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Murdoc Grinch

Santa Clause Santa Clause Santa Clause 

You're a tosser
Murdoc Grinch
Like a burrito is your knob
You're a stinky-winky bassist
And you live like a slob
Murdoc Gri-inch

As much as you like to spend time in the baff, for the sake of those around you, try a little dash of sooooaaaaap

You're a wanker
Murdoc Grinch
You sent Stuart's eyes to pot
You like to strip down to your undies
'Cause you think you're really hot
Murdoc Gri-inch

Seriously, keep your clothes on, I'd really rather not look at your pimply buuuuuuuuutt

You amaze me
Murdoc Grinch
With Russ, 2D, and Noodle
You are a big sensation
And you make a ton of boodle
Murdoc Gri-inch

The 60s had The Archies, the 80s had The Chipmunks, and now we have yoooooooouuuu

You're a green one
Murdoc Grinch
With your shaggy black hair
With that long rockstar tongue
You put out a lot of hot air
Murdoc Gri-inch

Say, with you being a Satanist, wouldn't that mean that you would celebrate Antichristmaaaaaaas

Hey, it's ten times better than that green, sassy, gay furry voiced by Benny-Who Cumberland! :P

Santa Clause Santa Clause Santa Clause   
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A jolly prowler, as Squidward would say. But Murdoc can trespass on my property anytime.
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XD this is great! lmao
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This is great! Especially since I'm a fan of both Murdoc and the grinch (butespeicallythenewestmovie,biteme)

You did a great job mixing Murdoc into the style of the 60's animated short with the bright green, the odd shapes the Santa suit makes and his long fingers yet keeping Murdoc's face simular to his original appearance; even with the yellow eyes since Murdoc did have them in phase 2 of Gorillaz (though not as bright)
Plus, that freaking Grinch song parody in the description is great and funny! With the second verse being my favourite! X'D

This is very funny! XD
Merry Christmas! :D
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Honestly, I'm a little surprised no else has thought of this mashup before . . . or, maybe they have, and I just haven't seen it. Either way, seemed to work, lol.

And good eye! I did feel Murdoc's older, and somewhat more simplistic designs would be more appropos in channeling 60s animated Grinch, though I did take a little creative license, since he was still wasn't quite that bright green in Phase 2 (and certainly not Phase 1).

Thanks; you too!
puresthope125's avatar
there are people who have drawn this before XD
cause it works really well

yeah, that is true! But in those new G-Shock watches ads Murdoc does seem to have a sudden green up being a bright green colour XD

you're welcome!
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Yeah, tosser and wanker. Someone knows some of the saltier words cross the pond. ;) Merry Christmas man, and that Illumination CGI feature will never replace the legacy of the old 1960's TV special and source material story book.
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