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Finding The Hotel
A single tear splashed onto the kitchen counter. A shaking hand poured some liquid into a glass. The bottle slipped and smashed onto the kitchen tiles. Not noticing, the slender figure gripped the glass in her hand. Delicate fingers began to reach for a packet of cigarettes but then pulled back sharply, as if they were being scolded.
She brought the glass slowly to her trembling lips but her hand was shaking so much most of the beverage ended up on the cold kitchen tiles rather than in her mouth. She was staring at something far away, her slim form trembling in the flickering light.
Suddenly her eyes snapped back into focus and she stared hard at the glass in her hand, her eyes burning with an emotion that was difficult to describe. Her lips were pressed tightly together, turning their soft fullness into sharp lines. A small amount of brown liquid swirled around the bottom of the glass. Her delicate fingers clenched around it. Then with a sudden scream she hurled it to the tiles, watch
:iconsilvertidalwave:SilverTidalWave 2 4
Moira had always been the friend that I had been the most hesitant about. The friend that every so often would say a phrase or give me a look that would make me shiver and feel uncomfortable, like she was worming her way into my brain and sitting there. Like there was something she wanted from me that she was digging around in my mind to try and find.
But, I felt bad about thinking of ending my friendship with her because she hadn’t really ever done anything to hurt me or spite me. It was just those looks or words every so often. So I would manage to shrug it off and convince myself I was just being silly or paranoid. Each time it would take longer and longer to convince myself of that, but I always managed to work through it.
Moira was a quiet person, preferring to watch and observe and rarely contributing to conversation. She seemed content to sit there and soak up the conversation, absorbing it through her skin and sifting it around her in brain, filtering out anything she did
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I stare at the letter and turn it over in my hands, feeling the smooth texture of the paper between my fingertips. A strange sensation washes over my body, a mixture of exhilaration and fear tied up with pretty ribbons of anger and jealousy.
Bastard. Low-life. Bastard, bastard, bastard.
Those words play tag in my head as my eyes follow the lines of text I had ever so carefully printed onto the paper. It was very prettily done. My hands had formed his writing perfectly, even doing those curly G’s just the way he did. Strange, how easy it was for me to slip into his shoes.
Bastard. Lowlife. Bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, BASTARD-
A scream of rage tears itself from my throat and I slam my hand on the desk before springing out of my chair.
I frantically run my fingers through my thick hair, pacing up and down the small room. My face is red, my skin covered in sweat, my heart quivering. My throat is bleeding with never-sai
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Fireworks - Part 1
“Ladies and gentlemen we have lift-off.” I murmured with a grin, holding my glass of wine to my lips. I watched happily as the string of gold soared up into the night sky and exploded into bursts of colour that danced amongst the stars. Though some may argue that I was too old for this, the sound of fireworks could still get me running to the closest window. I didn’t particularly have much time anymore to relax much given my deadline, but I always managed to find time for my old pal Guy Fawkes. It was the only day no one could get hold of me, and people close to me knew that I was not be disturbed while the fireworks were on.
Not many people on my street celebrated Guy Fawkes anymore, but there was always one person that satisfied my craving for colourful sky explosions. Every year, like clockwork, their firework show began. Six o’clock sharp. I could time the first firework to the second s it burst in the sky. It had beco
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“Oh please Laurie, let me introduce you!” Miranda whined. Her green eyes became even larger as she tried to give me her patented “puppy dog look.” She could ask me to jump off a bridge while giving me that look and I probably would. Damn her.
“No. No way.” I squeezed my eyes shut and swiveled around in my desk chair. Quickly, I began to move papers around, trying to look like I was extremely busy. Well, I was extremely busy, but I was hoping that by making a big deal of it she’d leave me alone. Of course she didn’t. I should have known better. Suddenly my chair was spun around and she was crouched down in front of me, her eyes now deadly serious. I blinked. “Uh…”
