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Commission: Azure Ace Starburst by SilverStarApple Commission: Azure Ace Starburst :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 10 3
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She's A RealDoll 2 - Original Song :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 0 0
Hilarious Relationship Comic by SilverStarApple Hilarious Relationship Comic :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 0 1
The Strongest Smash Bros OC
Sometimes, I like to pick characters in assorted franchises and imagine how strong their kids would be. It's just a fun thought experiment. Maybe it's a holdover from my days as a demon on the Chao racing circuit. But among the Smash Bros Ultimate cast, I think I've uncovered the true face of perfection. And figuring it out is as simple as one, two, everything in the multiverse is oatmeal for her.
I just need four characters to create the strongest smash bros OC ever.
First, pair Female Robin with Sonic. That's right, Sonic's kissing a human woman again! And this time, there's no need to uncanonize it because it's already noncanon. Robin's already pretty great, with her swords, spears, axes, bows, tomes, ability to use dark magic, ability to get Galeforce and pass it on to her son, ability to get pretty much any Fire Emblem Awakening skill and pass them down to her kids... And then there's her Tactician Sight. On the battlefield, she "Sees things". She sees where every enemy is, even f
:iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 0 0
PSA: Never trust women that do this!!! by SilverStarApple PSA: Never trust women that do this!!! :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 0 1 I mocked a shit anti-male comic lol by SilverStarApple I mocked a shit anti-male comic lol :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 1 3 Perpetual Fakers Be Like... by SilverStarApple Perpetual Fakers Be Like... :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 2 6 I AM THE PI GOD! Virgin VS Chad Epic Gamer Meme by SilverStarApple I AM THE PI GOD! Virgin VS Chad Epic Gamer Meme :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 1 0
Ultimate Battle/Kachi DaZe - English Lyrics
Ka-ka-ka-ka-combat raging
Stand above the rest as a power's awakening
Champ pyan Champ pyan it's the Ultimate Battle
Nothing else matters once you step into the ring!
On the martial artist's path I've made... such amazing friends!
I have learned so much and now it's time... for the warm-up to end!
Power rising, limits shatter,
Watch me as I start to soar
From now on, even gods will watch in awe!
Ka-ka-ka-ka-combat raging
Stand above the rest as a power's awakening
Champ pyan Champ pyan it's the Ultimate Battle
My-my-my-my-my power's blazing
Pillars of flame scorch Heaven and Earth
All will see the burning Champion's rebirth!
Nothing else matters once you dare to fight the sun!
My mind is clear, I will fight on for everyone!
It only takes one wrong move from my fist, and the sky will break!
Before creation comes destruction, they say, but what will I create?
One-hit K.O., times ten million
When my body breaks apart, where will I rest my head as champion?
Ka-ka-ka-ka-combat raging
:iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 1 0
The Two-Faced Feminist 2: It's Only OK For Us by SilverStarApple The Two-Faced Feminist 2: It's Only OK For Us :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 0 5 Funny Comic on Pokemon and Religion by SilverStarApple Funny Comic on Pokemon and Religion :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 2 11 Unless things change 2019-2020 memes be like... by SilverStarApple Unless things change 2019-2020 memes be like... :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 2 11 Cherry - My Kirby OC by SilverStarApple Cherry - My Kirby OC :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 30 16 This Meme Was Made By Human Language Gang by SilverStarApple This Meme Was Made By Human Language Gang :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 0 0 He is Kanji Frickin Tatsumi [meme] by SilverStarApple He is Kanji Frickin Tatsumi [meme] :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 4 0 Why Are They Like This? by SilverStarApple Why Are They Like This? :iconsilverstarapple:SilverStarApple 3 0

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Update on my political views (Re-Upload)
(Obviously, this is exactly what it says on the title.)
Thanks to the DeviantArt User known as OnlyTheGhosts, I have learned that Trump is not as bad or even as dumb as I initially thought. I always knew that he's book-smart, but I initially had no idea that he is also, at least to some degree, street-smart. OnlyTheGhosts proved to me that Trump has at least some street-wisdom in his brain.
So in hindsight, I also realize that I am not fit to comment on politics in a serious manner. From now on, I am taking a neutral position when it comes to serious politics.
I will be keeping all of my past writings -fiction or not- that portrayed Trump as, or support the idea of, Trump as a "villain", but only for the sake of irony or satire (I love irony and satire).
I sincerely apologize to any Trump supporters, whether they be on DeviantArt, on some other sites, or off-line.
:iconzekeeugene:ZekeEugene 1 88
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by viwrastupr My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic :iconviwrastupr:viwrastupr 6,068 583 SunMoon mythical Pokemon by leparagon SunMoon mythical Pokemon :iconleparagon:leparagon 371 104 Triggerhappy: Black panther by KukuruyoArt Triggerhappy: Black panther :iconkukuruyoart:KukuruyoArt 152 132


A Fallout New Vegas mod that will add AT LEAST 10 new utterly-terrible quests to the game, inspired by the mind-numbingly tedious quests seen in MMOs like classic World of Warcraft!
Commission: Azure Ace Starburst
This is Azure Ace Starburst, and who commissioned me to draw her? AzureAceStarburst. Send her some kind words of thanks, because this mare saved Christmas for me with how many commissions she bought from me!

