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TWD: Keep them

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BOI ya nasty!

Anyway 😂 I donno if I should mature content warn this one cause of what they are talking about, but there is nothing explicit, it's just, you know, adult talk LOL

This is a collab with Rosela :la: she did the sketch and flats for her girlie and the BG, and I did the layout, sketched and flatted Eli, lined and shaded!

Follow up to:

TWD Assignment 3: Strip pokering

Rose's verson --- >

TWD | Of Smoke and Prizes


RP Story:

They were high up on the mountain, the air brisk even before it got dark out. They'd taken to making camp before the sky turned colors- just to maximize the time they had to pack, travel, and set up camp. Lo was exhausted. The longer nights at high altitudes with freezing winds was taking a toll on her sleep and energy levels. Aaron was by the main campfire, making their group of four food, and she had no clue where the resident grump was, though he hadn't been as grumpy lately. More distracted if anything.

Lo ducked into the tent, quick to get rid of the clothing she'd shivered through all day, and change into something for bed; warmer, comfier, and hopefully it wouldn't be a terrible night. She didn't want to fall off Vulpe the following morning due to lack of sleep.

The resident grump had just been off taking a piss behind some trees. Jfc, it was cold as balls, but when you gotta go you gotta go. He was soon back outside the tent lighting his pipe to maybe decrease the grump-factor just a little. Eli didn't quite notice there was somebody in the tent next to him at first as he was puffing away on his tobacco, but the shuffling around eventually caught his attention and he discretely rested his eyes on the opening in the tent curtain. Loretta was in there, changing by the looks of it. She wasn't nude or anything, Eli wasn't that crude to peep to the extreme, but there was some ankle action.

Loretta froze as she was pulling the long green sweater down over her head. It was supposed to be a sweater dress, but she had commandeered it to become a night gown of sorts. She had heard the initial ruffling of the tent flaps and thought nothing of it- the high altitude often meant strong winds, and it wasn't uncommon for it to barrel into tents. It wasn't until the smell of tobacco reached her nostrils that she spoke up. "I smell a dog, and it's not the borzoi." She turned towards the intruder with a raised eyebrow.

A guilty grin took over his face when it was clear that he had been spotted. "Pardon me." he said and had enough decency to look away at this point. Maybe there was a hint of shame displayed as well. He wasn't known to be a peeping tom, but him and Lo had developed a bit of a friendship that you could say was a bit on the lewd side. He held the pipe by the corner of his mouth when he looked back. "Don't let me interrupt."

Loretta finished adjusting her sweater before reaching over and ruffling the blonde's scraggly hair. "You won't. It's not like you haven't seen some of it before- like on the ferry." She teased, folding her clothes and bending over to put them back in her packs. It paid to be organized sometimes, and the less mess now meant the less they'd need to pack up in the morning. "Although, I hear Eloise has a mean right slap- I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of your partner's hand if I overstep."

An amused scoff escaped him when she ruffled his messy locks. She was right, he had seen a fair bit during that strip poker session. "Ah, yes, I had a great view on that ferry, I won't deny that. 10/10 would do again." he sucked on the pipe to prevent himself from grinning like a filthy heathen.

However, what Loretta said next brought him back together. "I'm sure she does, but we're not together," he explained. "Has she told you otherwise?" he then asked, now a bit concerned, he thought he had been clear with his intentions.

"No? You, shockingly, aren't the center of what we talk about, so it honestly hasn't come up." She tilted her head walking closer. "Have I made a poor assumption? You've spent nights in the same tent- not as quietly as you think, if you're trying to be quiet that is. And besides your umm... How do I put this nicely..." She bit her lip trying to arrange her words to be more polite.

"I apologize, I was under the understanding that you two were a thing, but you've also had your eyes on another paler lady lately. I certainly don't mean to step on anyone's toes out there..." She would admit she'd flirted a little with Eloise, but it wasn't serious between the two of them. Eloise hadn't openly stated any interest, for all Loretta knew- the other woman seemed to be quite strictly dickly.

There was a roll of his eyes. "I did not expect you to be talking about me, it was a question, cause I wouldn't want Eloise to have the wrong ideas. I don't want to hurt her." he said with honesty. "But I guess, from an outside perspective, it could look like we're in a relationship." he admitted that, but then sighed and shook his head as he breathed out a puff of smoke.

"Hiriel." he named the other girl Lo was referring to. "She's cute. But she doesn't take the hint. I might be at a loss there. But again-" he shrugged. "I'm not with anybody, so it's not a crime to look, is it? And you're not stepping on toes."

"Yeah, it mostly does look that way, but I suppose that's a given, since I've seen you both here and Klockholmen. I won't say it would be just me, but I can't speak for others. " She brushed her hair out of her face, leaning lightly against the tent. It was toasty in there, and his smoke smelled... Warm, rich, calming. She couldn't quite describe it, it made her feel sleepy and safe.

