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Set - god of storms

By silvestris
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A small painting of my favorite deity - Set (Seth Sutekh ) the Egyptian god of storms, the desert, power and chaos.
A very double-natured god; a force of both destruction as well as being the sun god's guardian, using his destructive power in the service of light.
Love him.

This painting is currently for sale on: eBay!

Media used: Acrylics on canvasboard, Derwent colored pencils, touch-ups in Corel Photopaint 9 with Wacom Graphire 3 tablet.
Image © Silvestris (me) and may NOT be used without permission.
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© 2005 - 2020 silvestris
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Looks like a horse
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What animal does Set have the head of?

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It's called "the set animal", Sha or typhonic beast. It's most likely mythical, although there are those who claim it's a real animal. :)
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It's an aardvark, genius
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I love your art.  Set is my patron.  I have been fascinated by him and everything Egyptian for years.
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I'm glad you like it. :)
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Neat looking Seth!
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This is beautiful. He too is my favorite diety. Amazing art keep it coming. Many blessings
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This is the most beautiful painting of Set that I have ever seen. Brilliantly executed!

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I'm guessing this is his peaceful state of mind right now?Great art by the way!:):D
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Set makes a great antagonist of the Egyptian myth. His animal head looks like a cross between a donkey and an aardvark or anteater. This pic is fabulous and great, and I'll bet he could take on Horus any day.

When I once drew Set, I made him in a human form, but I think I got him looking too much like Fat Albert from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, mainly due to the fact that Set is an African god. Another thing about my pic of Set was that the lips and face looked too plump which made him look like Fat Albert.
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Love him too! :D I'm doing a research paper on him. :nod:
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I love this picture it is very beautiful! Your a wonderful artist.

It's a more positive depiction of Seth. Thou, not to fond of comments referring to him as the incarnate of evil. Seth is very ancient god representing nature's most powerful forces associated with region of the nile. Patron of the military and soldiers. Was scepters are modeled after Seth. Apep is the one that was associated with evil. It's the Osiris cult (conflict with upper and lower), and the occupation of egypt by foreigners (which seth represented),that demonized the deity. The Hykos people choose Seth as their supreme deity because he best represented Baal Hadad, their cheif god.(also god of storms)This caused the egyptians to hate him due to their occupation and wars with these invaders.
Poisidon/ Zeus, and Teshub are also Seth's parallels. I also like note the fact most storm deities later became the subject of evil to monotheist belief, and as you notice, the forked tail the trident,ect all represent satan.
Despite all this I am glad to see some people see him for who he truly is and more in positive light.
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I love Set! He's my fave evil god! Well done great job! :D The colours are amazing and beautiful! ^_^
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This is the most detailed portrait of Sutekh I've ever seen. Very well done!
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I always think of him as the god of destruction who clears the way for the new. And the god of storms. You caught the storm aspect more I think as the background looks like the lead up to a tornado.
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very nice. Set is my favourite deity too! =DD
beautiful picture, I'd buy it if I could...
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wow, that is beautiful!
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Very amazing portrait of Seth... I like the god of chaos and your picture give hima lot strength.
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Wow so amazing paint of Setesh... not so angry and evil...
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I love that he is very dualistic - both destructive and protective. It's what makes him such a fascinating deity.
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Awesome, someone who knows about Set's good side! I love him too. Such an interesting character.
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