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Well, I haven't uploaded anything in a while XD But finally, the long-awaited debut of Teo! :dummy:
I wrote this a few weeks ago as writing practice; in reality I wanted to write all of Teo's establishing story. That didn't happen XD But I think this stands quite well on its own to clarify his personality.
Look at the use of figurative language here. Wow. Feedback, critiques and favourite quotes are always welcome :D
Uhh, you might want to ask about what's happening in the second-last paragraph. I know, but I'm not telling you. :iconheplz: Unless you ask
Tragic character profile is here.
Also Happy Birthday to Fitch who is turning 5 today :la:

Hope you like it! :meow:

Everything you see here is mine~
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Shinkami Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
eeeeeeEEEP I've been wanting to read this since I saw you uploaded it ;u; AND FINALLY

Just let me say that if this is Teo's debut, I CANNOT WAIT to see more of his story. This was fantastic, soulmatesharkbaitshootineechan...longderp. All the imagery and figurative language evoked the red, volatile, burning atmosphere - both in the setting and in Teo. :D He rages like the fire, moves too fast like the fire, persists like the fire (beating the door until his hands bleed...;-; )...and just slowly simmers down and dies out like the fire. I love how the destruction of the village is a defining moment, a turning point for him, but it also echoes his personality. sorry for going all pompous literary-ish but it's almost finals week so let's call it practice I REALLY look forward to watching how he grows and changes and how his relationship with the Commander plays out.

I hope you're 1000000xthemoon proud of this, because you should be. for the rest of my life please let me read your writing, ok, i know i don't need to ask but just - it has that effect on people. Reading your writing makes me happy and thinking that thousands of people all across the world will get to experience and be inspired by your writing someday just fills me with pride. //feelings done
SuperRainbowPheonix Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really good

I finally wrote Part 4 for Snakes \(^0^)/

Now you will know if Shiro wakes up or not :iconohohoplz:
mlky-te Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
Ffff this was epic as hell, sad as hell and adorable as hellv dssdh
again, I know I always say it but your descriptive words were amazing! The way you used "light bled" was just so fitting and I sajkfkjsf 
And Teo is such a cutey!

//runs to save his tragiprofile :iconheplz:

shit in a comment you said Fitch's birthday was close you didn't say it was THIS close pfft :iconohohoplz:
Silvery-Storm Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
That's him. :heart: Cute but tragic. Also pretty terrible at making friends.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked that one c: I kept on moving it around pff
Where's the adorable part again? XD Is it his increasing futility?
I'm glad you liked this though!

//yes, go and take it -w-

Haha well, you still made it! :iconohohoplz:
mlky-te Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
:iconallmyloveplz: I think I found it adorable because of how Teo acts in it pohohohoho 
maybe because I initially thought of him as a bratty kid who likes to annoy people but he seemed to be so vunerable and sweet awwwwkjgsfkgfkg :heart:

//i'll sketch him tomorrow maybe for my warm up practice hfohosfh * w *

psssshhht just hehehe :iconheplz:
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