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Queen Guinevere

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Ondines are a category of elemental beings associated with water.
Undines are almost invariably depicted as being female, which is consistent with the ancient idea that water is a female element. they are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls and their beautiful singing voices are sometimes heard over the sound of water. Although resembling humans in form, they lack a human soul, so to achieve immortality they must acquire one by marrying a human. Such a union is not without risk for the man, because if he is unfaithful he is fated to die.
The offspring of a union between an undine and a man are human with a soul, but also with some kind of aquatic characteristic.

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In French mythology, fenettes are water fairies. They live in the Rhone area, in mountain lakes or on tiny islands in the middle rivers, where water lilies grow. They are tiny beautiful girls, with long wet hair decorated with seaweed. Their green eyes are mesmerizing and whoever looks into them is doomed and eventually drowns in the river / lake waters.

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La vecchia scorticata
The Pentamerone is a seventeenth-century fairy tale collection by Italian poet and courtier Giambattista Basile.

The one thay follows is a tale from the Pentamerone, in the variant represented in the movie The tale of tales.

The Two Old Women

The lustful King of Strongcliff is intrigued by a mysterious woman’s heavenly singing. Determined to seduce her, he courts her outside her home, unaware that she is one of two elderly dyer sisters, Imma and Dora. Dora first offers the King the touch of one finger, but the King persists, so Dora agrees to spend the night with him as long as it is in complete darkness, to hide her appearance from him. However, once she is asleep, the King lights a candle to see Dora's face. When he sees her appearance, he is horrified at having slept with her. The King calls for his guards to throw Dora out of the bed chamber window to her apparent death. The bed sheet around Dora becomes entangled in the branches of a tree before she reaches the ground. A witch rescues her from the tree and nurses her from her breast. Dora awakens in the woods as a young, beautiful maiden. Later, the King comes upon her while hunting and decides to make her his Queen.

Enjoying her new appearance, Dora sends Imma a gown and an invitation to the wedding festivities at the castle. Dora draws Imma aside at the castle and tells her to keep the secret, as no one would believe her. Dora promises to take care of Imma and tells her that she missed her very much. At the end of the night, Imma refuses to leave the castle and her sister. Dora tells Imma that they can't be together because she might lose everything and sends her away. However, she comes back and asks for the secret to her sister's youth and beauty so that they can be together, but Dora says she doesn't know how it happened, as she woke up that way. Imma doesn't believe her and badgers her for the truth. In annoyance, Dora says she flayed herself and grew new skin. With the King approaching, Dora hides Imma behind a screen and begins to consummate her marriage with the King. Imma is fascinated by the sight and reveals herself. The King sees her and thinks she is the "witch" he slept with. He calls for his guards to throw her out. Dora tells the King that Imma is her old neighbour and begs him not to hurt her. Outside the castle, Imma tries to find someone who will flay her. She eventually finds a knife sharpener willing to do the job in exchange for her fine jewelry. He takes Imma out into the woods and flays her skin and leaves Imma bloody and disfigured. The last we see of her is as she walks towards the castle, bloody and injured.

source wikipedia

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Donna Cenerina

Donna Cenerina

Soragna Castle is said to be haunted by Donna Cenerina, aka Cassandra Marinoni, who had married Diofebo II Meli Lupi, Marquis of Soragna.
When his husband was absent, Cassandra used to run their properties and her sister Lucrezia used to visit her. Lucrezia had married Guilio Anguissola, a very violent man, who had spent all his and her money and had tried to poison his wife.
On 18th June 1573 Giulio Anguissola with some of his men, went to Cremona, where Lucrezia was living. Cassandra was there, too, since she was paying her sister a visit. Giulio Anguissola stabbed them both. Lucrezia immediately died while Cassandra, seriously wounded, was transferred to Soragna, where she eventually died.
According to the legend the ghost of Donna Cenerina appears wearing ash-coloured gowns and foretells the imminent death of a member of the Meli Lupi family.

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silviadotti's Profile Picture
Silvia Dotti
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Born on February 7th 1980, Silvia soon discovers art. Her mother and her father work for an important Italian company producing fine art materials and since she is a child Silvia loves drawing.
After the Scuola Media, Silvia decides to attend the Liceo Linguistico W. Shakespeare in Crema, a school spacializing in foreign languages where she learns English, French and German. After that she attends a High School for interpreters and translators, wehre she also learns Dutch. Nonetheless, she never gives up her dream and attends Gianfranca Baldini’s painting studio, where she learns various techniques such as painting on ceramic, glass and clothes, acrylic, oil and watercolour painting.
She takes part into several auctions organized by Mrs Baldini; all the money earned are given for charity.
In January 2008 she displays some works in Palazzo Spinola in Genoa during the exhibition Capolavori in miniatura.
In November 2008 she exhibits her work at Galleria del Bracolo, Rome, during the exhibition "Paesaggi dell'Inconscio".
In 2008 she also wins two literary contests with 2 of her childrens' tales.
The first contest is organized by Edizioni Settenote and Silvia wins third place with "L'Ispettore Scheggia e il mistero della chiave di Sol".
The second is organized by Badiglione Editore and she wins Sescond place with "Scherzi del Destino".
In July 2009 she displays her work in Desenzano del Garda, during the exhibition "Passato, presente, futuro".
In 2011 she publishes other two children's books with Edigiò, Vidigulfo-Pavia.
In 2011-2012 she works as an illustrator for Little Pearl Books, New Dehli, India.
Since 2013 she cooperates with US author D. Doctofsky Solomon. In 2013 she illustrated two of her books "Journey to the River of Perfumes" and "Hidden in the Himalayas".

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