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The ideas and inspiration are beginning to flow. The first official wallpaper rolls off the Gary/CMP presses :) Cerridwen chose to be the focus of our Samhain special in 2011 and we featured a story by Chris Joliffe. The story gave me the image that I finally manage to create. This piece took quite a while as all of the composition and post-work that I normally do ion Photoshop, I decided to avoid by doing all of the lighting and shadow work within the target 3D application, Poser. The hardest part was creating the sit-down position for the Dress that Cerridwen is wearing. I used the Morphing Fantasy Dress (MFD) which has sit-down morphs, but a lot of tweaking of the joints and morphs had to be undertaken to produce an image which only worked at certain angles.

I think the only direction I have to move in for sensible cloth simulation is dynamic cloth. So, scripting is the next task but after that - it's time to hit the tutorials!

Hope you like the image :)

Gary x x x
It's time to try and organise the software collection and see what fits what. The new Genesis figure is truly a breath-through in 3D figure technology and with weight maps and clothes conversion - I am just blown away! The blouse on this figure was a standard item for Victoria 4 and was made to fit to the Genesis fig in one operation. Notice how the Breast size immediately matched and the weight maps cause the material to drag in exactly the right fashion! All I did was click the 'fit' button!

My enthusiasm for sorting out my library and spending more of the littler cash we have on the new Genesis compatible figures is rising rapidly. With the imminent release of Vue 9 (OMG! How am I ever going to afford that as well? lol!), it has never been a better time to model in 3D!

Having backed the enthusiasm down several levels, I realise that I am stilla complete and utter novice when it comes to traditional art skills- such as composition and lighting, so it's down to the library and start studying from the ground up (again!). At the same time as trying to learn Irish, Welsh, study medieval Welsh texts and write/produce shows - who says life is dull?

Not me!

Hugs to all :)
I thought it was time to get some of the hidden and preparatory work I've been doing up and available for comment. When I look around at the work some of the other artists here are producing. I wonder why I bother trying. The truth is, no matter what level of skill, talent or genius you have (or in my case, haven't) when the inspiration strikes, you have to create :)

So, it's time to come out of the closet from my earliest attempts with Poser back in 2006 to the current work....

Thanks for taking the time to look and/or read :)