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A 4 page bio for my character, Riktus Rinktus I typed up sometime in the vicinity of last week.
It's subject to change of course. It's been a long while since I made a character who's development suddenly came to me, just like that. It might be because he was in a dream I had and so he quickly became developed. This happened once before with my Equusleporid creatures. I dreamed about them and everything about them just all fell into place. I wish I could dream up characters more often like this!

If you read, enjoy! I put a warning on it since it covers his biology and mentions buggybits.

Please don't copy the ideas in this bio, think up your own ones. Riktus is my character and I'm very proud of him. I'm sick of people incorporating his traits into their characters after reading this. I was creative enough to make my own character bio and you can too!
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Excellent bio! Very well thought out. I'd still like to draw him for you someday.