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This woman freezes my blood of dread...
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está de 10!
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I hate her so much, but she is fabulous and that feels weird. :D
Superb painting, I really like the colors and her expression!
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Very cool. Keep it up.
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the award for Worst Mom goes to......
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Oh, but don't you love to hate her (and she has lots of charisma). xD
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beautiful, I love the subtle, iridescent colours ; v ; 
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I'm not much of a KLK fan, but damn!!!!
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I recommend it a lot! At first I was a little wary and I'll be honest, it's a weird series, but it grows on you. :D
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It really did turn out beautifully, thanks again!
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No, thanks to you for commissioning me! :D
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I am sooo in love. <3
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this is amazingggg omg
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Qué pasote! Me encanta la iluminación que le has dado al pelo, parece que brille de verdad ^^
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Ese pelo arco iris que me tiene… No sabía muy bien cómo trasladarlo a un estilo más "realista" y… así ha quedao. :P
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Ragyo :squee:  I can't even hate this character D: You have drawn her perfectly ! Her hair is sooo nice ~
silviacaballero's avatar
Thank you! Her character kind of reminds me of Sephiroth —the monologues and the "let's give this planet to an alien force" stuff—. xD
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