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Gorillaz Babyz

Singing Gorillaz Babyz, they make nightmares come true
Singing Gorillaz Babyz, they'll make poo-pees for you!

Singing 2D is 2 kinds of weird, and Murdoc's always bare
Singing Russel's banging makes lots of noise, and Noodle might shave her hair

Singing Gorillaz-Gorillaz-Gorillaz-Gorillaz
Singing Babyz-Babyz-Babyz. . . .
Ah, just go bye-bye!

So the inspiration behind this was apparently long ago, some weisenheimer uploaded a Chipmunks/Chipettes song on YouTube, but claimed that it was by "Gorillaz Babyz."

Hey, can't be any worse than D'OH YOGI!

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Yeah, it looks like they joined the babies bandwagon pretty late in the game, but it's still a nice picture none the less.
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Yeah, and save for Muppet Babies (which was pretty much responsible for that bandwagon in the first place), nobody really liked the bandwagon anyway.

Though, to be fair, I personally kinda liked A Pup Named Scooby Doo, for some reason.
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That's ok, I was born when the Saturday Morning syndication packages where slowing fading away, and I glad you liked that rendition of Scooby Doo.
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Yeah. Saturday Morning was a little before my time as well. For me, the only form of "Saturday Morning" I remember as a kid was when ABC did "1 Saturday Morning," which was basically a showcase of Disney Channel shows like RECESS, MICKEY MOUSE WORKS, and what have you.
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