And now for her new backstory:

Azure Starburst was born from a union between the most magically and politically powerful Unicorn in Trottingham and the most magically powerful Kitsune in Neighpon. She inherited vast riches and great magical power, but her grey eyes were completely blind. Her parents still loved her, and had their servants read stories and textbooks to her while they were busy. She was a smart pony, as her tutors quickly realized as they scrambled to find harder tests for her. Her least favourite tests were the kind where ponies used magic and assorted potions to mess with her sightless eyes, and then asked her if she could see. She never could.

She spent her foalhood life in what she thought must have been an attic in their family manor, and she thought she was hidden away from the world, a foal whose parents were ashamed of her. After a few years, she met ponies smaller than herself, and her parents said they were her sisters and brothers. She liked them, but she didn't get to see them often. Well, technically she didn't see them during any of those visits, because she was blind, but you know what I mean.

Sometimes, ponies whose voices she didn't recognize would be brought into her room to watch as she was tested in this thing or that thing. She didn't think much of how pleasantly surprised they were by what she could do. She was awesome, she thought, so it was only natural that they'd be impressed.

Azure's parents had told her to never use magic outside of her magic classes, so she didn't. In front of her parents, that is. But when she was alone, she used magic freely. At first, she used simple magical pulses to view the world through feeling how her magic interacted with things. Then, she figured out that she could "See" (Feel from a distance, that's what she thought seeing was at the time) any object she was telekinetically holding, along with any vibrations that object felt. When she figured out how to send out and guide magic pulses around in intangible, low-power waves, she started sending them outside her bedroom window, and she started to use magic to view the outside world.

Over the years, she practiced magic in secret. After all, she didn't have anything else to do. She saw stage plays in massive theatres, she saw Royal Guards performing drills, she saw ponies in the back rooms of fancy restaurants playing card games, she saw stage performers pull off amazing tricks, and she saw ponies her age train in all kinds of different magic schools. She tried out what they did for fun, and after she started doing that, more ponies started showing up in her room to test her ability to do this, cast that, lift this heavy weight once the spell that shrank it was negated, shoot this many plates within a minute, try to control that puppet body using magic and see how far away you can move it, and so on.

One day, she decided to try and use her magic on her eyes, not only to let her see, but to also make them the best eyes ever. The spell she messed up was powerful, so powerful that it went out of control and grew to drain magic from everypony in Canterlot. Quick thinking from Princess Celestia, along with a lot of magical power she gave willingly to ease the burden on others, was the only thing that stopped the spell from sucking everypony dry for months. Azure's spell used their combined power to make her eyes perfect, which resulted in a lot of glowing and dramatic music. When the deed was done and she opened her purple-yellow eyes, she could see. Everything. Where normal ponies had a wide cone of vision, hers was impossibly wide. She saw everything around her. She saw for miles around her. She saw everything from every angle, and saw through everything at the same time. She saw magic, she saw muscles and brain activity, she saw spirits and probabilities and every future.

She even saw flashes of light on her rear, which were followed by colours and symbols in a world of colours and symbols and time and numbers she couldn't make any sense of at all.

It was very disorienting, and it took years of practice before she could reliably see things as easily and reflexively as others did. But after a lot of practice and visual training with eye experts, with her Ultimate Eyes, she saw the world, and it was beautiful. She saw the faces of her parents, her six younger siblings, and the many, many servants in her home. She saw that the room she wasn't allowed to live in was a laboratory room converted into a bedroom, complete with a glass wall so she could be observed by the best doctors, scientists, potion makers, and mages from all over the world. All of these ponies had been hired to try and fix her eyes, she realized. She saw instructions written out for her in magic when she looked at hidden passages that would normally only open, or even start to exist, if one who knew their secrets opened them. She saw the shine of the trophies on her bedroom's shelves that commemorated when she'd gotten world records from the different tests she did over the years. She even saw the spirits of ancestors and ancient magical masters, who taught her their secrets and magical knowledge.

And she saw the sincerity on the faces of her parents when they said that they'd only kept her locked away because they were overprotective and afraid that she'd be foalnapped if she left the house. After all, she was famous for having broken over a hundred world records before getting her Cutie Mark. And when she looked at her Cutie Mark, she saw a heart above, and a diamond below, a golden infinite loop. She wasn't sure if it meant she had an infinite amount of hearts and diamonds or not and what that meant at first, but she eventually figured it out. Her Cutie Mark was to be the best, something she proved to the world when she proceeded to get more world records, and on purpose this time. She also got back the world records that had been taken from her, broken by others.

She thought Princess Celestia would be furious with her for nearly bringing Canterlot to a screeching halt, but she was kind and understanding. The Princess even offered Azure a place at her School for Gifted Unicorns!