“Laurie, you have to let me introduce you.” Her fringe began to fall into her eyes and she impatiently blew it away. “You need to go on a date.”
I sighed and slumped back in my chair. “Miranda, I
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The Timer
Rain was pouring hard and loud, beating down on the roofs of houses and buildings. The street was dark, the lights from the streetlamps struggling admirably to defeat it but to no avail. The air was sharp and biting. Anyone with any sense was indoors, warm and dry.
Except for one.
A lone figure was standing at the lookout at the end of the street, gazing out over the sea. He had no umbrella and rain was running in rivulets down his body into a puddle at his feet. This didn’t seem to bother him. He had bigger problems on his mind.
However, he supposed, this wasn’t really a problem. The word problem implied that there was some sort of solution. There was no such thing in his case. Taking a deep breath he clenched his shaking hands into fists and shoved them into his coat pockets.
Dying. He was dying. They hadn’t sugar coated it or had tried to soften the blow so he could hold on to some small hope that they were wrong, that he could be saved. No, he was dying. Had only
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It was a warm summer evening. There was soft, cool breeze, the palm trees swayed in the wind, and from my balcony I could see the sun setting over the crashing waves of the sea.
It occurred to me that any normal person would be feeling some sense of happiness as they saw something so beautiful. But I couldn't
appreciate it. Not today at least.
I fingered the locket in my hand, and calmness spread through my body as I felt the familiar sensation between my fingers. It had become a habit of mine, to rub the thing whenever I felt nervous, sad, or whenever I just needed to feel reassured. I’d been doing it so often lately that the delicately engraved pattern on the front was beginning to wear away.
I sighed and stood up. Staying here wasn't going to help my mood. But the house still felt so normal, like…nothing had changed. I walked quickly through the house, avoiding looking at any of the walls. They were full of his pictures. I grabbed my jacket and keys
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The Rescue From Hell
“You again?” He exclaimed in frustration. “How many times have I tried to summon the Devil and instead YOU show up?”
The dark haired man in black smirked and crossed his arms. “It’s actually kind of amusing that you think a mere mortal such as yourself could summon the Devil.” He cocked his head to the side. “You do know that because you’re mortal you could never have enough power to summon him up?”
Christian rolled his eyes. “Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before.” He paced around the room, too preoccupied to be annoyed that the man in black was straightening his tie and smirking at him in that smug, self-satisfied way that drove Christian crazy. He pushed his hands through his thick blonde hair, completely at a loss at what to do, or even if even there was anything he could do. He sighed and stopped pacing, instead closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Can’t you p
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Just Another Monday Morning
Prompt: A married couple start another average morning on an average weekday. No one dies. No twist. Show their overwhelming love for each other without them speaking a single word.
She stretches out lazily, every muscle in her body awakening as her fingers grab at nothing and her toes curl. The sun is intent on waking her up, but instead her eyelids flutter slowly as she pulls the white sheets tighter around her and snuggles like a cat into his warm chest. She rubs her face against him, her hair tickling his skin. He can feel the slight movement of air as she breathes.
He grins as he looked down at her. She was never one for waking up in the mornings. In all the time he’d known her the earliest he’d ever seen her get up was nine o'clock. Even then she’d be grumbling about how it was the “crack of dawn” and that “morning people were the worst.” His being an early riser had definitely annoyed her for a while, but he liked waking up before
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You look over and there she is. She’s in her usual spot, writing as always. You can see that she is scribbling frantically as she puts her thoughts on paper, writing as though she’s running out of time. As if she only has these few moments to set her words in ink before she’s forgotten. It’s a sad thought, as no one is paying much attention to her in the first place.
