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Collab with From_Hakaryou :iconstrata-taisen:strata-taisen 88 42
Transformer Drabbles
There are 3 Transformer drabbels here.
1# Wicked smile
A wicked smile spread across Eric’s face as he watched Bee squirm under him, panting and withering.
Bee clawed at his lover’s strong muscular arms. “Stop teasing me damnit!”
The older man chuckled nipping at the pierced skin beneath his lips.  “Really? You think I’m teasing?”
“Yes, you bastard.” The blonde let out a growled moan, finger’s twisting in Eric’s hair as he arched his body into that sweet mouth.
Eric gave the piercing a few more lick before leaving it alone drawing a whimper from the teen beneath him.  He rose up to pull the little blond into a searing kiss.
Bee moaned, wrapping his arms around Eric’s neck pulling him in closer.  He slide one leg up along Eric’s hip, gaining the proper leverage to flip the two of them over in one smooth motion pinning his arms above his head.
The older man looked up at him in su
:iconstrata-taisen:strata-taisen 54 23
Loving you
Loving You
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything in this fic except for the idea. Human transformers are property of sleepyoldvamp. A gift for Raimyu cus she asked.
Eric Prime couldn’t believe the string of bad luck he was having all week. Alex was gone on a school field trip to DC ( something about a stupid debate team), Gabe and Sebastion had gone to visit a former colleague of Seb’s for lunch every day, the twins were… well the twins (meaning driving him up the wall at every chance they got) and Jazz was with Prowl on another undercover sting. He hadn’t heard a peep from Megatron and the other Decepticons, though if that was a good thing or not he couldn’t tell.
“Rat bastards probable up to no good again.” He muttered darkly. The clerk at the counter gave him a curious look before scanning more items.  Eric’s eye twitched as he read off the price of  the milk a scowl forming on his face. * Damn cows *  Paying for
:iconsirenomega:SirenOmega 37 12
Glass Heart
It was two months now since they'd rescued Bee from Megatron, and the change in the boy had been staggering. The drugs that had been pumped into his system to keep him servile had long gone, but it was as though they'd washed away the chirpy, trusting personality his friends knew, leaving only a wary, silent boy who flinched at shadows and was confronted every night by the dilemma that he couldn't bear to allow anyone to share his bed but dreamed the whole thing again when he slept alone.
Eric lay in the darkness, listening to the muttering through the wall and trying to resist the temptation to go in, gather the too-frail body into his arms and tell him that everything was alright now, Megatron would burn, slowly and completely, the next time he even thought of touching Bee, Eric would see to it personally. But he'd given in to the impulse to protect and comfort on the first few nights, and Bee had screamed the house down.
It just wasn't fair. That kind of thing shouldn't be allowed t
:iconphyrbyrd:Phyrbyrd 19 5
Mature content
Hallowed Ground :iconphyrbyrd:Phyrbyrd 30 20
Damaged Goods
'Eric. For Primus' sake stop pacing, I can't think.' Ironhide snapped what everyone was thinking; everyone was tense and Optimus' jumpiness was only making it worse.
The leader shot the former special ops member a dirty look, which collapsed when he saw the expression he got in return. 'Sorry.'
'Look, we're all worried about Bee,' said Ratchet. 'But making yourself ill isn't going to help him-'
'You! Stop right there!' Optimus pushed Ratchet aside and aimed a handful of blue flame at the shadows in the corner. The others turned, startled, and at first there was nothing, then a grinning, lithe figure slunk out of the darkness, hands out in a gesture of harmlessness.
'Little jittery there, eh, Prime?' said Frenzy. 'Sure you don't want to talk? After all, I know where your kid is...'
Optimus drew himself up, but didn't drop the ball of flame. 'Why would you tell us that, you little freak?'
Frenzy ignored the insult, though his eyes hardened. 'Beca
:iconphyrbyrd:Phyrbyrd 94 39
More Drabbles
"Don't just stand there!"
Eric's battle-hardened rasp shot through his consciousness, and Alex moved instinctively, mixing the blend of his known martial arts and the whispers of a past forgotten into a deadly dance of ethereal blades and feet. The peon constructions, created by Ion and bent on one purpose, that being destruction, fell like saplings under the axe. Between Alex's knives and Eric's flames, the small squad was dispersed, turned back into the alien crystal they had been created from.
After the sharp crackle of crimson to blue fire settled and ashed out, Eric turned to find Alex, unsteady on his feet. The young blond went to clutch at his head, collapsing to his knees and sending a spike of panic up Prime's spine.
"Alex!" Eric all but ran to his companion, skidding to his knees and catching Alex in an arm before he fell completely to the ground. Bright blue eyes, looking dazedly up at Eric, blinked a few times, and the blond smiled weakly.
"Uhg, I th
:iconsleepyoldvamp:sleepyoldvamp 42 14
If At First
If At First You Don’t Succeed…Try The Closet Trick
Disclaimer: I don’t own transformers. Nothing about them, that’s Hasbro. G1 version ppl. This story contains slash, meaning in this case:  gay robot/robot loving. If this isn’t your brand of tea * Opens vault door with aisles of fiction * I suggest you take another pick and vamoose.
Pairings : Optimus/Bee (duh), Wheeljack/Ratchet, Sunny/Sides and many more.
