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:excited: Welcome to my ( :iconsilvietepes: ) stock! :excited:


:bulletpurple: You can use my stock here in DA without my written permission.

:bulletpurple: For outside DA usage ask before!

:bulletpurple: If you use something: let me know.

:bulletpurple: If you use something: credit me (with a link to my homepage, with the icon or the "dev" thing for nicknames, or a link / the thumb to the deviation you used.. not the .jpg link of the image). Remember always to CREDIT me in the DESCRIPTION. The mention in the comments is not enough as credit.

With new DA settings, it's easier letting know: you can mention me in a comment (NOT IN THE DESCRIPTION, if the credits are added after the submission) under your deviation and in the description (if you are adding the credits the same time you are about to click on submit), so I receive the notification. The mentions are made in four different ways: with the @ (like on facebook), with the usual : devsilviet-stock: (no space between : and dev), with the usual : iconsilviet-stock: (no space between : and icon), with the thumb of the deviation you used (you can find it on the right coloumn of the deviation). If you are not sure the notification arrived, send me a note or a message wherever you want, like the old way was.

:bulletpurple: You can use my photos however you want (for example fetish is okay, but not strictly erotic / porn). I love macabre and gore, but remember: if it's about animals... NO NO NO.

:bulletpurple: You can use my stock to make traditional stuff too (sewing, drawings, sculpture and so on) : usual rules apply.

:bulletpurple: You can use body parts, to assemble them on other models (if they let it), only in case of me as model. And if you want to sell (or publish somewhere else) them, usual rule: you must ask me first, and in case of yes, credit me.

:bulletpurple: Do not change only a colour filter. Show me a real artwork!

:bulletpurple: Do not redistribute my brushes, and do not claim them as yours.

:bulletpurple: Do not use ANY (even textures) of my stocks to make another stock.

:bulletpurple: Do not make gory deviations with animals: you must not splat them, you must not kill them.

:bulletpurple: Do not use my stock for fan arts manipulations which involve pics that don't belong to you, like famous people.
I'll ask you to remove it immediately!


:bulletred: Do not get mad if I ask you to remove the deviation. If I ask you to remove it, it's just because you didn't respect any of the rules above. I could click on report if the misrespecting is huge.

:bulletred: I submit brushes (for Photoshop for CS2 usually) too sometimes, usual rules apply.

:bulletred: If you want to use a deviation (only nature or architecture) from my main account, note me (possibly to my main account), saying which deviation you want to use, and I'll tell you if you can use it or not.

:bulletred: I appreciate all the :+fav:s and the :+devwatch:es, but please, more than that, I would appreciate the stock usage and the checking out of my art account!

:bulletred: You can use my stock in prints on DA without my permission, but please, note me that you have done a print with my stock, so I can wishlist it.
I'd like to receive a copy for free, it would be very appreciated! ;)

:bulletred: :bulletred: For usage outside DA, you must ask me, first. But, in case of outside portfolios (on facebook fan page, on redbubble, or whatelse site you use), you can use without asking, just crediting as much as possible (the best would be a link to this profile (not only a "SilvieT-Stock on Deviant Art", I mean), or to my main account SilvieTepes ).

:bulletred: :bulletred: Want to sell what you did with my stock? Someone asked you to use the pic you made, for a book or cd cover? Contact me first, we can discuss the project (if I'd like to be done or not), and, in case, a little (very little, I am pretty much cheap) earning for me. ;)

About usage outside DA: don't worry, I don't bite, I say yes usually. ;)
The same can be said about selling.. I ask about money (very few money, remember, I am cheap), because I need it.

:bulletred: Submit the stuff you do with my stock on DA! I don't like when people (especially if you are not one of my close friends) use my stock and let me know linking me to another site, like photobucket or whatelse! If you don't like so much your work, you can always put it in Scraps later, but I want it on DA with credits on!!


:bulletblue: People who helped me to take the stock photos: me ( :giggle: ); Maria Elena, Angela, DarkRain86 , Medra, Kim84 , BaitalTU , YourSweetAgony , my sister Sara, LuceNeraIUM ...

:bulletblue: :boogie: :dance: Thanks for choosing me for your art works! :dance: :boogie:

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Hello Silvie !
I want print my project "Golden Ratio" on canvas,  frame and show in a purely artistic, non-commercial exhibition in an old factory.
At each image a reference to deviantart will always be visible.
And it is possible, that photos appear in print media or internet.
Can I have your permission, because my project contains references to you?