"Perhaps she's got an eye problem. If I can see it, I think just about anyone on the trail can see it." She paused, tilting her head as she regarded him. "It's not... It's not a crime to look - or even to play, but sometimes making sure everyone who is playing- or wants to play, knows the rules so no one gets out in the position where they get hurt. "

He raised his eyebrows in an acknowledging nod to what she was saying. Lo had seen him with Eloise both at home and here. He now understood what it probably looked like. ”Oh come on, am I really that obvious? And if I am, then I guess she’s just politely ignoring me. I should probably stop then, she may not want my attention.” That thought had struck him before, yet here he was. Eli watched Lo for a moment through the smoke that lingered in front of him, then tilted his head in a way that could for some be taken as rather arrogant, but it was just his body language. ”Well, the rules are now on the table.”

"Very, in some ways. I can't speak for her being polite or incredibly oblivious. Maybe she saw some of what I saw - and heard, and decided she didn't like the idea of competition, or thought you were in a serious and trusting relationship." She shrugged.

For a hot minute she eyed his pipe, knowing it fully well was a way for him to calm down, and a part of her wondered if it would calm her own nerves. Many, many years ago she knew it would have, and she would have boldly snatched it from between his lips with no hesitation.

"Are they? I'm not sure they are. Is this your way or collecting a harem of ladies? Do you share? Do we share? What about if feelings get involved? Do we cut ties like some idiot teenagers, or do we talk it out and part ways if necessary? If we worked on assumptions of rules, Eli, you and I wouldn't be in this position." She was close now, almost completely up in his personal space. Her face spoke of determination, but also a playful coy spark in her eyes-one he had likely become familiar with.

With a frown he diverted his eyes from her. There had been too many instances where he'd been alone with Hiriel and not had any other girl of interest in the surrounding vicinity, yet she had been oblivious to the attention he tried to show her. But he was not about to explain that whole story to Lo.

Eli scoffed and looked back at her. "A harem? No. Anyone is free to do as they please, including me. If they, or you, wants to play around elsewhere then go ahead, just don't flaunt it in my face. I don't like the knowledge of sharing, but if it's out of sight then it's out of mind." He explained giving her a rundown of how he liked it himself, but he also needed to give a warning.

He met her gaze, noticing she had come closer. "I don't do feelings, just know that. I most likely won't stick around." That was mostly true.

If he was withholding information, she could only assume it wasn't something she needed to know, or perhaps it was too personal. "Good. We're only in it for a fun time. Feelings can come and go, and I'm not prone to just falling in love on the hat either, so that's out of the question." She paused , knowing her own limits.

"If you're with me at an event, then you're with me. I don't tend to get jealous, but I don't like to be disrespected either. I won't purposefully do that to you. Work wise, you're not technically my boss, since you don't pay the checks. If we have a falling out, I'm still working. I expect at least, even if you're not a big fan of me, that at work things are professional. Behind closed doors can be whatever. If you can't handle that, then it's best to stay as friends, or whatever we are currently." She spoke softly and firmly. She wouldn't risk her job for a man, especially since there would be no romantic feelings involved. You can love your friends, but that's absolutely not the same in her book.

The pipe was stuck into the corner of his mouth and he puffed on it from time to time, letting some smoke out through his nose while he listened to what Lo was saying. Truth to be told, he did not expect such a business-like talk around this kind of topic. "Sure." He eventually said, not entirely sure if he was signing onto a fuck-buddy contract or if this was more of a hypothetical talk, he supposed he'd just have to wait and see. "I guess we're on the same page then."

"Almost. There's one other thing..." She glanced around them, noticing others pass by closer. She honestly didn't care if their tent smelled like smoke, it would be a relief compared to the smell of musk and sweat from a bad night that would take ages to air out after this trip. She reached over and lightly tugged on Eli's jacket, to urge him into the tent.

Confused he stepped into the tent as urged to and then gave Loretta a questioning look. "What?" he whispered, looking over his shoulder momentarily, wondering if there was something secret she was about to tell him that nobody else should hear. He looked back at her and removed the pipe from his mouth with a gesture that read 'What is it?'.

She bit her lip, a worried look clouding her face as she tried to figure out the proper way of phrasing it. "Ahh.. your lineage ... There's not like a fertility or virility enhancer? Right?" Wilma hadn't mentioned anything like that, but she had to be sure. "I know you've got other lovers, and while I'm sure you're probably safe..." She glanced at the ground. "I'm not a big fan of condoms, so I'd like to know now, before anything, if that's a deal breaker."

"My lineage...?" his eyebrows raise another level before she even finished her sentence. "Ah... uh... honestly I donno? I don't think so?" Nothing he was aware of anyway. He did have a son with a woman who had told him she couldn't have kids, but you know, sometimes the body does its thing anyway. He had absolutely no solid information to give her and shrugged kind of apologetic. "Sorry, I don't have a better answer."

She sighed softly, it was to be expected if she was thinking about it. She knew he was divorced, but no one had taken the time to explain anything to her about it- she wasn't on the need to know basis. "Right. Are you fine with no condoms? I mean, it does sort of mean if you have sex with another gal- you should at least shower before coming to me. I'm on birth control, so that's not really the issue, unless you're a strictly condoms only type of guy." Loretta smiled almost guiltily.

