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Blue Birds

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I feel like this would be set in a Victorian style Germany town with a arts college. The orcs are like the French so when he gets there everyone hates him. He's like an amaaaaaaaazing artist but people always judge him because of his race. The truth is he's half-orc, one half being french and the other being human so he feels like an outcast. Then finally like WW1 fantasy shiz goes down and he's shipped off to war, and he gets stuck in a unit of all racist motherfuckers. They all hate his guts, but he soon befriends them after nearly losing his life to save one of them, soon he becomes like the unit mascot, drawing shit on the tanks and leading battles. He soon goes back to the town, a changed man, and finally accepted into the college where he can study, soon teaching there. Then he falls in with his youth love and then boom credits with like a 'many years later crap, before showing his now old face' and he's like a famous artist then. (Sorry, written this while rather extremely high, cool pic bro.)
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you don't often see an ork with such clothing, or doing art :D very refreshing~!