As look closer, you see that even though her writing looks frantic, her face is lit up with joy as she watches the words appear on the paper. There’s a smile curving the corners of her mouth, and you can tell there’s nothing else she would rather be doing at this moment. You smile. You can’t understand why it makes her so happy, but you like the fact that she is.
As if she can sense you watching her, she looks up and her eyes meet yours. For a fraction of a second you see how they look alight with passion and joy, and your heart stops in your chest. You've never seen such intense,
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Heartbreak Hotel
“Afternoon Jason,” the waiter said gloomily, handing him his menu. Jason didn't bother to ask what was wrong. It was the same thing day in and day out in this place. Gloominess was the usual here. “What will you be having?”
Jason passed the menu back without looking at it. “The usual,” he replied in his monotone voice.
Nodding, the waiter turned go, then stopped and turned back. “Anything else sir?”
“Anyone joining you today sir?”
Jason clenched his jaw. Brushing his fair hair out of his eyes he said coldly: “That’s a joke in poor taste.”
The waiter nodded, not worried about Jason’s apparent anger. “Sorry sir. Just thought I might-“
“Just get me my food dammit!” Jason ordered, picking up the fork lying on the table and twirling it around in his fingers. “Lonely men need their food.”
The waiter nodded for the umpteenth time (making Jason wonder whethe
:iconsilvertidalwave:SilverTidalWave 2 10
"We have no choice," one of the cloaked figures said solemnly. "She is a threat to everything we have worked so hard for. She must be eliminated."
The entire room was silent as they digested this. Some of them were calm, some of them fidgeted uncertainly, but not quite sure how to say anything. The Council was quiet as the thought about this, pondering how to respond. Of course, they were expecting this outcome when they first called the meeting, but it was a shock to hear it spoken out loud so firmly.
"But surely that's a little too far, isn't it?" one of them said hesitantly, their hood falling even further down their face.  All twelve members were dressed in the same billowing black robe, with large hoods covering their faces. The purpose of that was so that no one knew what they looked like. Though they had been working very closely together, they knew nothing about what the other members looked like. Their leader thought things were safer that way, goodness knows why.
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100 Theme Challenge #34 - Stars
"Hey mum," the little girl said as she was tucked in. "Where do stars come from?"
Mum raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Stars?"
The little girl nodded. "Yeah, like those ones." She pointed at the ceiling. It was painted like the Milky Way, with numerous constellations and planets dotting its surface. There was even a skylight in the middle for the moon to shine through every night; illuminating the room and making the painted stars sparkle like the real thing.
Mum smiled. "Well that's a very long story , and you need to go to sleep."
"But I'm not even tired!" Rhea protested. She cuddled up with her large teddy bear and looked at her mother with large, shining eyes.
Mum sighed. "All right." She settled down on her daughter's bed and switched off the lamp so that the stars on the ceiling glittered mysteriously. Rhea grinned and settled back on her pillow, looking at her mother expectantly.
Mum was quiet for a moment before starting the story.
"Once upon a time, a very long time ag
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Sisi Siriso by SilverTidalWave Sisi Siriso :iconsilvertidalwave:SilverTidalWave 6 4 Horror Movies by SilverTidalWave Horror Movies :iconsilvertidalwave:SilverTidalWave 10 14
100 theme challenge 20 - Cookies
As Isaac walked into the flat his nostrils were assaulted with the smell of dough and burning.
"What the hell?" He quickly hung his jacket on the hook by the door and rushed into the kitchen. When he saw what was happening he had to stop and blink for a second,just to make sure he wasn't really dreaming.
Their tiny kitchen was entirely covered in cookie dough, with blobs of the stuff covering the fridge, the counter, the floor, and just about every visible surface. The counter was also littered with a dozen plates, each with a mound of a variety of cookies and baking products, and to top it all off, Imogen was crouched in front of the open oven, scraping something suspicious out of it. "Learn to bake they said," she muttered furiously, working so hard that her tied back hair was falling into her eyes. "It will be fun they said." She scrubbed for a few more moments before falling back on the ground in defeat.
"What the hell's going on here?" Isaac laughed as he helped her up. He
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Until final exams. Jesus take the wheel.

