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300 - looks like rain

By silverwing24
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i like photomanips :) they're fun XD!!

this one took a while, mostly because there was much more skin than the first meaning i couldn't cheat by simply burning everything like i did the rocks in the first one =P. also it took a while becuase i couldn't figure out what to do with the bg. I ended up adding filter-lights.

The cool blue-ish tint came about totally by accident :). it was originally a orange tint.. bleh, complicated to explain.

anyways, enjoy :D

original: [link]
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
Your work is featured here
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AniphineProfessional Writer
Positively breathtaking, wow. :D
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im wet...
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awesome :wow: :clap: :clap:
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that is great
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Leonidas is a great king...<3

^__6! did u see the movie? his fight scenes were awesome...:faint:
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o yess. the action was AMAZING!
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D: i know~! -_- but why'd they all haveta die...? >,>

stoopid persians,

but, they got there asses kicked when the Spartian army returned with, what was it, 10,000 more? i believe thats what was said...o3o lol
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something like 30,000. haha not sure really. but yea. it was so sad!!. but so good to watch at the same time *sniff*. "my queen, my wife, my love..."
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o3o that sounds better than what i had! XD lol

yea,it was; what king Leonidas said at the end was tragic....then the arrows fell...:cries:

D; they didnt all haveta die....>,> :shakefist:
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awesome piece! love the perspective
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Gorgeous work!!!! :clap:
We're a 300 fan club, would you like to join us??? :headbang:
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very lovely!
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KyraShangeaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Simply beautiful!
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thank you ^_^
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KyraShangeaHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome. :3
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Kosjenka Artisan Crafter
Honestly, it looks better this way! :clap:
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haha. thanks ^_^
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