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:iconsilvro:Silvro posted a status
Is it safe to speak to the dragon in the nord? Not knowing what he should do, the white dragon turns around, looking back to his Mother, watching how she breaths, normal? Or is there a sign of danger. Remembering how her eye where open wide, while saying: "I'm scared son, im scared! What is happening?" Still hounds his minds. While the Healer look'd how to cure, one lung collapsed and seh nearly died. Remembering how he stand strong as long as he could, and how terrified and shaken he was, when he could relax... Also the news the healer said, that the reason for her sicknes is lying down in her lungs and it did spread up to the head did also scratch deep in to his soul. He tried to write down in to a letter, but he just couldn't. There is yet still hopes, and it someway the feeling for death is finally gone, seeing that the medicin already help'd a lot. But how will she attemps with the maincure? Unknown the future is, allways was and will be. But hope does not vanish that easily and as she just proved once again, so close to death, she is a stubborn, strong woman that will fight aslong she can. That she wants to life.

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