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It's Still Me - Commission from thesilvermist



This is a commissioned piece from :iconthesilvermist:. Be sure to visit her page and check out her work. My thanks go to her for the work on this piece as well. (Be sure to favorite this piece here, since this is not my work. - [link])

This came out incredibly well, especially the expressions Alex and Bailey have. Although he looks a LOT bigger than I imagined in this piece, in all honesty that makes for a far more frightening werewolf. Even if he looks upset.


Story Scene -

"Looking around as he emerged from the hall, Alex noticed that the bay window’s curtains were open, letting the moonlight of the evening in. Swearing in his head, he dropped back to his arms and legs to approach it. The position felt more natural but still awkward even with his new skeleton. Bailey’s scent was getting stronger as he went, until he found him cowering next to the couch. He was shaking and still has his tail tucked, whining in fear when he saw his master’s new form.

Instead of trying to talk to him, Alex approached his dog cautiously, holding one paw out to him when he was within a few feet. Bailey’s jaws slowly parted as it came closer revealing his own massive fangs, and a growl started to come from his lungs as his ears pulled back.

Hearing Bailey growling and seeing him barring his teeth at his new body made Alex's heart feel wrenched and stomped on. Like his pet was turning on him under the order of someone else. Even with what had happened, he was sure he could at least smell his scent and maybe relax a bit. He had raised him from a puppy; he knew he could recognize him. If he would calm down.

Pulling his arm back before his dog got any clever ideas to bite him, Alex tried not to get misty. The last thing he needed was his pet shape-shifting into a giant wolf-dog and hearing him moaning in pain.
“Just calm down, Bailey. I’m not here to hurt you.” Alex thought, staring into his pets’ eyes. Wondering what else he could try, nothing came to mind except for leaving his dog alone to sleep out the remainder of the night. But then he had to wonder what he was going to do for the night."
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wow, awesome~ 'w'