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Battle of the Holograms

A Battle of the Bands contest between two actual real fake bands: the Finnish group Binky (from the Arthur episode "Binky Rules; Meet Binky") and The GorillaZ.

I did this on a whim; don't ask me what I was thinking when I did this, I'm not so sure I even was.
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Fun fact: The song Binky sings in the episode is a real song.…
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i found that song today. it was weird finding out it was real, had lyrics, and was Finnish.
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May your trying to make a reference of that fictional stories can contradict real life trends and crazes that happen years later which how I interpret this picture.
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"hey we are Binky who are you?"

"Ah a band millions of people actually like" say the gorillaz
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I amm so amazed that you drew Gorillaz! Awesomeness :D
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No Jem and the Holograms?
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Jem's band members were actual people, not holograms.
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At least I know the "SHOWTIME, SYNERGY" phrase.
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I think I know what you were thinking ;)

I should really do some Arthur fan art sometime
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Wait... you mean I can think? :jawdrop:
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