There, she was an attentive student, a brilliant genius, and a crass, obnoxious, easily-enraged, self-absorbed loud-mouthed show-offy brat. She was number one! So she should always be number one, she figured, and if anypony else was number one, they were cheating. She said she was number one so often, she even started walking around with an Ace of Hearts card in her hair, just to remind everypony that she was number one. She even started calling herself Azure "Ace" Starburst, "The Ace", and she started making up nonsensical stories about how she was actually the reincarnation of every famous pony ever in a row, and that was why she was able to talk to them and ask them questions. Friendship with others and a buttload of life lessons, many of which were taught by a young Twilight Sparkle or set up by Princess Celestia, mellowed her out and made her into a more respectable pony.

When Azure turned 16, she decided to travel the world in a massive blimp. Almost immediately after leaving Equestria, it was attacked by giant sea monsters. She was saved by a group of pony Sky-Pirates known as the Arcadians, who lived in massive city-tier airships outside of Equestria to get around the bans on certain magics and technologies Princess Celestia had set. She surprised them by copying their strange language, seeming to master it instantly because she was using her future sight to cheat and see the best futures where she said the best Arcadian words and phrases. Azure joined them and was taught their ways of making winged backpacks, powerful fighting robots, and powerful laser weapons. She rose through the ranks and became the best friend of their leader's daughter, then she joined that mare and eleven other ponies on an epic world-spanning adventure where she learned the true meaning of friendship and became even stronger when she defeated the final boss (Some ancient seventh-dimensional eldritch horror of pure evil empowered by chaos, conflict, fear, hope, determination, suffering, and uncertainty, seven concepts that had the same word in the language of the creatures that had sealed this monster away millions of years ago) by cheating and draining all of that final boss's magic until there was nothing left but a big stone statue that crumbled to dust when the protagonist guy destined to defeat it kicked it pretty hard. She also became insanely rich in her own right during this adventure. And then she went back to Equestria to found Las Haygas, also known as the cooler Las Pegasus. She made a city-sized Casino, a building so massively large that it covered all the land in Las Haygas. If other ponies wanted Casinos in her town, they would have to make smaller Casinos inside her one, a design choice her ego enjoyed a lot. She then set up vast underground labs to research better technology and better magic. She felt she was comfortably rich, so she decided to make all the games in her Casino perfectly and verifiably fair, which drew millions of creatures from all over the world to her games.

And then another her in another reality did a thing. An Ace from a world without ponies, magitek, or any type of magic other than breathing and spirit summoning ended up touching Azure Ace Starburst's mind, and the minds of every other Ace in the multiverse. Azure Ace Starburst gained the ability to call upon the abilities and techniques of the other Aces, and every other Ace out there gained the same. Azure decided to magically bring their minds together to talk, and together, the ones that had already finished their stories decided to get magically replicated a few trillion times and adventure through the worst Ace-less universes out there, bringing the twin lights of magitek and heroism to these worlds and turning them into planet-sized casinos under her control, when not warring with multiversal leagues of villains and organizations dedicated to preventing good universal changes.
*clop clop*
*clop clop*
*clop clop*
*clop clop*
*clop clop*
*clop clop*

Coming soon, a new review show that'll review every MLPFIM episode, from start to finish! Come and relive the highs, the lows, and the Derpy Cameos with someone who was there from the start! ...Mostly, I joined when S2 just started airing.

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You think you’re worth a million dollars
You think you’re perfect, from foot to head
You think you deserve the greatest man alive
But my pillow’s cuter, and spends less time alone in bed

You can’t even cook spaghetti
You burn cereal every time you try
And when things get even a little tough,
You cry, cry, cry

Staring at your TV screen
You want me to take you places
So you can stare at your crap meme screen
And ignore the judgemental faces

You’re just a RealDoll 2
With real shittin’ pissin’ action
Higher cost and maintenance, no features
Guaranteed to give no satisfaction

If I wanted to settle down with an NPC wife
I’d turn on a dating sim
In those games, there are right answers
And when you play your cards right, you win

Beep beep boop motherfucker
Your taste in memes is shit
I can’t carry your fat ass anywhere
Fuck this shit, I quit

Doin stuff takes effort, myself included
So that’s why you do nothing
there are bigger and healthier fish in the sea
And I feel like going fishing

You’re just a RealDoll 2
With real shittin’ pissin’ action
Higher cost and maintenance, no features
Guaranteed to give no satisfaction
She's A RealDoll 2 - Original Song
Turns out this relationship really did make a good song. I hope I don't end up as one of those "I only date people for the song potential" losers. I'm not in this for songs, I want a healthy wife and a fuckton of kids.

Also don't worry about her seeing this, she sucks at life so bad she needed her mom to rig her smartphone to make "Open reddit's shitty unfunny depression meme page" into a clickable button.

RealDoll(TM) company plz dont sue


Silver Starapple
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I am a brony, my Ponysona is Silver Star Apple.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are best ponies.

Rainbow Dash

Upon taking the pony test, I got a three-way tie between Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I was almost also a Rarity and Pinkie Pie, and I had no ranks in Fluttershy. Still, I wanted both Dash and Twi on my page, so I retook it, and selected the stereotyical 'Twilight-ish' answers.

Twilight Sparkle
A Fallout New Vegas mod that will add AT LEAST 10 new utterly-terrible quests to the game, inspired by the mind-numbingly tedious quests seen in MMOs like classic World of Warcraft!


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