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yes i'm a freak, i love this guy XD! (Gerard Butler)

well actually... i did this cuz i was bored, and was tired of seeing the stupid screen shots of this movie with a blue backdrop... so i digitally painted in a background and added a toooon of shadows and smoothed out all the lil damaged dome by jpg compression.

original: [link]

if you don't get what i'm talking about... that's ok! :D
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Really a fantastic work..Stunning..Killing..Extraordinary..I Wish u to comment on my sketch done based on 300 [link]
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Your truly amazing at doing that..I love all the colors you put even the posing & the details are perfect.
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I love the detailing of his skin and the amount of work you put into his outfit. Excellent. The environment really sets the mood for his grimace, but he looks determined as if he is reliving his childhood through that of an adult, as if he is on some sort of self discovery hike.
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really cool painting adding to fav
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PeachCheeksStudent Photographer
wow that's beautiful :aww: :heart:
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dude, the spartans in that movie were so hot!! And so was this guy. lol
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Wow thats awesome...But the hand looks a lttle wonky :S
samuraibambi's avatar it!
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wo00o0oo0o0w amazing !
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so very very cool, almost biblical in proportions
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I <3 Gerry too, and this is literally A M A Z I N G.
I love this , keep it up.
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thankies ^_^
haha. love your first quote in your sig :D
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I did love that scene. Nicely done =)
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What a great movie! And what a great job you've done!
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yes! it's great!!
thanks ^_^
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Awesome!!!! Ha ha, yeh, I'm a bit sick of tha blue back drop fotos... heh heh.
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yep! glad the movie's out now and totally exceeded everything!

nice icon btw :D
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Ha ha, might wanna scratch that... That damned TMNT beat 300!! I'm so mad! I absolutely hated that movie and it beat the best movie ever!! Urrrgghhh!

Heh heh, buh thanx on the compliment! :P
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Seriously such a kick-ass movie! This is really nice. I love the stark contrast between lights and shadows in this. Beautiful job!
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thanks ^_^.
when i did it, i tried to copy the... two teaser pictures they had up at the site at the moment :lol:
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blue-angel262 Photographer
hello again :P
OMG. you drew this in 2005!!! hahah so you've been waiting for 300 for like over a year. :D it's finally here and ... EVERYONE loves it! xD
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