Eli blinked. This was definitely not the kind of conversation he would have expected to have on an endurance trail ride in the dead of winter hidden away in a tent somewhere in Norway. ”Uh… yah Im fine with that.” He said a bit dumbfounded. ”I do tend to keep my hygiene in high priority, that is when I'm not on a trail in the middle of nowhere. Apologies if I smell like a man right now.” That last bit was meant as a joke even tho his tone of voice didn't change.

"Yeah, no. I don't care what you smell like right now. The smoke makes everything smell better though. I'm just as gross either way." She snorted softly almost, but not quite laughing.

"Give me at least a few days or a week of sleep and baths, so I have the energy. I'm already half-dead on my feet." She teased, while fixing the flower clip in her hair. It was one of two that she'd brought, and half the time she didn't get to wear it due to the strong winds and snow. "It's already bad enough we're jumping from snow to more snow when we get home."

With a lazy gaze he looked at his pipe from where the smoke was emitting from. "When the smell of tobacco appears appealing to a lady, then the musk gotta be bad." He smiled jokingly, but then cleared his throat. "By all means, whenever you're ready I guess? I'll be around." while this whole talk felt rather awkward it was at the same time very amusing.

Her comment about the snow got him thinking though. "Ah yes, the jump from Norway to Sweden isn't that big, just less mountains I guess, but equal amount of snow. But just for a couple weeks." he said, ending the sentence on a lighter note as Sweden was just a middle stop.

They were going to celebrate the holidays but then he was off to go back to Florida to set up his family's newly purchased estate and play polo, and Lo was going to be there as well for a month or so as personal vet, as there was a good portion of his polo ponies that were going to be transferred to Florida from Sweden. "Looking forward to the sun?"

"Pfff.. not much of a lady, am I, then? Last I checked, real ladies don't bury bodies in the sand or snow. Or fuck around with unscrupulous not-quite gentlemen." She teased, leaning slightly against the tent next to him now that she was fully dressed, finished re-packing, and had set down at least a few boundaries.

"Mm.. sun, warmth.. beaches. Your ass turning into a lobster for a week.." a smarting jab, she probably shouldn't be playing with a tiger, but she liked to live dangerously, and the worst he could do right now would be to bite her.

Eyes narrowed a little at the teasing and he chewed at the bit on his pipe lightly with the sharp teeth behind his canines. ”Careful.” He warned her but showed signs of amusement. She wasn’t wrong. ”You won’t find it so funny later when you have to deal with my whiny lobster ass.”

Loretta reached up and poked his pipe lightly. "No, I'd find it hilarious- at least until I have to aloe vera your ass cheeks before the match so you can actually sit in the saddle." She paused in contemplating "Unless, of course- that's something you enjoy. Should I be worried about safe words with you, pillow princessa?"

He stopped chewing on the pipe at the poke she gave it. ”What makes you think I would burn my ass cheeks in the first place?” He thought out loud, eyes wandering up to look at the tent ceiling, but they returned to Lo quickly. ”Pillow princess? Such accusations. But I guess you’ll have to wait and see.” He gave her a small grin.

"Hmm.. you seem like the type to fall asleep on the beach. Like a cat." She offered. She'd seen him relax a bit before, languid and flopped over the couch back at Klockholmen. She hadn't been there that very long, but she'd seen most everyone relaxed at some point in passing.

"That's fine. I'm patient.. mostly. I can wait my turn." She flicked her hair over her shoulder, one eye open to keep watch on his reaction. Lo wasn't entirely patient, but she could be so at least out of respect for Eloise whom she'd gotten closer with. It didn't mean she couldn't tease him behind closed doors- or in this case tent flaps.

Eli reached over into his bag, seeing as they were already in the tent and this would be one of the few private times they’d get together before the end of the trip. “I believe these are yours.”

"Oh? You're done with them already?” Loretta mirthfully teased him, a smirk gracing her full lips as she took the panties from him.

"I'm not a creep" His face scrunched up.

She laughed softly. "I never assumed what you would use them for. Just figured you'd want some type of prize."

"Well, if it's a prize, then I get to keep them."

"Oh? That's the prize you want?"

"Why? Can I choose?"

" Of course, as long as it's agreeable."

"Do I get a menu or?"

"You can choose what you want and the worst thing I can do is say no. Last I checked, I'm not exactly a buffet." It wasn’t quite the right analogy, but she was hopeful he got the jist of what she meant.

"Not a buffet, but a meal? You don't need a menu for a buffet."

No. He apparently did not. She tugged him by the band of his pants, pulling him closer "You play a dangerous game. Choose."

He smiled innocently, so innocently it definitely came off as guilty. "Can I save it for later?"

Lo would roll her eyes before stuffing her panties into his pocket well enough that no one else would spot them. "Keep them until you make a decision."

Loretta belongs to Rosela

Eli belongs to me~

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