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Plans for the year and update

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 25, 2018, 10:27 AM
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Quite a bit has happened since my last update at the beginning of the year.
March has been the best month so far. My husband and I went to two conventions, Walker Stalker London and Birmingham's MCM comic con. I didn't cosplay but he was zombie Jax from Sons of Anarchy at Walker Stalker and Light from Death Note at MCM. They were on two weekends in a row and we went because I wanted to meet one of my favourite actors, Michael Rooker. I had seven encounters with him altogether, three autographs, two photo ops and two chances to ask him questions on his Q & A panels. And he's lovely! So charming and sweet, it was a joy to meet him. I know we often build an idea of an actor or actress we like based on what we see of them online, their movies etc and sometimes we can be disappointed when we meet them because they aren't as nice as we thought they would be. But Michael was awesome. He was everything everyone had said about him. He loves his fans and he's so full of charm. I've never met a really charming person before. I want to meet him again next time he's over here! I wanted to ask him for a hug but he ended up just offering hugs each time we met anyway.
Other people I saw at the cons included Ron Pearlman, Bruce Campbell, Tommy Flanagan (I really wanted his autograph but didn't have enough money), Norman Reedus and Sean Gunn. I only saw these guys in passing, aside from Sean who I got to ask a question at his Q & A. He was kinda shy but really nice. The opposite of Michael, who is anything but shy!
I met some awesome cosplayers too, including a Yondu, a Silent Bob, a really authentic Deadpool and had my photo taken with a Chewbacca. We also met some fellow geeks at MCM who had been to Walker Stalker and knew of the horrors of the queue.

We've been to see some local live wrestling shows pretty much every month so far this year. We have another one coming up in a couple of weeks. I love live wrestling, it's so fun and I'm friends with a lot of the wrestlers as well, so the meet and greets are becoming somewhat of a catch up.
This weekend and next, my fave band and good friends are in town, Saints of Sin! Also my friend CaptainKPeanuts is staying over Saturday night and she's coming swimming with us on Sunday.
It's my birthday in three weeks and I'm seeing Deadpool 2 :D I'm glad my birthday is a Saturday this year. It's a day I normally have off work. I got a new job in January in a little cafe down town and it's nice to have some pretty regular work hours again. Makes a change from the holiday park last year.

At the end of June my friend SterlingKato is coming to stay for just over a month! It will be cool to meet another internet friend and hang out, draw together and explore around the area. Really looking forward to it!!!

In August my husband and I are going camping with some other good friends for five days. A few of our other friends are also attending as well, including Saints of Sin! I hope it doesn't rain lol!

September will be the first anniversary of our marriage and my husband has something cool planned! I'm looking forward to seeing what it is :aww:

So there is stuff happening right up to October (but of course Halloween and I know our horror fam will want to hang out then!), which is great because it gives me things to look forward to and feel positive about.

~Silvolf signing off!

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Senshee Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Student General Artist
Lots of awesome things happening for you, I hope you have lots of fun!
Silvolf Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
I hope so too! The year has been nicely busy so far.
CaptainKPeanuts Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
lot's and lot's to look forward to!!
Silvolf Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes indeed!
Cambion-Hunter Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018
Glad to hear you are doing well, Silvolf. ^^
Silvolf Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! It feels refreshing to be doing well :aww:
Cambion-Hunter Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018
You are welcome, Silvolf. :)
HearseGurl Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018
Awesome and Congratz on your 1 year soon!
And so cool that it draws closer to meeting Kato! :la:
Silvolf Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!
I'm super excited about meeting Kato! I love meeting my online friends.
HearseGurl Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018
I do tooooo! :faint:
BlueRavenfire Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
wow, sounds like you had a busy month and lots of stuff to look forward to in the coming months. glad to hear you doing others things besides work, art and just staying home in general. :)
Silvolf Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah it's nice to keep busy. I like having a schedule of fun things :aww:
BlueRavenfire Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
yeah, indeed. :)
marielcatdragon Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW! sounds like a lot of things planned ^^ also the 22nd of September is my 2 year anniversary on Youtube....
Silvolf Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes! It's nice to have so much happening! That's cool, hope you enjoy your 2nd anniversary on YouTube.
marielcatdragon Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i hope so too....i'll try to make as video...
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