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All is well again. Might have lost the odd comment from the past week or so, but other than that everything is back up and running smoothly.
But the restoration process has begun, site should hopefully be back in working order within the next 3 days, barring any unforseen restoral issues. I'll keep you posted.
Technical billing issues resulting from systemic email issues, courtesy of BT, mean the archive has gone down. This is, unsurprisingly, incredibly unhelpful.

I'm hoping to get through to godaddy and re-instate it by the end of the week, I'll keep you posted.
Tweeted live as I do it!

Just finished up day 1, from start to outside Dewford Gym. 1 Badge, No KO's to far, so good. Quite the shortage of Pokemon to choose from - most routes just threw Zigzagoon at me.

Team so far:

The Colonel
Combusken, Lv18, Male
Timid, Strong Willed, Starter
Blaze, no Held Item

Double Kick, Peck, Ember, Sand Attack

Zigzagoon, Lv15, Female
Serious, Proud of it's Power, Route 101
Pickup, no Held Item

Headbutt, Cut, Sand Attack, Tail Whip

Nuzleaf, Lv18, Female
Bold, Likes to Fight, Route 102
Chlorophyll, Miracle Seed

Razor Leaf, Rock Tomb, Torment, False Swipe

Whismur, Lv16, Male
Quirky, Somewhat Stubborn, Route 116
Soundproof, Silk Scarf

Pound, Echoed Voice, Astonish, Howl

Makuhita, Lv9, Female
Brave, Quick Tempered, Granite Cave
Thick Fat, no Held Item

Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand Attack, Arm Thrust
Made it through another holiday pressure period, slightly richer than I was (hampered by the whole 'annual gift purchasing' thing, but what are you gonna do?) and with a small backlog of doodles and ideas formed during breaks. Time to put digital brush to digital canvas and make something of those.

Well, maybe after Annual Gift Day.…

This weeks theme; POKEYMANS!

I'd do the proper e, but my keyboard apparantly isn't co-operating today. Weird.

Because that was entertaining. Apologies for the inevitably late UK and early US start, but I work late shift so I don't get much choice in the matter. At least, not yet.…

For future reference though, what sort of times suit you for viewing? May as well try and cater to my audience as best possible. Do I have people in the US who'd like to get a look in on things? Shall I stick to a UK-centric viewing time slot? Or shall I try to stick to weekends and allow both to moderately co-exist?
Turns out, I can in fact stream to Livestream, so long as I don't use their own program to do it and jump through enough hoops to line the one I did find up to their stuff.

So. That's good to know, I guess. Inaugaraul, entirely un-planned livestreaming a-go-go. Come along, join the fun.…

Or don't. All good to me.

Edit: Aaand done. T'was fun; will post the result either later tonight, or tomorrow.
So. Last month sucked, this month is doing ok. Canada is nice, btw. Will be at the Calgary Expo, for anybody who didn't already know, Artists Alley table D11, sat under the Exterminatus Now banner. Should be fun.
Well, that's clearly no longer appropriate, in so many ways.
For the record, four straight weeks of 13 hour working days (well, nights really, and with a good hour and a half travel on top) is -madness-, and somewhat crippling to one's ability to do things other than said work, and maybe, just maybe, if one is lucky, get some sleep.

Still. I appear to have lived through it, so that's something.

I'm going to take the week off now. Earlier statements of "I'll see you in January" still apply.
Two weeks of 12 hour work days down, two to go. Still managed to ponder and vaguely sculpt hunks of ideas in that, but this is hardly productive time.

See you in January, kids.
No, not right now. I'm just thinking of doing some sometime, because it might be fun. Can't use itself though because it's recorder refuses to operate, so I'm still out on exactly where or how I'm going to do so.

Still. Could be worth a giggle I guess.
Canadia was much fun, and so was the Calgary Comic Expo.
Though I -did- manage to avoid the problems with being turned away and the like, so I may have had a better experiance there than some. Still!

Thanks to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday. Wasn't really in a position to reply out there very effectively, but it was still nice of you. :)

Anywho. Back to work I go. Not in the literal, paying job sense, yet - I have many tasks to accomplish around the great and wide Interwebs, and it's about time I started on some of those.
Canadia beckons.
Please stop using the term "OC" to describe Fan Characters. It does not mean what you think it means.

Love and vitriol

Not that I have anything differant or worthwhile to say. Just moving things along.
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Off to the vet tomorrow morning. Apparantly, tail surgery for the cat will not be as expensive as potentially expected, but -will- be expensive nontheless. Somewhere in the region of £300, they tell me.

Still, better done and a few hundred pounds down than not done and the poor kitty left with that rather nasty, and now quite possibly infected, wound. Poor thing injured himself a couple weeks ago, though we still don't know exactly how. It was unpleasant for him for a few days, after which he seemed to no longer be in pain - but it's not healing, and if anything, getting worse. Thus, he finally has an appointment with the vet.

I'll miss the flicky nature of his tail, but at least he'll be well.

Though, if I may be so bold as to appeal to your collective generosity, any little bit to help blunt the cost of the surgery would be most appreciated.

I'd put a paypal donation button here, but the DA journal system seems to hate it. No matter. Anything through to my email -, will get where it's supposed to be. And thank you. :)
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You've probably already heard, if you've been to the old ComicGenesis site recently; Exterminatus Now has, at long last, moved to be fully hosted by us, at our own domain.

Took me a few good weeks to put it together, but I believe it was well worth it. :)

Do update your bookmarks to

Oh, and like it says on the blog post; if you've got any Exterminatus Now fanart that hasn't found its way to the fanart page, send an email off to and I'll see to it that it gets on there. :)
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I have an account at Dreamwidth, wherin I post some odds and ends of writing, occasionally expound on my art, or otherwise muse on things I don't feel fit here.

So if that tickles your fancy, by all means, come on over and have a gander.
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