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:iconsilverxangel33:silverxangel33 posted a status
MarshallLee x mason

3rd prov~

Mason was sitting in his normal tree drawing his boyfriend MarshallLee soon done he putted his stuff down but only to see MarshallLee sitting in front of him he jumped a bit from seeing him and he laughed "am sorry mason" he side still laughing a bit mason started to blush he stoppped laughing as soon he saw mason blush he lean in making they're faces not far from each other he started to blush more he lean in more he started to feel his hot brath against his lips mason couldn't handle this teasing he grabbed the back of his head and kissed him deeply he kissed back deepening it more soon he pulled away with a bit red face MarshallLee started to blush mason panted a bit from kissing a bit to long "what was that for?" he asked mason replyed with a small smile "because I like kissing you" he added to his reply "can you came to my house later to night?" MarshallLee asked he blushed even more "u-umm sure why" he asked "just came and you'll see" MarshallLee smiled and kissed him and pulled away " well i have to go see ya" he added and left mason sighed happily and continue to draw

~~[time skip to MarshallLee house]~~

Mason porv~

It started to get cold as I felw to MarshallLee house I soon landed at his cave ( cracted me if am wrong ) I walked up to the door and knocked on the door MarshallLee open the door he smiled and greeted me inside his house after a few minutes of talking on the couch he soon held my hand into his "I'll be right back ok" he side and let go of my hand and went up his leder to his room

~~[a small time skip]~~

3rd prsoan pov~

He sat on the couch pashantly waiting for him to come down. he soon come down with a small black and red box he got a bit confused about the small box
MarshallLee sat next to him and started to blush a bit and he sighed " we have been dating for a long time now and I want to be more then boyfriend and boyfriend" he side as he open the box to show a black ring inside of a gold ring and had a red jew mason started to cry as soon he saw the ring "will you make me the most happiest man alive and Mary me?" He asked mason amideantly kissed him crying more he kissed back holeing his cheek he soon pulled away " yes I'll Mary you" he kissed him again making him fell backwards and him on top he kissed back


OK so this is a request from shadowandravenlove11 I no its short and sucks but if you like it I can make another part but it's what's happening

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