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:iconsilverxangel33:silverxangel33 posted a status
Creepypasta x bloody stalker.

OK this is a story for my sister shadowandravenlove11 I wanted to make one because you did art of my ocs and I'll still make the other of you and levi and to story's of blitz x you if that's fine.....OK bloody stalker is her in creepy pasta but she's a male in there she likes splendorman and lost silver so the story will be about her and those to...I'll shut the f up and start the story
Bloody pov~

I was walking to the mansion with BEN because we found ether other on our way back I didn't pay attention to what the hell he was talking about tell he hit my arm really hard "ow!" I yelled holding my arm looking at the small boy and he smirked slatly "that's what you got from blanking out" I growled. He know that wasn't good and starting running away I went after him after what seen like hours lost him into the woods away from the mansion I sighed and started walking back but I stopped when I saw lost silver lying against a tree with a pikachow plush on his lap I went up to him I smiled a bit as he mumbled something I moved the plush and wrapped my arms under his ( kinda ) and picked him up and walked back.

Long time skip because I didn't want to want to say he's way back.

Lost silver pov~

I was woking up bye me bouncing. I looked down a bit to see arms wrapped around me I blushed as I realized it was bloody stalker I looked up at his masked face he didn't seen to notice me. I blushed more from embarrassment as I feel myself being pulled up more and he now had his arms around me waist. I disided to stay still and wait.

Booldy stalker pov~

I got back and it was night time i went to put lost silver to my own room. When I putted him down I couldn't sleep in my bed any more I couldn't sleep in my sister's bed ( that's me.....I bet no one cares and says shut up and continue T-T ) it was way to small from me so I went to the couch since BEN wasn't on it from once I leyed down and went to sleep ( some how )

A small time skip.

Still bloody pov~

I woke up a bit but the door opening and closed I open my eyes and looked at the door to see splendorman. he had a frown on his face. I sat up he looked at me "oh did I wake you up?" He asked I nodded a bit " ya but it's fine.....come here" I side. He sat on the couch. I moved so he could. "are you alright?" He looked down. "Kids ran away from me again....and one kick me away from him" he moved his sleeve to show a bruis on his skin I felt really bad and kissed his bruised arm. He blushed was he watched me do it. I pulled his sleeve back down and looked up at him. " is there anymore?" He shocked his head and smiled once again. "Thank you" I nodded and smiled. "Am still tried so am sleeping on you" I didn't give him time to answer and pushed him down to ly on him and went back to sleep.

Lost silver pov~

I woke up and looked around to see that am in bloody stalkers room and his sisters. I got up and left the room. I float down the strirs to see slopperman and bloody stalker lying on the couch together. I started to feel left out and went over to them to see that they're both sleep. I was about to leave them alone but I was pulled into them. I blushed red from embarrassment and because booldy stalker was hugging me. He made my head ly on his chest and his one arm around my waist. I didn't no that he would be this comfortable even when he has pensils in his jacket ( or coat ) I closed my eyes and stayed still.

Time skip in the morning.

3rd pov~

Slanderman walked out of his office and went down stairs to see his brother and to of his children sleeping on ether other. He sighed and went behind the couch. His tentacles picked up the to children and putted then in they're own rooms and left they're rooms. He came back down stairs made coffee and waited for the rest of his children to wake up.


Sooo......that was my story for her hope you like it.

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