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:dance: <-- this should be orange. :|

oh well. I forgive.

I would say: classical spiral, classical shapes and kinda my colors.
Still I hope you gonna like it :D

Ultra Fractal 3.05
Music: Faithless 'To All New Arrivals'

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This is totally an autumn thing with the dark orange colors. I must ask, is this a dark dance into the depths of hell?
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hehe.. i don't think in hell there is such beautiful thing like autumn :)
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No I suppose there isn't much to see there... well anyhoo... it is very good.
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Amazing, beautiful, stunning, and more. :o
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Your picture has been featured here: [link].
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Thank You m'Dear! :blowkiss:
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You're welcome, hon. :hug:
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Great design and color contrasts:)
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Congratulations! :winner:

Your piece has been featured in Fractalicious! Issue #1!

Click on the link to see all of this week's fantastic featured fractals! :wow:
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Aww..! I am highly delighted! :blowkiss:
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Outstanding detail and wonderful seasonal colours. Excellent piece.
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Thanks so much!
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Original and beautiful. I like colors.
I have add to my :+fav:
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Thank you so much :dance:
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This is so beautiful! I love the colors and the contrast.
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Thanks a LOT! I like strong contrasts in fractals.. now I have to work harder on pastels :)
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Absolutely stunning!
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very very very interesting... I'm not a fractal expert but I like it so much! colours and composition! fav!
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This is not only for fractal artist work :D it is just for all :D I am really glad You like it :D
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it's fantastic ;)
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Hmm, I am still ammazed with how you can turn a classical picture in a picture that keeps pulling my attention. The frustrating part is I really can't see why I like this one so much. :+fav:
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Thank You :D :aww: but don't flustrate - art should bring joy.. even such art as mine :D
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