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Vacation Summary by SilviShinyStar Vacation Summary by SilviShinyStar
This travel notebook I bought is a pain to scan. -@

Ok, this may look a bit crazy so I better explain a bit.

Day 1
My friends and I just got to our apartment in Valencia after getting lost with the metro and went for a walk alongside the beach. After so much time of being under pressure for all the work, sitting next to the sea with that gentle breeze felt very good.

Day 2
Things got real crazy this day and kept being crazy for the rest of the week. The relaxing day was over. XD
This day we took one of those bicycle things with four seats in a park. There were no normal ones left so we took one that was for two adults to pedal and drive and two children in front to just enjoy the view. The first thing we did was to have the tallest on the back so anaperaita and I didn't have to pedal. XD The one that had more experience driving, David, went on the wheel. It was nice, I felt a bit bad for leaving all the work to my friends but it was fun. They couldn't see the floor so we had to tell them where to go sometimes. That day I learnt the importance of commas. U-U I said "To the left, there's a puddle" and the driver understood "To the left there's a puddle" so anaperaita and I went all wet. Ok, no, just a little. XDDD After half of the time we had with the 4-bike we switched and Ana and I were pedaling, she was driving and we had the 2 tallest of the 4 in front so we couldn't see a thing. XD Then we discovered Ana likes to go so fast. She started pedaling and driving like crazy and I was like "Omg, not so fast!" so I stopped pedaling in hopes we would slow down but no. I realised my pedaling was doing nothing, Ana was doing all the job. That meant I couldn't slow down that thing by myself. XD We were all shouting like "We're gonna die!" We decided to not allow Ana to drive ever again so Claudia started driving. We made a mistake, though, we left Ana pedaling next to her so we were going as fast as before. In 10 minutes we had reach the place where we started 30 minutes ago. XD That's when the moment of the picture happened. David and I were in front and we saw how we were approaching a little elevated zone that would act as a ramp at our speed. That moment we looked at each other then back at the ramp screaming and we holded hands in fear. XD In the end we concluded it was a unique experience, unique because we didn't want to repeat it. XD We laughed so hard for hours and kept laughing about it for the whole week. They kept repeating they would have loved a photo of the moment and I felt like it was my duty to provide something equivalent. I drew real people once like 6 or 7 years ago and never did it again because I noticed sometimes I'm not able to catch their "uniqueness" to make them recognizable in a cartoony style and I also feared choosing things that would make them unhappy or uncomfortable. I drew this and decided to better not show but I left it on the table by mistake and when they saw it they really loved it so I decided to draw one for each day. They loved them. >V<

Day 3
We went to see things. XD Old buildings and towers and museums and stuff. Those towers with a loooot of stairs and was really tired from day 2 and all the walking we already had done that day. XD Ana wanted to go higher and higher and I tried hard to follow. The worst part was going back down, though. It was that kind of stairs that are small, slippery and I don't trust them. ¬_¬
When we were going to have lunch we walked around a lot to find a good place that wasn't too expensive and finally we went to a tiny restaurant that seemed nice. Wrong choice. Normal rice and paella were the same thing apparently, meatballs were raw and we couldn't get them to cook them more, the desserts were suspicious....XD
BTW, it blurred with the scan but what is next to me in 3-2 is "*hellish gurgling*" XD

Day 4
We went to the City of Arts and Sciences. This day we went to the museum, we planned the Oceanographic for next day. We had a whole lot of fun there but you are gonna hate us for what I chose as summary. There were some cushions to sit down and they had something that measured pressure and showed it in a screen. It looked kinda like a heat signature in the screen. Someone had the idea of making photos of the screens and messaging them to the rest of our friends. Out of nothing, the Whatsapp group for all our friends started receiving messages that just contained a photo and said "[Name]'s butt". XD The fun part was the reaction of everyone going "WTF!?".
Also, we were 5 today because a friend came later. it made the drawings harder because I can't draw guys and it is harder to draw two different guys. XD

Day 5
We went to see sharks and dolphins! :dummy: And other fishy things too. XD And belugas! It was fun but there were a lot of school trips there and they were kinda bothering. All they did was shout and run everywhere. We started thinking it would be fun to throw them with the sharks. XD

Day 6
We just went to the beach, saw movies and prepared to leave next day. We bought a ball to play in the beach and I demonstrated my impressive skills at any simple ball game. For some reason, most of the balls ended in my face or I missed them. XD My friends didn't laugh at me like in the picture, though. I just didn't know how to draw them. XD
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redfoxj Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like so much fun. Wish foxy could be there ^^
victordragon747 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Buena forma de narrar tus aventuras en Valencia.:XD: Ya se nota que os lo habéis pasado genial.
SilviShinyStar Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Si. XD
victordragon747 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Jonup Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
that was a good Vacation 
SilviShinyStar Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes. XD
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