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For DeadlyNova Again

Very belated gift art for :icondeadlynova:

As it turns out, Gorillaz are actually kinda hard to draw. Well, Russ wasn't so bad, but Murdoc and Noodle on the other hand, I think I had to redraw each of them at least twice to get them to look . . . as close to right as possible.
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I love this!!!! It's hilarious!! Thank you!!! :D 
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You are most welcome, Hayz! Happy (super belated) birthday! Have your cake and eat it too 

Don't forget to let us know how your audition went. ;P
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Yeah, it's good to see that those characters still have some attention years after the bands prime. :)
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Yeah, I don't think they're no longer in their prime - they just started Phase 5 (Phase 4 went quickly). And yeah, like mightyfilm said, they have Ace from the Gangreen Gang from PPG in the band now, while Murdoc sits in jail, apparently for some kind of conspiracy that involves him being framed . . . or so I've heard.
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Yeah, that's cool to know
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They have Ace from Powerpuff Girls as part of the band now.  I'd say that's attention they deserve.
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It's ironic, because it wasn't that long ago, I was thinking about how similar Murdoc and Ace are as characters: ringleaders of their respective crews, tall and lanky with shaggy black hair, green skin, and sharp teeth. Now I just wonder if Ace ever speaks in the Gorillaz universe, what are the chances they'll bring back Jeff Glenn Bennett to reprise his voice? I mean, I doubt it, but that'd be awesome.
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I don't think he does.  Apparently this really only happened because the creator of Gorillaz was friends with Craig McCracken.  Still a better use of the Powerpuff Girls than the reboot, the special, and the anime.
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