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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor - Aftermath 1
Authors note: WARNING, if you haven’t played the Sin & Punishment games (Successor of the Earth on the N64 and Wii Virtual Console and Star Successor for the Wii) then be warned as there WILL be spoilers. With your friendly neighbourhood warning done, on with the show!
A month and a half after the secret ending
Once Isa and Kachi’s new ship had left Earth-6 far behind they found somewhere to land their ship for some rest. It was in an asteroid field where the movements were rare so they didn’t have to worry much about collisions, especially since they hid in one of the bigger asteroids craters. Kachi had already retired to her bed while Isa put the ship on lockdown and emergency defence should they get any surprises while they slept.
Isa walked down the hall to his own room while recounting the events over the past few months; after they defeated the Nebulox on Earth-4 they were able to get a ride to Earth-6 from a transport ship. He admitted to Kach
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'Til All Are One
Author’s note: It pains me that such a phenomenal TV series like ‘Transformers Prime’ has ended whereas the other crap on TV is still going. But I guess like ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ and ‘Young Justice’ it was just too good to last. Please note that this takes place a few cycles (years) after the events of the final episode/movie Predacons Rising which I highly recommend watching if you haven’t already. But enough of my fanboyism, let’s get started!
WARNING! SPOILERS! WATCH THE TRANSFORMERS PRIME TV SERIES (seriously, it has a greater impact when you watch it from beginning to end) BEFORE READING!
Also if there are any elements of this story you don’t like please try not to let it ruin the story.
Cybertron, Iacon Council Tower
Nearly all refugees, be they Autobot or Decepticon, had returned to the now fully restored planet of Cybertron to bask in its glory with fresh Energon and new life. With Team Pri
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The Primal Mobians - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Author’s note: Before we begin keep in mind that the term Mobians is not ever used in the video game continuity, but in this case I decided to let that detail slide in terms of the story, hope you guys and gals don’t mind. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s start the chapter!
The centre of Station Square was less than peaceful with the people bustling about eager for the world cup finals with the next match being held there in a few days. Everybody felt safe once Silver and Blaze arrived looking for Shadow as requested from yesterday. None of the civilians knew they were doing this as they simply thought they were there to get ready for the big game happening in a few days.
Silver and Blaze had made their way across the rooftops with Blaze leaping around with her unmatched agility and Silver flying over town keeping a watchful eye on anyone in danger. Luckily everything seemed alright until…
A black car with orange flames on the side
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The Primal Mobians - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – After the adventure
Author’s note: Here’s an idea I just had to write about. If any of you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Here’s the first chapter, enjoy!
“Hey Sonic! Enjoy your future, it’s gonna be great!” As the now 11 year old Sonic smiled back on his now 16 year old self he and the younger Tails jumped through the portal as it closed up solving the time traveling caper.
The two hedgehogs and pyrokinetic cat watched as Sonic and Tails returned to the table to enjoy the chilli dogs and converse with their friends.
“I’ll be honest Blaze, I have no idea how I ended up fighting Sonic in that city. Do ya think it was the energy from Eggman’s Time Eater machine?” The cat turned to her long-time friend and rested a hand on her hip.
“I’m not sure but at least it’s done now, let’s just enjoy the party.”
“I’m sure the birthday boy won’t mind us, espec
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The SHS Show 'Moving On' - Chapter 15
Chapter 15 – Confession
Author’s note: Here’s your Christmas present from me, the final chapter of Moving On. Overall I’m pleased with it; I decided that with all the other characters taking the spotlight away from the couple I decided to ignore them and focus on Spidey and Ms. Marvel. I may actually do a sequel to this story after I finish my next story or while I’m halfway through it. Still here it is, Merry Christmas and enjoy the final chapter!
~ 3 days after the battle ~
As he flicked his lamp on next to his bed, Spider-Man went over to the light switch next to the door and turned the big light off. With that done he sat on his bed and took out a laptop that SHIELD had lent him, he was just about to put in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King when he heard a knock at the door “Can I come in?”
