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RRVS: Gotto go FAST


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Horses Name: KHs Red Baron

Riders Name: Eli Porter

Class(es) Entering: Show Jumping

Stable Name: Klockholmen

Show: Rustic Ridges' Valentines Show

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RRVS: Morning walk
RRVS: A Compliment


The morning was nice and sunny. Eli had walked Baron earlier to stretch his legs a bit and to assess the daily form. Lately, he had started to lunge him instead of warming up in the warm-up arenas. Baron was a sensitive horse and did not do to hot around other horses or too much people. It suited them both very well to find a quiet place, especially at an idyllic place like this and quietly get to work.

Eli sent the stallion out on the circle and clicked with his tongue to get him into a trot. Baron bounced and bucked a good few times before falling into an active trot and Eli couldn't help but snicker a little bit. This was a good sign, it meant that Baron was full of energy, and lunging him would bring him down a notch, but not too much.

At one point a couple of other horses passed by with their handlers, it wasn't enough to cause any kind of havoc but pinned ears were a fact until the unwelcome company had passed and the attention was brought back as Eli asked for a canter.

Baron wasn't necessarily a mean horse, he just didn't like it when others came into his space. He was diligent and always wanted to do his best even if it turned him into an eager machine that could be incredibly difficult to bring to to a stop at times, especially inside the arena.

Once warmed up and the excess energy had been taken care of, Baron was tacked and Eli quickly got dressed before mounting and making his way to the arena which was bathing in the morning light. A small pat to the stallion's neck was given to make him calm down a bit as he once again pinned his ears at a horse they were passing by when on their way, but those ears remained slicked up until they entered the arena. Once they were on the sand those ears swished forward. He knew what to do here and instantly wanted to get going.

Once the first jump was cleared they became a speedy unit with sand flying in their wake. A couple of kicks in the air were also delivered and very on brand but keeping precision could sometimes be difficult at this pace even if Baron was a careful horse. Way too many times had there been a rail down caused by this very reason and they had to work hard together to get things to work out. It was no easy task. A strong horse with a lot of willpower. One just can't fight against that, but fight with it.

A decent placing was hoped for as the team was looking to qualify for the Olympics this summer and they were nearly there, just needed a couple more good results under their belts.

It was getting sweaty. The morning sun was warm and fighting along with this bulldozer always made Eli break more of a sweat than usual. But they made it over the finish line with nice clear in the bag. It was really all he could ask for at this moment. Where it would end would be determined on the rest of the entrants.

As they exited the arena Eli gave Baron some well-deserved pets before removing his show jacket to give his armpits some air.

Word count: 566


Characters and art by me~

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Beautiful lighting and wonderful details here!