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Random Story Sketches by SilviShinyStar Random Story Sketches by SilviShinyStar
Sketches of some random story we (arcadiogarcia and me) thought. XD We started at 2AM and it was 4AM when we finished. XD And still no AT episode.
We started talking both and I did some sketches with things I liked but then it changed to arcadiogarcia narrating and me drawing super fast to show him. XD

I'll put a bit of it here so you can understand the drawings. XD

The first sketch is some awkward evil dude that is half-gargoyle and controls stone. He wants to control Keystroke when he gets petrified. =O
Keystroke and Essie go to his evil lair to beat him up and the first thing Keystroke says is "So you're still alive. Marble-ous! But I will be really a-stone-ished if you are alive by dawn." (He like puns, ok? XD)
Essie's first move is to grab his Demon Hand Gauntlet to punch him but as she jumps to punch him, a wall of rocks appears before her and the gauntlet breaks. Keystroke starts flying over the wall but stalactites start falling over him and he falls. While he was doing that, Essie took out her next weapon: Drill hands! Essie drills the wall while saying "Don't be an ass-HOLE!" (lol bad pun) but then the evil dude rises a stone column below his feet. Keystroke throws his pen to Essie, which turns into a sword right before she grabs it. Essie sticks the sword into the wall and uses it for an extra push to jump over it but as she falls, the bad guy starts throwing rocks which Essie drills and then Keystroke grabs her to fly her to safety. They are both now in front of the enemy but the floor rises until almost reaching the ceiling and stalactites start coming out of it. Essie drills them while Keystroke tries to fly but then she breaks through the ceiling and it starts crumbling down. Keystroke is hit by a sunray and tries to protect himself with his wings and is petrified with his wings around him.
Essie is enraged and doesn't know what to do so she takes out the final option: the Phoenix Tiara. Time stops for her as she takes it out of her back, breaths deep and puts it on her head. Her forehead starts burning and she feels hot inside. She closes her eyes as her knees shake and her skin itches. Now she feels nothing. She opens her eyes and looks down to see herself levitating a few feet from the ground. Her skin starts turning more orange and her eyes see nothing as wrath blinds her, becoming the only feeling in her heart. The will to destroy makes her unable to concentrate and makes her forget everything. She is embraced by flames which form the shape of a phoenix. Essie looks at the enemy and doesn't smile because it's not needed. The destruction she will cause is enough satisfaction. She mouths the word "Burn" and unleashes all the energy inside of her, turning into a tool of chaos. A wave of fire expands in all directions, followed by a strong explosion of light and heat. The last thing she sees is the enemy's face in the middle of the blinding orange light with the reflection of the fire in his terrified eyes. Then the light disappears, Essie looses conciousness and all what is left is the cave turning into magma.
Then she wakes up, she doesn't have the tiara and her head burns. She touches her forehead and is  notices it's burned. Keystroke enters the room and leaves a tray with food on it next to her bed. Two days have passed since the incident and there was nothing left of the tiara or the enemy, like if they completely vanished. Essie was lucky not to fall in one of the lava pools when she passed out. Keystroke survived thanks to being petrified with his wings around him. He flew away with the explosion and went through the waterfall in the entrance which put away the flames. Keystroke tells Essie to rest for now and heads to the door to leave the room. Essie feels something strange, like something is different. She is about to fall asleep again when she notices. There is only one thing in Keystroke's back now: two burned stumps.


AT OCs and Bios by SilviShinystarKeystroke n Essie by SilviShinystar
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D-Stro Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Manos de taladro? Interesante :nod:
SilviShinyStar Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gracias. XD
D-Stro Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
De nada! :icondoaninternetplz:
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