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Disney Princesses Bookmarks: Cinderella

Let's continue with the Disney Bookmark Collection!

Sweet Cinderella, forgetful of her shoes. Enjoy! :D

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Absolutely fantastic!
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her expression is so lovely! :love:
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¡¡¡Lo tengo!!!
Me enamoré al verlo en el pasado salón del manga de Barcelona,  luego una amiga me lo regaló  :)
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Definitely your best of the series
So gorgeous
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Thank you! :) There are more to come, very colorful and glittery too! ;)
MellyMaltesers's avatar
Yayyyyy sparkles!!!
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Love this series! Cinderella has always been one of my favorites and you drew her beautifully ^-^
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Glad to hear that! ♥ When I was younger my favourites where Pocahontas (it was the hair in the wind thing) and Ariel, but now that I'm older I appreciate strong willed heroines like Mulan and Rapunzel more (but all of them have good and admirable characteristics, really). ;)
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these are so beautiful
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Great colors! Love her pose, expression, her eyes and this slipper. Her dress beautiful shining which You made in perfect way. Congratz! <3 Great artwork!
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Thank you! While I use the clothes they wear in the movie (or concept arts), I try to add small details from imagination to make them a little more unique (sometimes). :)

Cinderella is a very gentle princess and I tried to convey that in her expression? But some people told me they found it sinister haha. OTL
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