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10 Years

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In honor of my 10th dA anniversary in May, I thought, "Well, this is some really bad timing!" 

I didn't even realize I had been on dA ten years till just recently. So, I decided to commemorate the milestone with a special (belated) "10x10" deviation - basically, taking the ten best deviations (as in most popular, most significant, or personal favorite) from each of my ten years here, in one gigantic retrospective. Then, I realized that by 2015, my dA activity had begun dropping significantly, and never quite recovered . . . evidently, I only submitted one deviation for the entire year of 2016 . . . well, so much for that. Shrug 

I have enjoyed my years on dA, though . . . maybe not as much in recent years as I had in years past, but it's been a fun outlet to create and share fan art, memes, and other similar junk, not to mention getting involved in some really great (albeit, occasionally toxic) fandom communities. And, of course, discovering other amazing and talented artists out there: some of whom I already knew prior to dA (and came here at their urging :P ), some whom I've gotten acquainted with here on dA, and some whose friendship has continued beyond the confines of dA. I see that very few of them are actually still here, though - a lot either haven't been on in years, or have completely jumped ship altogether - but, nevertheless, because you guys played such a significant part in making these past ten years on dA so special (and/or I just really, really admire your work, and may not say it enough), I wanted to give a shout out to all of you:
:iconb-millerx: :iconboredstupid100: :iconborisfedorov: :iconbradandez: :iconbritt-millerx::iconcartoonboyfriends: :iconchiptte: :iconcolbynfriends: :iconctw36: :icondeadlynova: :icondeeisbrowsing: :icondhulteen: :iconemmiexcutie: :iconeuphrlday: :icong-veronica-bow: :iconhcshannon: :iconheavenandsky: :iconjoanamosi: :iconjonbrangwynne: :iconkellerb: :iconkrofftfan96: :iconlimeth: :iconmightyfilm: :iconmisscami: :iconmooncreeper: :iconmr-herp-derp: :iconnannerpus: :iconnarfeth: :iconnasubionna: :iconniclove: :iconsmigliano: :iconsquirreltamer: :iconthesorceressraven: :iconstudiobueno: :icontito-mosquito: :iconturtlegirl5: :iconvederick: :iconxxvennakittyxx: :iconwallynsimonsgirl: :iconyeyeliz: :iconzerozero204: and anyone else I may have unintentionally left out - love ya guys! Hug 

Lastly, I have one more closing remark: eff you, deviantART, for compressing and distorting all of our older deviations! Who do you think you are, Photobucket?! Rage Disbelief I'm going to slap some sense into you! :stinkeye: Stabbed with a Fork! Steaming Mad! I am PISSED OFF! Do not try and bend the spoon ... Crash frustrated Splitting Headache! Censored Stabbed in the gut, just like Jack the Ripper! Chainsaw Pissed Furious Thumbs Down :x (Mad) Explosion Angered 
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Rapper1996's avatar
Hey, Joseph.
New 'Tude by SimanetteFan
I love Jeanette Miller, she's my favorite Chipette!
I wish you would design more of her in the sexy new look.
I love her in The Squeakquel style & knee-high boots from The Wolfman.
Yeyeliz's avatar
man, time goes by so fast!

I don't think we've talked much and I don't post here since 2017. But thanks for the shout out!! :D 
SimanetteFan's avatar
It has been quite a while, yes, but heh, I've been watching you since the only OCs in your gallery were D and ID. ;p ;p ;p
Yeyeliz's avatar
hoo boy! it has been a long time.

now I have like 30+ ocs now and half of that is for Vlad's story only XD
DeadlyNova's avatar
SimanetteFan's avatar
*Throws clock out the window* You're right.
TheSorceressRaven's avatar
Can't believe another year has gone by.  Glad to see you posted this progress image since 2008. 

Always stay creative, my friend!!

Happy New Year 2011 
SimanetteFan's avatar
Y'know Marie, you're pretty much indirectly responsible for me being here in the first place. :P

I joined Seville Library in its waning days, when school and life were consuming much of your time, and it was pretty much the rest of the then-SL gang who kept urging me to join dA show I could show off my fan art and such while SL laid dormant.

But, gosh, it's hard to believe all that happened ten years ago! ><
TheSorceressRaven's avatar
Man, how time flies.  So glad we kept in contact though...I miss those days of running the website ;)
SimanetteFan's avatar
Even though school and life were already consuming you at that point, what I really miss is the forum community we had back then: things were really hopping with those RPs, and other fun threads, it was a close-knit bunch of people.
HeavenAndSky's avatar
thanks for mention me <3 I've appreciated it so much! I'm still here, inactive, but I'm still alive.

Cheers for your anniversary!:happybounce: 
Mr-Herp-Derp's avatar
It's been a wild ride for sure, and I'm glad to be along for it.  Sure, DA has done some stupid things over the years, but this is my online home.  Seriously, my day just doesn't feel complete until I get messages on DA.  It's gonna take a lot to send me packing.
SimanetteFan's avatar
I know exactly what you mean. Granted, I don't feel the same about dA, but I mean, I feel that way about other sites. There's a Muppet forum I've been a member of for over fifteen years . . . I've been there long enough to see other "old-timers" disappear and leave altogether because they didn't like certain drama going on, or they just missed the old days, some even questioning why I'm even still there after all this time . . . like you, I just leave, it's been my online home away from home for far too long.
Mr-Herp-Derp's avatar
A big part of me being here so long is my friends.  I've made so many friends on here and it wouldn't be right to leave them.
SimanetteFan's avatar
This is one of the main reasons why I've been trying to stay connected with friends - not just from dA, but from other spots online as well, since so many of them aren't even here anymore - or, if they are, they're rarely, if ever on. It's worked out pretty well, for the most part; some have unfriended and blocked me for seemingly no reason, but other than that.
Mr-Herp-Derp's avatar
Hate when that happens, I once got blocked for what I thought was just a harmless joke.
You know what you like. It's a bit quirky and not the current cool thing, but that hasn't mattered. I think that just helps add the interesting-ness of DA.
Your last ten years on DA haven't been bad. You have a good next ten years, man.
NicLove's avatar
Wow, it's been a will
CartoonBoyfriends's avatar
Aww, thanks so much! :huggle: :heart:
SimanetteFan's avatar
I wish I had discovered you sooner than I have, but your art is just too freakin' adorable! :la:
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