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Werewolf Tale w/ Digimon - Part 5


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Werewolf Tale w/ Digimon - Part 5


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Werewolf Tale w/ Digimon - Part 5

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Augmentation. Men into gods. The start of the tale of Icarus.

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Werewolf Tale 2 - Day 24/25

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The questioning stopped once Apren agreed to what Gilder proposed; although he felt urged to ask her where she'd gone, how few of the buildings were open past nightfall gave him a few ideas. The tavern was obvious, and the marketplace square wasn't officially closed after nightfall, so some late-operating vendors and traders could've given her an ear for a long while. When his essentials were gathered, he left her to rest in the room and made his way to the inn's commons. The scents of breakfast servings barely distracted him as he went outside, intent on checking on his goods and horses before anything else. - Chapter 4 - - Apren - Not

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