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For DeadlyNova

Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too 

Gift art for :icondeadlynova:

I was just going to type all of this up in a birthday comment, then thought nah, this has to be visualized.

Happy Birthday, Haley!

Have your cake and eat it too Airborne Headbang! :squee: Party      
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uhm some of the art is traced/stolen

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Damn, I wish I got something like this for my bday~
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You mean Ed eating your entire cake in one bite?
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Lol preferably not that x) 

but bday art would be nice, never gotten that in my life. 
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For some reason that tiny Eleanor + Theo look hella adorable??
AH I like how well you could adapt to multiple different styles for this piece and I could still recognize it's from you! :'0
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I think perhaps the backgrounds give me away more than anything . . . maybe? I dunno?
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Haha! I love it! This is very sweet of you to draw, thank you!! Ed can keep the cake, don't want it anymore after that! 

(This also reminds me I should try to do an updated self portrait, it's been years!)

EDIT: Just noticed you even got Gorillaz in here! Ha! 
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You are most welcome! Darn that monobrow, always ruining everything! ><

I debated trying to draw you myself in my own style, or just play it safe and use your self portraits for reference - obviously, I chose the latter.

And yup, I wanted to try to squeeze them in the back providing live music for your party, but I ran out of room, so I threw in a couple of Gorillaz posters instead; better than nuthin'.
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Haha, I really appreciate it, thank you!
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You know Ed just love the four basic food groups: buttered toast, gravy, jawbreakers, and big cakes.
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