Prowl watched his pray like a hawk, his optics never once wavering from their mission. He could feel his processor run every scenario that could hinder his plan. Not that he would let any stand in his way. Smirking, he waited patiently in the shadows for the right moment.
Jazz sighed in annoyance. The day had started off well, waking up in the arms of his bonded, watching the relaxed face of his lover in recharge and remembering their actions during the night. He smirked remembering the sound of squeaks and groan of the berth bene
:iconsirenomega:SirenOmega 24 6
TF - Fragments
Title - Fragments
Fandom - Human Transformers
Characters - Eric (Optimus Prime), Alex (Bumblebee), Sebastion (Ratchet), Gabriel (Ironhide)
Couples - OpxBee, HidexRatchet
Sequel to - Broken
Rating - T
*WARNING - Contains hints and situations relating to rape, violence, scenes of death, depression, and yaoi. If you are offended or sensitive to any of the listed, or are just a baby, then don't read this. You have been warned.
Alex stood in the shower, having the water as hot as possible without burning him. He didn’t move at all – he just stood and let the water pound down around him, his hands in fists.
He was shaking, his eyes closed, as his cuts and bruises were washed over by the warm water. His back was in even worse condition – the gouges in his flesh scabbing slowly.
He felt so dirty.
He’d felt it tearing through his mind like a knife. The horrid memories of how easily he had been torn away from the warmth and saf
:icontaintedtamer:TaintedTamer 108 76
TF - Broken
If you are offended by ANYTHING yaoi/slash, DO NOT READ! Violence and rape is in the content below, along with cursing, so you have been warned!
The night was bitterly cold, and Alex pulled up his collar to protect his neck. It was cold, and he was sick of walking around.
He had been walking down these cold alleys all night, and hadn’t seen any peon constructions, and his usual cheery mood was slowing being chewed away as the night went on.
He sighed, his breath billowing out in a small cloud in front of him as he closed his eyes for a moment. He reached up, pushing his blonde hair back as he spoke into the head piece that hung from his right ear.
“Guys, I’m exhausted. I haven’t found anything, and I think this as just some kind of set-up…”
He said, unable to stop a yawn as he spoke.
A growl of a voice came through, and Alex knew it was Gabriel,
~Bee, stop complaining.~
“I’m not complaining! It’s late, and its freezing out
:icontaintedtamer:TaintedTamer 150 64
lace brushes by gimei lace brushes :icongimei:gimei 2,350 240
Learning to Paint Digitally, Edition 3
Welcome... Learning to Paint Digitally, Edition 3.  I am still amazed at the enthusiasm of the digital community with my first two articles!  I am so glad I was able to help so many people, so, lets get started on Edition 3 already!
The Plan:  This series is not only to give beginners a starting point, but also to help even seasoned painters with tricks or tips they did not know before.  My hope is that we all learn something we did not know before since there are so many ways to do one thing, it is my belief that reading how one person may do something will strengthen our skills as artists and help us to learn and develop our own style and techniques.
The Promise:  My promise to the community through this new series of articles is that I will:
Read each Tutorial before presenting it to you.Try each brush set myself before including it in the "lessons."Try to be as clear and simple as possible
:iconcosmosue:cosmosue 305 26
How to Crochet by VolensVivarium How to Crochet :iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 723 137
Learning to Paint Digitally, Edition 1
Welcome to the new news article series, Learning to Paint Digitally.  Since even before I joined the AR Team I have been receiving notes, emails, etc. from fellow deviants asking me how to get started with digital painting and/or mixed media.  So, along with my knowledge, and the help of tutorials and resources I hope to bring something truly valuable to those wishing to learn more about painting digitally within Photoshop.
I can't say how many articles will be included in this series, only that each one will be unique and should you wish to participate even more, and take it one step further there will be practice materials suggested at the end of the article, ideally I would love to see the results uploaded so that I can display them and we can see how people are improving and coming along with the help of these "lessons."
The Plan:  This series is not only to give beginners a starting point, but also to help even seasoned painters with tri
:iconcosmosue:cosmosue 851 147


Hi! I'm so sorry I've been so absent lately! I'm kind of limited to using dA on my mobile device right now and it's not exactly... full-function friendly, and we'll just leave it at that.

I do want to say a huge, giant THANK YOU to all the new watchers, for all the faves, I appreciate you guys so much more than I'll probably ever be able to say.

I have a number of cons coming up (after just finishing up with Florida SuperCon) so, I don't know what I'll be posting, but I'll be at:

Anime Festival Orlando (Orlando, FL July 25-27)
Tampa Bay Comic Con (Tampa, FL August 1-3)
Creator Owned Expo (Ft Lauderdale, FL August 9)

Right now those are the shows I'm 100% sure of, but I'll definitely post any new shows added to the schedule!

If you'll be attending any of those shows, please come by and say hi!

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