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Title: Snowfall
Author: Silvy
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G (Shocking, I know.)
Wordcount: 1190
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, mentions of Sam and Bobby
Pairings: None, but I guess you can claim Destiel if you drink long enough.
Summary: South Dakota has the darkest nights, and the whitest snowfalls.
Castiel had always appreciated all of his Father’s creations. It was perhaps a unique love that set him apart from the other angels in his barracks. Animals were drawn to him, whether by curiosity or his own aura, he could never tell. He could still remember Gabriel telling him to keep an eye on a certain fish very long ago.
Singer Salvage didn’t normally lend itself to wildlife save the occasional nest of opossums and rats that liked to hide in the car bodies, but Castiel didn’t mind.
Tonight, however, he was on watch, and the an
:iconsilvy:Silvy 4 0
Mature content
Brittle Truth :iconsilvy:Silvy 6 2
A Matter of Choice
Title:A Matter of Choice
Author: Silvy
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,608
Pairing: Kaidan/F!Shep, hints of Garrus/F!Shep
Summary: That moment where you discover the woman you love has moved on...sort of.
"How does that even work?" Staff Commander Alenko pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. "A turian and a human?"
"S'easier than it looks," Joker replied, taking a swig of his bourbon. The officer's bar was lined with Alliance brass, all set to welcome Commander Inara Shepard back into the fold. Joker had agreed to come along as moral support (meaning he was here to drink booze and ignore everyone, Kaidan supposed). "Fornax did a huge layout when Garrus and–"
He stopped speaking and gave Kaidan an appraising look over the rim of his tumbler. "No, nevermind."
"What about Garrus?" Kaidan asked, his lips lifting in a small smile. "You were about to dish up some good gossip, if the grin on your face was any indicati
:iconsilvy:Silvy 5 3
Mature content
Heroes of Skill :iconsilvy:Silvy 3 3
Rosewater by Silvy
Mature content
Rosewater :iconsilvy:Silvy 7 4
Story of My Life by Silvy
Mature content
Story of My Life :iconsilvy:Silvy 8 18
Mature content
Velma's Journal - April 13th :iconsilvy:Silvy 0 1
Mature content
Velma's Journal - April 2nd :iconsilvy:Silvy 0 1
I Haff Twelve Metchsteek by Silvy I Haff Twelve Metchsteek :iconsilvy:Silvy 2 3
I bought the shuttle when my boys were six years old. I had been going through a messy divorce with the boys' father, and I had needed some time to myself. When I passed the dealership on my way home from work, I stepped in on impulse.
The cruiser was two hundred twenty-two feet long from stem to stern, and she was a rusted out hulk. She was silvered and worn out from age, and I saw already that I would have to replace some pressure seals around the main air tanks before it would even survive past the atmosphere. And that was the least of the old girl's problems.
But she was mine. I rechristened her the Constance and set to work.
My father had always said that you should care for a shuttle like you were married. I snorted at that idea as I began to work. So much for that working out for me the way I wanted it to. My husband insisted that the marriage counseling was just some "hippie bullcrap" and walked out of my life and into his new life with his boss, Mr. Fenwick. I wished them happ
:iconsilvy:Silvy 0 2
GH Contest Shirt 3 by Silvy GH Contest Shirt 3 :iconsilvy:Silvy 0 4 GH Contest Shirt 2 by Silvy GH Contest Shirt 2 :iconsilvy:Silvy 0 0 Guitar Hero Contest Alt. by Silvy Guitar Hero Contest Alt. :iconsilvy:Silvy 0 0 Guitar Hero Contest Shirt by Silvy Guitar Hero Contest Shirt :iconsilvy:Silvy 0 0
Shinobi are tools, nothing more. They are, in essence, the extension of a daimyo or shogun in order to increase his influence. We are glorified kunai, to cut and cut and not care why. So why do I question that life now?
We are what we are.
So why do I feel this way when I look at you? You were young, and not necessarily innocent when I found you, but now you are my perfect tool. You forged yourself for me, a kunai worthy to be wielded with impunity. Were I one to hand out foolish praise like a teacher, I would say that you could be my equal.
But that boy…that noisy, bratty shinobi showed me a power completely beyond anything I could have done. He reforged himself to defeat you, and in doing so, reforged you. You shattered in his hands and he reshaped you, reformed you into something infinitely more beautiful. He made you into something I could not.
He made you stronger.
Was I really that important to you? Did you really care about my dreams, my desires? Was I more than just your t
:iconsilvy:Silvy 0 1
Gulpin Loves You by Silvy Gulpin Loves You :iconsilvy:Silvy 1 0

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ATTENTION Tumblr, DeviantART, and Livejournal!

Have you ever said to yourself, "Man, I like Lywinis's writing, but I wonder if she would write a story for me."? Well, NOW YOU CAN ASK.

I am now taking commissions for fanfiction. Here's how it works!


Minimum commission is $5. What will five bucks get you?

- ONE fic worth a literal thousand words. Yes, you will get a 1,000 word fic for five bucks. Said fic will be delivered to your inbox, in lovely PDF format with a note from me!

- You also have the option to tell me whether or not you'd like me to post it on my account. This means you can keep it to yourself, or you can point to it and say, "I requested that!" No more kinkmeme roulette!

"Well, what will $10 get me?" you ask. It will get you THIS:

- ONE fic of 2,000 words, in that same PDF format.

- The same option as whether or not I publish your fiction.

- A silly limerick from me!

These are the only thresholds I have set for now, but longer works can be negotiated. Simply shoot me an email at and we can discuss it.


- It does not have to be Dragon Age related. As long as I am familiar with the backstory of the fandom involved, I will write it.

- I won't write Sebastian or Alistair in a slash pairing, due to personal preference. (No offense to slash fans, I just can't see either of our favorite Chantry boys in a relationship like that. Some things work in my head. This is not one of these things.)

- I WILL write Fenris. You heard me. I will write Fenris. However, you might not like my characterization of him.

- I'm not opposed to slash, but I can't guarantee the quality. I will, however, give it the old college try.

- There are some things I won't write. These are:


This is in no way a mandatory thing. I will still be posting pieces of my own on the sites I post to, and you can still read them for FREE. You are not in any way required to commission me. This is a way for me to make some money, just as if I were to commission art from Jakface or Aimo. I still enjoy their work for free, and so do you. I am not suggesting that you should pay me to read anything I write for myself. This is a chance to get a story crafted just for you, nothing more.


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United States
Current Residence: Mississippi
Favourite genre of music: Anything I can listen to without hating it the first 30 seconds.
Favourite style of art: Pencils, digital media
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Creative
Wallpaper of choice: I change it too often.
Favourite cartoon character: Flapjack
Personal Quote: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss


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I was just wondering, because a couple friends of mine recently started an AU 'Fable' roleplay group, but it hasn't really gotten a lot of attention, and we REALLY need more members. I was thinking that you would make a spectacular Ben Finn, from how well you write fics in his point of view.

If you're at all interested, there's more information in my journal-- we'd love to have you-- but if not, that's cool. I understand that people have lives outside of the internet. xD
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