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Seeing Red.



EDIT: I've retouched this art. Among other fixing the shirt, the hair but most of all the skin adding texture. The brushes used came from Nakatoni [thanks for sharing your brushes.]


A long time ago I read a fan fiction where the brothers in one part of the story are turn into beings on each end of the spectrum.

Dean was all but angelic with wings and a blessing touch while Sam was a devil with small horns peaking through just shy of the hairline which he hid with a baseball cap, reptilian eyes and red skin if I’m not mistaken. If the two were to touch they’d experience great pain due to the obvious nature between the two.

I got the urge to do a DA inspired by that but for the longest time I couldn’t find a good picture to use as a ref and the basic sketch that I did sat for a long time in my computer.

Then the promo for season 4 of SPN came and I got a brain-flash. I’ve used the same image as ref in other pictures of Sam.

Originally I started painting him as he was described in the story with wings and all but I didn’t like how it was turning out. The reptilian eyes just looked wrong and to be honest I’m still not happy how they turned out. I tried to make it so that it looked like he had hell’s fire in them.

I decided to make the horns like they where filed down much like Hellboy’s. In fact I used a promo for the first movie to emulate the horns if in a much smaller scale then HB has.

Dimension: 1803x2332, 300dpi
Brushes: the basic ones in Photohop. Hard round brush and soft round brush. The hair is done with the Pen tool.
Time elapsed:Over all this took a freaking long time to make. The most consuming part though was the glass. Approx a couple of days worth though spread over a span of 2 months.
Ref: Season 4 Promo of Sam (Jared Padalecki), Promo of Hellboy 1, and one for the stain glass.


Note: You can download the original size so there won't be a close up.
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Great~! Sexy evil Sam! ^^