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Date Night

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Ah, Friday and Boo . . . still competing for Euphoria's affection, all the while Euphoria just continues to humor both of them.

Euphy, I know you wanna meet them halfway, but sweetheart, three's a crowd. Clearly neither Friday or Boo are happy about having to share Euphy, but at least both of them are being perfect gentlemen with her.

I've missed this trio so much. And, of course, Euphoria, Friday, and Boo belong to :iconeuphrlday:

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osafksdælkgdfsklæh i need a commission from you even more now ;; 
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SCREAMS!! This is such a sweet surprise, I love the scenario, too /sobs grossly
My absolute favorite is Boo in his lil top hat + classy cane, ehehe >:^)c
Euphy loves both her boys, she’d def be ecstatic to be taken out by the two of them, huehue. This is definitely... something that happens often for the three of them, I imagine HAHA
Also, CUTE OUTFIT?! I’m def gonna have to doodle Euphy with that dress soon ;^0
Don’t worry!! I still doodle these three (+ others from their universe), I’ve just been slow with sharing while I still have art I owe /wheezes
This means SO MUCH to me!! It always makes me happy hearing others care about my characters ;//; I’ll be sure to post more about these buddies as soon as I can! >:^)
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La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la      
There's no pleasing some people, but then they didn't ask to go on a date with the other guy!
Glad to see you back, Siman! Happy halloween!
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Not familiar with the characters, but the girl in the center has a cute character design.
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They're a trio of OCs (and I mean original characters) that were created by :iconeuphrlday: several years ago, though we haven't seen much of them as of late - either in original artwork by Kimmi, or fan art by others (such as myself).

Euphoria, the girl, certainly lives up to her name: she's rather euphoric, and free-spirited. Her spectral pals, Friday and Boo, also have rather elaborate, yet mysterious backstories involving their history with her; Friday (the one wearing the head mask) is the timid and sensitive, but also easily annoyed one of the two, while Boo (with the glowing red eyes) is crafy, shifty, and definitely has a naughty streak in him (in more ways than one).

And, a common theme among the trio is their not-so-subtly bizarre love triangle: both Friday and Boo possess romantic interest in Euphoria, and she seems clearly aware of this, and will even humor both of them about it (as depicted here). Some of us feel, though, that Friday's feelings for Euphoria are more sincere and deeper, whereas Boo's are probably more based out of lust than love . . . or, that's my interpretation, at least.
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Good to know man
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