So far things have been going alright at uni. I'm a little behind on some readings as I've been working on an assignment for my Stats 108 course, but other than that I think I'm fairly above water. I've not had much time to write, however I have found time to read, which I'm really happy about. :D I get 40 minutes a day to read on the bus as I go to and from uni. I just recently finished re-reading Wuthering Heights, and now I'm starting on the Discworld series. I'm currently reading The Color of Magic, but the first book I read of the Discworld series was Hogfather, which I adored. Anyway, I think I'll be working my way through this series for a while, but I think I want to start reading Game of Thrones as well. Anyone have any other recommendations?

I have been trying to be more active in the dA community, but it's not really as much as I would like. I don't really have much downtime and there's so many things that I'm meaning to read and comment on that keep piling up. Still, I'll keep trying and if any of you still read this, feel free to drop me a message any time. I can't guarantee the speed of my response though. :( I wish I could be more active. I'm hoping to be online a lot more during the inter-semester break. I get four whole weeks of absolutely nothing. It's going to be glorious. 

On the writing front, I'm hoping to write more about Heartbreak Hotel and explore the characters of Jacqueline and Jason a lot more. I also want to see if I can write more scary things and branch out from just writing fluffy romance, which honestly I think I'm sick of. I've been looking back at some old writing of mine now and I've just been cringing. I've deleted a lot of my old writing off dA too. I also want to write more meaningful stories as well. 

Anyway, I think that's about all for now. Thanks to any of you who are still interested in  my work. I really appreciate it :heart:

~Silly x
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WoodLily Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018
Happy Birthday! I'll miss you, and I hope you are happy where ever you may be. 
WoodLily Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018
Hi there, how have you been? I feel as if it's been an eternity.
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018   General Artist
I just want you to know, that I despise Harry Potter with a passion. I think I've always told you that, but I don't think you've realised. I was inspired by the computer game as a child (not the crappy, badly-written book, the game), the idea of a magical castle that's free roam. Eventually I started writing HP fanfiction, and believe me when I say my ideas were better, even as a child. For one thing, I ditched HP himself and all the boring ones and just wrote about my own Mary Sue. My ideas enchanted me, I was absorbed in my own little world and it was magical. Then my teacher encouraged me to start writing original work, something I didn't think I was capable of, and then Liddy emerged (I still wanted to write about fantasy).

I only ever wrote that goddamned Annoying Bellatrix to entertain you and Shania (and at the time, Lala), not because it was something I actually wanted to write myself. And to be honest, I kept writing it even as I got unwell and there's loads of stuff that you all never saw. It was supposed to turn into a friendship story about how although the fangirl was annoying to Bellatrix, she found she could not live without her, the only person to ever show her any love. It was more inspired by myself being a bloody annoying cow than HP itself.

I tried to explain to you all in vain for years that I didn't actually like HP, I never even got through the books. I attempted as a child but I skipped great big boring chunks. I tried listening to the audiobooks, and the most boring writer in the world would have the most boring actor in the world reading her work wouldn't she?

My teacher also informed me of how all of Rowling's ideas were not actually her own. She took them all from other sources. For example, her entire premise for HP was based on The Worst Witch. I advise you look into The Worst Witch, as it is actually better despite being a book for little kiddies.

You've always been such a blind fan of Harry Potter, which has really hurt me over the years, but that is not what annoys me about you, What upsets me the most is that for years you strung me along, saying I was like a sister to you, and now you've dumped me. I knew you would eventually, but did you have to lead me on? That's just made the whole thing more painful for me. I knew it was coming. I tried desperately to cling onto our friendship, I noticed it fading as soon as you got serious over school and boyfriends (much more important than your autistic, mentally ill 'sister', 'best friend').

I realises from your recent Emails that you've actually payed no attention or made any effort to get to know me over the years. I mean, you asked if I watched the royal wedding? Didn't I post back in the day about how I was against stuff like that. Royals are just provilliged fucks when they do nothing for their country.

Why am I saying this here? Because you never come here anymore, and despite having been upset with you for years I still love and care about you and I don't want to drag you down with my feelings. But you should know about the Bellatrix thing at least, I only ever wrote that for you.
WoodLily Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2016
Happy Birthday! :ladybug:
SilverTidalWave Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Student Writer
Thank you! I'm sorry I'm so late in replying. :heart:
WoodLily Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016
It's okay!
Becarra Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! Many thanks for the llama, I'll do my best to look after him :)
SilverTidalWave Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Student Writer
You're very welcome! Thank you so much for the points, I really appreciate it! :hug:
Becarra Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! You're more than welcome too :)
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