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I Wish You Were Real

D.W.'s havin' a "moment" with her imaginary friend, Nadine.

And then they're going to do a lavish musical number about Africa, thus making :iconmightyfilm: scream. :dance:
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Yep, even though I never had a imaginary friend. I know allot of other people had similar thoughts like D.W. when they where real young, just to show how relatable the show Arthur to allot people even myself included as an adult.
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I always liked Nadine, but DW is hit and miss.... I'm thankful I'm an only child because of characters like her lol:giggle:
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Quick idea for follow-up to this picture: "I wish Nadine were a sexy teen squirrel or in her early 20s."
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I used to watch Arthur every now and then. I never did know what D.W stood for though. Dorthy something I figure.
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Dora Winifred. And she hates it with a passion. There was even an episode where she and Arthur got into a name-calling battle, and Arthur seemed to be winning the battle when he finally came up with, "Oh I know what you are! You know what you are? You're such a... DORA WINIFRED!"
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Thanks. I guess the fact that she hates her name explains why she's usually called D.W
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:'D Ahaha, DW was so annoying~ ^__^

This is sooo well drawn =D It almost looks like it is right out of the show!
I might actually watch an ep to see the two (Stupid Princess and level headed Magic girl) on a buddy action film together, if Nadine was real, it'd be less then an hour (I'd give it 10 minutes) before DW was like any other selfish spoiled brat wishing Nadine dead for some reason. Hmm, would DW try to off Nadine by throwing socks at her or just by stomping around the house screaming "I don't believe in fairies."?
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awww i used to have a imaginary friend
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That remark seems somewhat pedophilic...
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Because we all know how much he LOOOOVES the Africa song XD

Interesting choice of background by the way
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