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Oc: blitz xoonie and cookie.

1. What is your name?
Blitz: blitz
Coonie: Coonie
Cookie: cookie.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Blitz: I don't no.
Connie: no
Cookie: no.  

3.Single or taken?
Blitz: taken.
Connie: taken
Cookie: taken.

4.Have any abilities or powers?
Connoe: no.
Blitz: yes.
Cookie: yes.

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!
Cookie: am not being one.
Blitz: am not really one.
Connie: no one dose that anymore.

6.What's your eye color?
Blitz: my right eye is red my light is all white.
Connie: gold.
Cookie: blue.

7.How about hair color?
Blitz: ourgen with a black strip down the middle.
Connie: black and has a white strip.
Cookie: white and had a black strip.

8.Have you any family members?
Blitz: am a single child.
Connie: me and cookie or brothers and we have another brother and a sister.

9.Oh, how about pets?
Blitz: no.
Connie: no.
Cookie: I have a secret pet that I hide from my master.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Blitz: connie.
Connie: puss puss..wither is blitz.
Cookie: mean people.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Connie: no.
Blitz: read my Manga.
Cookie: sleeping with connie or my master.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Coonie: yes.
Blitz: yes
Cookie: yes....

13.Ever killed anyone before?
Connie: yes.
Blitz: yes.
Cookie: *ears down down* yes....

14.What kind of animal are you?
Coonie: cat
Blitz: demon cat.
Cookie: cat.

15.Name your worst weaknesses.
Blitz: my white eye.
Coonie: everyone I love gets hurt...or dies.
Cookie: anything....

16.Do you look up to anyone at all?
Blitz: not really.
Coonie: no.
Cookie: blitz coonie and master.

17.Are you straight, gay or bisexual?
Blitz: we're all gay.

18. Do you go to school?
Cookie: no...
Coonie: no.
Blitz: I did when I was younger.

19.Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
Blitz: I am married to allyn
Coonie: me and cookie do want to get married to him.
Cookie: and we all already have tree kids with allyn one girl her name was raven to boys one was max and the other was sans.

20.Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Blitz: yes.
Coonie: I don't think so  
Cookie: no...

21.What are you most afraid of?
Blitz: going back to hell.
Cookie: anything.

22.What do you usually wear?
Blitz: I look like a Butler.
Cookie: a white hoodie black stocks that go to my knees a white collar with a black bell on it.
Coonie: same thing to what cookie side but different colors.

23.What's one food that tempts you?
Blitz: nothing.
Coonie: cookies....I'll do anything for one.
Cookie: same with coonie but any sweet.

24.Am I annoying you?
Blitz: no.
Cookie: no.
Coonie: no.

25.Well, it's not over!
Blitz: OK.
Coonie: yay...
Cookie: *sits on floor* OK.

26.What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
Coonie: middle class.
Blitz: middle class.
Cookie: middle class.

27.How many friends do you have?
Bliyz: I don't have any
Cookie: same.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Coonie: like it.
Cookie: like it to  

29.Favorite drink?
Blitz: tea
Cookie: don't have one
Connie: same.

30. What's your favorite place?
Cookie: outside.
Coonie: the couch.
Blitz: in any city.

31.Are you interested in anyone?
Blitz: no because am married to allyn.
Cookie: same.  
Coonie: same.

32.That was a stupid question.
Blitz: kinda.
Cooki: no.
Coonie: yes.

33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Blutz: lake
Coonie: lake.

34.What's your type?
Blitz: I don't need to tell.
Cookie: I don't no.
Connie: same with puss puss.

35.Any fetishes?
Blitz: yes.
Coonie: no.

36.Seme or Uke?(top or bottom)
Blitz: both.
Coonie: both.
Cookie: more of uke.

37.Camping or indoors?
Blitz: we're all indoor cat's...besides cookie.
OC: a new oc for hunter x hunter.  


1. What is your name?

Lyly: lyly hisaka.

2. Do you know why you were named that?

Lyly: I have no clue.

3.Single or taken?

Lyly: single?

4.Have any abilities or powers?

Lyly: yes.

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!

Lyly: am not.

6.What's your eye color?

Lyly: red.

7.How about hair color?

Lyly: green and white.

8.Have you any family members?

Lyly: am brother loki.

9.Oh, how about pets?

Lyly: no.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

Lyly: dead things and blood.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Lyly: poking loki all day.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Lyly: no.

13.Ever killed anyone before?

Lyly: no.

14.What kind of animal are you?

Lyly: every animal.

15.Name your worst weaknesses.

Lyly: loki bleeding or hurt......and I freck out if someone touch me...I no its stupid.

16.Do you look up to anyone at all?

Lyly: loki.

17.Are you straight, gay or bisexual?

Lyly: don't no yet.

18. Do you go to school?

Lyly: nope.

19.Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

Lyly: ya.

20.Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Lyly: no.

21.What are you most afraid of?

Lyly: the night.

22.What do you usually wear?

Lyly: i have a long sleeve shirt that's deep blue my chest has bandches on it so i looks like a boy and has a rag over it  so no one can see them.

