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Unseen Genius: Chapter 49
Chapter 49: Party Time
Brielle tapped the well-used deck of Tarot cards against the simple three-legged table in her new bedroom, quietly contemplating all the things that had happened earlier that day. Father Thomas's words flickered back and forth within her head, like moths gathered about a single flame, both bringing her a sense of peaceful certainty as well as a feeling of dread. If I forgive him for what he did to my family then there will be nothing left to protect my heart against him. How can I give up my anger up when I know that if I do I will get my heart broken? I know I love him…as surely as I know the sun will come up tomorrow but I cannot abide the thought of loving someone who does not care for me in the same way. Could I live with just a friendship? Could I handle being near him without loosing my mind? I will not make a fool of myself…Going through the dramatic shuffling techniques Marie had taught her, she absently flipped a card out of the deck and onto the table.
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 8 10
10thMUSE.ch17.p13.panel02 by theCHAMBA 10thMUSE.ch17.p13.panel02 :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 140 104 300's King Leonidas by theCHAMBA 300's King Leonidas :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 443 75
Unseen Genius: Chapter 41
Chapter 41: The Man Behind the Phantom
The winter wind blew savage and cold over the roof panels of the Opera Populaire, slicing across Erik's exposed cheeks like a thousand tiny knives as it whistled off into the distance. Blinking against the wetness involuntarily gathering in his stinging eyes, the masked man hunched his shoulders. So preoccupied was he with the icy depths of his own thoughts, Erik hardly even registered the numbing air and gathering pain except for when the wind blew the folds of his cape open.
Since the night Brielle and he had come face-to-face, the masked man could think of nothing else. The scene of those few short minutes played over and over within his head in an endless looping production, as he analyzed and critiqued every word and gesture. It had not taken him long to become heatedly embarrassed over his own actions. The situation had given him the opportunity to voice all of his grievances against her, to openly berate the damned woman and finally be free
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 8 5
Unseen Genius: Chapter 27
Unseen Genius: Chapter 27: Love is a Battlefield
Five days had passed since the terrible accident out on the pond and with every sunrise the weather outside grew increasingly lovelier. The warmth of the sun ate constantly away at the thin layer of frost covering the ground until none was left. Within the pond itself only a delicate ring of ice remained in a lacework about the edge of the dark water. Loud popping and screeching was heard echoing over the yard as the sap within the poplar trees began to flow again.
Spring had officially arrived, though the beauty of the crystalline blue sky and tender electric green flower buds could not assuage the growing tension within the Donovan house hold. The day after Brielle had woken up in Erik's arms was the day Aria developed a fever.
Brielle berated herself now as she sat on the edge of her daughter's bed. Aria had been acting sluggish. I should have recognized that she was ill before the fever took hold but I was too bloody busy worrying ab
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 10 7
Unseen Genius: Chapter 26
Unseen Genius: Chapter 26: In the Arms of an Angel
A fragrant spring breeze gently wafted over Brielle as she sat rocking drowsily upon the front stoop. She could feel the wind coolly caress her cheeks as she tilted her face upward, smiling as the sun warmed her skin and turned the insides of her eyelids scarlet. The rhythmic creaking of her chair was soothing and she let her mind wander as she leaned her head back against the headrest. A wind chime tinkled bell-like nearby, sounding sweet and a little forlorn as Brielle breathed in the serenity of the moment. I never knew it felt so good to simply be still and listen.
She stopped the movement of her chair and opened her eyes as a peal of laughter interrupted her musings. Blinking as her eyes adjusted to the bright light, Brielle sat up straighter to catch a glimpse of Aria as the child ran happily across the yard. Watching her daughter playing out in the grass brought a grin to the white haired woman's heart shaped lips, but after a m
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 9 11
Unseen Genius: Chapter 24
Unseen Genius: Chapter 24: A Vision's Truth II
"ARIA!" she shrieked, but only her own echo answered her before being swallowed up by the chasm in the pond's ice.
Without thought Brielle lurched forwards, stumbling as her feet came free of the oversized galoshes, leaving them standing upright in the middle of the yard. Running with only a pair of house slippers through the freezing mud, her skirts hiked over her knees, she could only scream her daughter's name over and over again, each cry more wretched and distraught than the last. The air burned Brielle's lungs with every gasped breath, her own panic searing a familiar trail of misery straight to her heart. As the adrenaline pumped through her blood, her legs stretched beyond their normal capacity, quickening her pace to frenetic speeds; she was across the yard and at the pond's edge before a coherent thought could form in her head. This can't be happening. It is a dream. This can't be happening.
As Brielle slid unceremoniously down t
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 9 10
Unseen Genius: Chapter 21
Unseen Genius: Chapter 21: A Little White Lie
Brielle drew open the heavy front door with a grunt, her mouth open and ready to rebuke the impatient caller. When her eyes fell not on a road worn messenger boy but a pair of smartly dressed police officers, her jaw snapped shut in shock.
The sight of the lawmen, in their heavy wool overcoats with shining brass buttons, sent her heart to pounding within her chest. She knew they couldn't have any issue with her in particular, she hadn't done anything wrong. But still, just the sight of their smart, clean appearance made her nervous.
Suddenly, the memory of another time when two uniformed men had come to her door flashed before her eyes. Only those men hand been soldiers, and they had had the inglorious task of delivering death notices.
Shaking her head clear of these memories, Brielle smiled uncertainly at the two men. "What seems to be the problem, officers?" she asked politely, her eyes flickering between them.
Both men stood ramrod strai
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 8 10
Unseen Genius: Chapter 19
Unseen Genius: Chapter 19: A Child's Prayer
Erik stalked down the hallway wishing with every step that he could drive a fist through the wall. Never in his adult life had another man spoken to him in so condescending a manner as that puffed up peacock had done. 'How thoughtful of you to have invited the help over for some cake,' he recalled, angrily mouthing the words. He wouldn't have been so arrogant if we were alone for five minutes. Five minutes and I could have ripped him to shreds.
At least Erik had had some pleasure in seeing the shock on the bastard's face when he informed him of his current residence. That little tidbit had certainly knocked Lord Andrew down a few pegs. Oh it was childish to be sure, but he just couldn't help himself from baiting the man. It had been all too easy.
               Erik's only regret was that his words had apparently gotten Brielle into trouble with her 'landlord.' The fac
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 9 17
Unseen Genius: Chapter 16
Unseen Genius: Chapter 16: Confessions of Jealousy
It was late March now, but winter had yet to give up its hold on the French countryside just outside of Paris. Ankle deep snow covered the ground in waves, an icy ocean suspended in time. The white rippled off into the distance, rolling over the stone walls lining the road and blanketing the evergreens close to the Donovan cottage.
Tiny tracks of nameless animals crisscrossed the open yard between the house and the small barn close by, marring the pristine landscape. Human feet had also left their mark in the white. Trails slashed muddily across the small yard between the house, the modest barn, and the small frozen pond set back amongst the pines.
The pond lay smooth and still behind the house, reflecting the cold light of the distant sun - its surface scored with white marks left by fine-edged skate blades. A month had passed since the evening Erik and Brielle had danced in the parlor, the days blurring together within the comfort of
:iconkayblueeyes:KayBlueEyes 8 1


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wow. I have not updated in a really long time. But in the last ttwo months, I've been in Italy! i've been sketching a lot of what I see and hope to maybe update the page ^_^. Being surrounded by all this art is reinvigorating my need to draw :D

will be home in 2 weeks ^_^


Current Residence: canada, westcoast!
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