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This is amusing!
Pretty inspiring!
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Stunning look! :wow:  Make me think in something awesome,happening on the universe borders... :roll:
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ooh, I really like this! :) Nice job!
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Scotty, we're going in.
What software are you using to make this?
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it almost looks like two universes passing by eachother...
i love it!
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The purple pulls us in. And it is beautiful.
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OH I like this, may I use it?
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Another awesome looking fractal :3
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I like the colors!
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The colors in this are amazing :)
i really like this its like a flower in space
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O.O what program is this?!?!?
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Wow. Awesome fractal. What program did you use to make it?

P.s. I love your detailed description. :P
ooooo, pretty colors ^_^
so beautiful.
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Favourited and collected once again ._.
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WOOT! I have a new desktop! XD
I think it looks like to different forms of energy colliding on a near microscopic level(Like fire vs pure plasma, or somethin';).
It also makes me wanna add a caption, "Red Vs Blue"
Excellent fractal!
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This looks amazing! Love it alot! ^-^
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