23.What's one food that tempts you?

Lyly: I don't no.

24.Am I annoying you?

Lyly: no.

25.Well, it's not over!

Lyly: yay.

26.What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?

Lyly: low class.

27.How many friends do you have?

Lyly: none really.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?

Lyly: don't like it.

29.Favorite drink?

Lyly: what ever I can let my hands on.

30. What's your favorite place?

Lyly: anywhere with loki.

31.Are you interested in anyone?

Lyly: yes but I don't want to say.

32.That was a stupid question.

Lyly: I don't think it was.

33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Lyly: ocean.

34.What's your type?'t no yet.

35.Any fetishes?

Lyly: yes.

36.Seme or Uke?(top or bottom)

Ly: hm?

37.Camping or indoors?

Lyly: camping.
Because I got tag bye

From shadowandravenlove11.

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I just thought I would want to write one of this
how do i get points? i just want to now with out makeing art becuase i suck 
I......I just want to sorry for posting this......I'll take it down....soon
Should I make oc and normal fanfics?

Comment if you want or say no plz
Am really bored and I want to rp this with someone sines I have for more ocs for this and I want to play them badly
I seen my sister do this and am just bored.....if you want to you can ask anything for my ocs and me and if you don't no them them I'll post them in a journal......and I mean all of them...again you don't have to I just wanted to do this Butler,fairy tale, sonic,anime, anything

