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TWD: Transportation


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Just one more phase before the finishline I am a dummy! Aaron is a book wormTM, but TWD ofcourse proved exhousting so reading before sleep turned into only sleep LOL he's trying to catch up on the train. 

Assignment 1: Who's that
Phase 1: Bodies in the sand
Phase 2: TWD: Considerations
Treansportation: You're here


It was nice to get on the train and just be transported for a bit. Get a chance to warm up and rest for a bit. For Aaron this meant catching up on reading. He had a novel with him, but it had remained in his packing as every night he had been too tired to even think about reading. Out like a light he was as soon as he lay his head down.

When they had boarded the night train Aaron snuck away to find an empty train compartment. The girls were thriving on their own and Eli had vanished, but Aaron could assume where to. He found an empty compartment, pulled out a pillow and kicked his boots off to throw his feet up and lay down for full reading comfort. Now question was, would he get any sleep at all now when there was finally some sort of comfort compared to the tents, or was he going to end up reading through the whole night. Honestly, he didn't mind either, it was going to be quality time regardless.


Aaron and art (C) SilvesterVitale 
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He is looking so comfy QQ love the soft light you chose to bless our eyes with and ofc Aarons absolutely adorable face.