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As usually
I've picked 12 fractals, made in 2010, I love, adore and which impressed me somehow.
I would see them in my "Favourite Fractal Art Calendar" ;)

So, in no particular order:

Winter tiger by LeXXe Creation by davebold370 Shambhala by svet-svet
Ili Dozhd' po Glazam by OutsideFate Planet of light by KrzysztofMarczak No Boundaries by Beesknees67
Tiger Lily by lindelokse Dojo by milleniumsentry Shaerrawedd by sci-clone
20100220-1 by s31415 :thumb191397410: El Dorado by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel

is there anyone who haven't see, comment or fave them? :wow:

Thank You for fantastic Art in 2010! It was very inspiring year!

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Thanks so much :hug:
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:lol: How did you manage to pick only 12? I wouldn't have been able to choose .

Thanks for including me here. The one you chose is a personal favorite as well.

Shambhala is quite interesting as well.
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Well, it was hard to decide but they are creme de la creme of 2010 fractals in my oppinion. It's subjective of course, what impresses me doesn't have to impress anybody else, but I hope some will agree with me :)
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:wow: thank-you very much ...I'm honored! :hug:
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Excellent choices.
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