounds, despite their technical origin. Finally, the whole identity was inverted to white and placed over black, which captures the late night feel of the show (which airs from 11pm to 2am).

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