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Vox Machina: Together We are More

This is the second of my designs for the Geek & Sundry Critical Role tee-shirt design contest. The saying on this is not a direct quote but rather a paraphrasing of many hours of interpersonal interactions within the Vox Machina party. Many times the conversations have steered toward how broken they are as individuals but how together they are greater than the sum of their parts, a sentiment that makes relating to story even more compelling.

There is something in the image to represent each character. The scattered symbols was actually a bit of an accident. Trying to get parts of the image out of my way while working I tossed Percy's clockworks to where they sit now and stopped what I was doing. I stared at it for a moment thinking, "Huh, that looks pretty nice there ...." That led me to playing with the positioning of each. I really like the scattered look, much better than the neat and tidy order I had originally planned.

All in all, as much as I liked my first design, I think this one turned out better. Yay for happy accidents.
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I'd like to maybe look into getting something like this for a tattoo. I'd that something that you'd be okay with, or no? I totally understand if not. But before I went looking about I thought I'd ask. ^_^
Silverwhispers's avatar
I am blown away that you might want this as a tattoo! This is absolutely something we could discuss. Shoot me an email and we can talk about it Thank you!
ElyLightbringer's avatar
Really?! It's an amazing complication that really represents them as a whole! And the quote is just lovely. I'm def send you an email about this!
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Amazing concept!
DominoMastadon's avatar
I'm not gonna lie...I kinda want this on like, a flag or a banner or something. This is awesome.

Great work!
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Thanks! I haven't had a chance to look into getting it put on anything but I'll let you know if I do Nod  
X-I-L2048's avatar
This looks awesome! I'd totally wear this on a shirt. =D
Silverwhispers's avatar
So glad you liked it! :heart: Thank you for the favorite! 
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I really wish this would be a shirt!  I'd wear it proudly
Silverwhispers's avatar
If I ever get it printed I will let you know :)
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I just love the simplicity of this artwork. The black and white style supports the perspective an the individual elements, all connected through the Vox Machina-symbol. It resembles the current status within the party itself, the individual values of every single member is - for itself - small, but combined they equal an almost infinite potential.
Especially curious is Pike's holy symbol - almost in the middle of the arrangment - holding the group together, it resembles Pike as the one moral and "good" centre the others are drawn towards and the exception of the sentence you choose front in centre. Percy said something similar about VM in the Briarwood-Storyarc by referring to all the present members - Pike wasn't there at this point - that they found together, because they were all broken in some way and then explicitly naming Pike as the exception - "as she is the eception in so many ways."
In this way your motive mirrors perfectly the dynamic within the party - like I mentioned before - and refers to the themes of friendship, family and in last consequence redemption recurring through the entire narrative of the show.
I would like to say more, to be more specific, but english isn't my language, so it is difficult to pour my thoughts into actual sentences people can understand (with a bit of good faith). 

So don't judge me and pardon my french.
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OMG! Thank you sooooo much! It means a lot that you saw so much in my design. Even in the original layout I had planned (and ultimately discarded) I knew that Pike needed to be at the center of the arrangement for that exact reason. I thank you for your words! You expressed yourself beautifully and I am honored that you felt that is was worth expressing to me. This has made my day!
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This is wonderful.  Very well done.
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THIS... is really good. Very clean design, great work all-around!
Silverwhispers's avatar
Thanks! It helped me realize I need to spend more time working with vector graphics :) It didn't make it to the finals of the contest I made it for, but I'm still pretty happy with it.
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I'm terrible at vector. But there are times when I need a perfect oval, or curve, so I'll make it in AI and paste it into my PS document. This piece has a wonderful hand-drawn quality to it though!
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Each of the character elements was hand drawn but my scale between them was off and the edges were messy. It took some work to really get the design as clean as I wanted. Did much of the work in PS and then moved to AI to polish :)
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