Commit or note
Am takeing story requests since I was bored black butler, fairy tail,sonic,creepypasta, anything really if any of them suck then I'll take them down
aner ideas for this
am berad so plz 
ayone want to rp with me I do fnaf sonic mlp anething
at shadows                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I cant spll
mike: weres jeremy
shadow: up there
raven: why is Jeremy here shadow
shadow: I found Jeremy bleeding in my yard
mike: WHAT!!!
raven: clam down mike
mike: I cant
marry: mikey
angel: are you ok mike
raven: fuck mike you ok
mike: ( runs off )
marry: MIKE raven stay here with them
raven: ok
silver: what happed
angel: SILVER ( hugs silver )
raven: hey silver
siver: hi raven
shadow: oh grit
raven: am rally sorry about youer arm silver
silver: its ok raven wait were is mike
raven: umm he raned out of the house
silver: oh crap
angel: what silver
silver: its mike
marry: MIKE SOTP PLZ ( runs back )
raven: whats wrong with mike
silver: mikes haf
angel: what
what: what
silver: I craded mikes haf
shadow: rally silver
silver: am sorry
raven: rally
silver: I said am sorry
marry: grr
shadow: I hate you silver
silver: I no
shadow: am geted sonic
angel: ok am geted shelby
marry: am staying
raven: I will  go with shadow
marry: don't leave me here
Jeremy: m-marry
marry: Jeremy ( hugs Jeremy )
at sonics
shadow: get out here sonic
sonic: whats up shads hi raevn
raven: hi sonic
shadow: come on sonic
Shelby: hey guys
raven: hi Shelby
shadow: ( grabs sonics arm )
Shelby: what happed
sonic: ow shadow why are you dragging me
shadow: its mikes haf and I need youer help
raven: sine when did you need sonics help
shadow: shut up
shelby: wow shadow
raven: did shadow just tell me to shut up
shadow: ( runs off )
shelby: am going to shadows what about you
raven: umm ok
( back at shdaows )
marry: ( crying of happnis )
Jeremy: umm hey raven
raven: hi jeremy
Jeremy: umm marry plz let go its hurts
marry: oh sorry ( lets go of Jeremy )
raven: what happed here
marry: umm l////l
Jeremy: nothing
raven: sure
marry: umm
raven: did you to make out while we were gone
Jeremy: what no I have a girlfrand
marry: oh who
raven: whos the lucky girl
Jeremy: umm l/////l
marry: come on jeremy
raven: is it abby wait its shelby is it shelby
Jeremy: hehe raven got it
marry: what
raven: aew you dateing shelby
Jeremy: ya l//l
marry: hehe wow jeremy
raven: good for you
Jeremy: heheh l//l
raven: have you kissed her yet
Jeremy: umm no
marry: WHAT  
raven: why haveit you kiss her yet
Jeremy: I cant
raven: why not
Jeremy: am to shy to kiss her
raven: and am shy to kiss shadow
marry: hehe beside its ner crismiss
Jeremy: wait
raven:*walking around the forest*
shelby: hi raven
raven: hey shelby what are you doing out here?
shelby: umm ( put haed down )
raven: hey what`t wrong
shelby: i was thinking abot marry and abby
raven:oh well how are they
shelby: umm i don`t no
raven: what do you mean you live they them
shelby: theyer gone 
raven: were did they go
shelby: i don`t no eggman ( sobing )
raven: what would eggman want to do them
shelby: i don`t no
shadow: what
raven: uh shadow what are you doing in the woods
shelby: shadow ( hugs shadow )
shadow: umm
raven: shelby lost her sister`s she side eggman took them
shadow: oh shelby let go of me 
shelby: oh ( lets go of shadow)
raven: its ok shelby well get youer sisters back
shelby: ( hugs raven ) thx
shadow: akawred
raven: its no akawred shadow
shadow: littet
shelby: hehe ( gasp )
raven: you ok shelby
shelby: i have to go bye ( runs off )
shadow: lets go 
( shadow and raven hid in the boshis )
amy: ok shelby
shelby: thx amy ( amy and shelby runs off )
shadow: come on let go
???: umm why are you guys in the boshis
raven* turns around*
shadow: oh umm
jeremy: are you guys spiying on shelby and amy
raven" maybe
shadow: no 
jeremy: ok umm have you guys seen mkie
raven: nop sorry 
jeremy: oh and i no you guys are spiying on shelby and amy
shadow: crap
jeremy: can i join you maybe i can find mike
raven: ok 
jeremy: ok follow me then
shadow: ok
raven: ok
jeremy: ok here they are
amy: ok see ya shelby ( runs off )
shelby: ok see ya
raven: hey shelby what are you doing with amy
shelby: oh umm
shadow: tall us shelby?
jeremy: clam down shadow
raven: you two leave now 
jeremy: why 
shadow: no raven
raven* grabs shelby hand and walk away fram the two* so what did you talk about with amy
shelby: ok don`t tall aneone ok
raven: i won`t 
shelby: ok its a party for marry abby mike and jeremy
amy: what oh hi raven
raven: wait weren`t abby and marry gone and hey amy
shelby: ya ( put head down and sobs )
amy: ( hugs shelby ) its ok 
jeremy why is shelby crying 
raven: umm eggman has marry and abby 
shelby: i no ( runs off crying )
jeremy: wow
amy: nise one raven 
raven: i didit do anything!!!
shadow: what happn
jeremy: am going to go cher shelby up ( runs off )
amy: ok jeremy seeya 
raven: i try to help butt i made it wrose 
shadow: ya 
amy: shadow ( hit shadow )
shadow: ow
raven: that rally helped shadow *ravens eyes go black and then back two normal*
shadow: gezz raven seeya ( runs off )
raven: sorry about that
amy: is ok 
raven: ok lets go
amy ok to sonics
*they made it to sonics butt ravens claws were getting sharp and ravens teeth as well and raven fell to the floor*
amy:( gaps) RAVEN
raven: get awat from me*raven had a snak like tounge ravens eyes went black and raven color of her fur went a little darker and looked like she crying blood
amy: no raven 
raven: plz i don`t want to hurt you
amy: no raven
raven:* she runs into the forest hopeing not to see anyone*
butt she sees silver
silver: raven what happn
raven: plz silver leave befor i hurt you* to late she scratch silvers arm it was bleeding*
silver: gah r-raven
raven: am sorry ( runs off )
silver: wait raven
raven: get away silver i can hurt you i can`t hurt like i did to shadow
silver: wait what shadow
at eggmans bas 
angel: hey eggman why are you hideing from me
eggman: am not hideing 
marry: this is borering 
eggman: shut up
abby: uhg
marry:you shut up egghead
mike: hehe good one marry
marry: thx mike
eggman: grr
back to raven and silver
???: raven
raven: what
???: umm are you ok 
silver: oh crap
raven: get back so i can`t hurt you cream
cream: why ms raven
silver: cream get away 
cream: no mr silver
*silver grab cream*
cream: let go of me mr silver
silver: no cream
* raven runs away*
after thit happn raven kick eggman butt and save then
angel:( hugs raven ) thx sis
marry: ya thx raven
mike: ( sigh )
raven: ya well now i have scratches all on me
angel: omg are you ok
marry: are you ok raven
raven: am fine my exe come out the prics for that these searches
angel: me two i have a searche no my eye
raven and angel walking home and marry and mike two
angel: waeres abby 
marry: oh crap
abby: am here don`t worry
marry: good
abby: so weres shadow ins`t he over protective for you raven
raven: i don`t no were he is
marry: weres jeremy 
raven: last i saw he`s with shadow
abby: am going to call him and said youer dieing raevn
shadow: what abby
raevns dieing you need to get down here* hags up phone*
shadow: what
abby: AHH!! i hate it when you do that
shadow: am busy so what
raven: you can go shadow abbys wasteing youer time 
shadow: ok
marry: hey shadow have you seen jeremy 
shadow: umm
raven: wow we just lose eveyone WAIT SILVER WERES SILVER
shadow:silver is at my home
raven: well is he ok i kinda scratched him earliner
shadow: yes silver is fine and jeremy is at my home
mike: i well kill you if you hurt him
marry: omg
raven: clam down mike
mike: grr 
marry: mike clam down ok ( kiss mike on the cheek )
mike: l//////l
marry: hehe
shadow: are you ok raven 
raven: ya am fine shadow ( kiss shadow on the cheek )
shadow: l///l

hi guys i wanta to do a story for you i hope you like it

mike the fox
jeremy the cat
hello if any of u would like a request go ahead and ask but the are rules here they are

1.share this journal and put in the comments so I know
2.give me a full pic of what u want