He immediately recognised the voice “Yeah” Ms. Marvel opened the door and walked over to his bed after closing it. “Are you doing
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The SHS Show 'Moving On' - Chapter 14
Chapter 14 – One Shall Rise
Author’s note: LONGEST. CHAPTER. EVER. In the game The Infinity Gauntlet Spider-Man’s hero factor is classified as a ‘Spider Factor’ hero which I assume is a special type of Animal Factor, so I’ll be applying this to Anti-Venom as well in this chapter.
“I wasn’t expecting that.” Ultitron stomped across the city oblivious to Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel’s arrival as his goal was supposed to be uninterrupted. Ms. Marvel wasn’t going to stand for this “We need to slow him down; I’m going to head the Helicarrier to get some reinforcements you hold him off for as long as you can.”
She soon flew off leaving the webhead bewildered “Oh gee thanks M&M I can handle it” sarcasm solves all of life’s problems.
Spider-Man started to swing towards Ultitron and started to search for anyone who needed help. Before long he spotted an old friend trying to get himself out of the r
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The SHS Show 'Moving On' - Chapter 13
Chapter 13 – Treachery
“There’s no question that this is where the last code is, we must protect it at all costs!” Ant-Man had tagged along on this mission in an act of desperation as the squad ran through the underground of the city as the final Machina Code was located somewhere in the sewers.
“Such treachery from our spider and supervisor is unforgivable in our moment of desperation!” Thor bellowed.
“While I agree that we never saw it coming we must note that as former heroes, we should owe them one more chance at amnesty at our next encounter, hopefully in a few minutes.” They soon heard the beeping on the radar Ant-Man was carrying getting faster “Down here”.
They saw a small glow emanating from a part of the ground to which Scarlet Witch manipulated into a liquid form before reaching into it and pulling a star shaped device out of it. “Yes, we’ve got it!”
“Hold it heroes!” The squad turned t
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The SHS Show 'Moving On' - Chapter 12
Chapter 12 – What if...
Author’s note: I’m sorry this chapter took 9 days to write, I didn’t know how to word the dialogue (plus the new submit art system is kind of unreliable), I promise the next one will be better than this.
“Here you are doctor” Kingpin then threw Spider-Man’s limp body on the floor next to Ms. Marvel’s “consider it our apology for failing you before.”
Dr. Doom stepped away from his throne looking at the unconscious heroes “Yes! With all the Machina Codes at our disposal nothing will stop us from ruling the universe!” He then proceeded to do his equally embarrassing victory dance much to the embarrassment of the others in the throne room.
Ultron then proceeded to take the Machina Codes that Scarlet Spider and Warbird had stolen “Excellent work you two, Lord Doom the final location for the last Machina Code has been decoded up to 89%.”
“Great work Ultron, our time shall come wh
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The Seven Sins - Prologue
The Seven Sins - Prologue
Long ago, the two realms of Heaven and Hell were a balance in the world we live in.
In heaven resided a race of angels who all possessed superhuman physical abilities, high speed flight and their halos granted everyone a special talent to make each one special. These angels were all similar to the beings that live on Earth known as humans and acted like humans in almost every way.
In hell lived a different race named devils, most were also similar to humans except they had deformities such as horns, tails, claws and many others. Some devils resembled hideous monsters that could also think and act like humans, but devils tended to be more ruthless and aggressive in contrast to the peaceful and reasonable angels.
The ruthless devils wanted control over heaven and hell so they could shape the Earth and humans in what they considered a "perfect world", whereas the angels wanted to keep heaven and hell as a balance as they knew that nobody was perfect. And so the e
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The SHS Show Moving On - Chapter 11
Chapter 11 - Sabotage!
Author's note: Okay so the shapes for the codes I've used so far are a sphere, a pyramid and a cube, in this chapter it will be shaped as a cone. Just so you know.
The SHIELD vault was flooded with agents decoding the last two coordinates for the remaining Machina Codes. After the third one was lost to the villains Ant-Man worked harder to decode them before the villains could, it wasn't exactly Dr. Doom he was worried about, it was Ultron. The robot was known for his cunning plans and overwhelming power so why would he ally himself with those who reside in Villainville? It doesn't matter for now, the fourth set of coordinates were nearly decoded.
The mini screen under the containment unit holding the two Machina Codes they acquired started beeping indicating that the next Machina Code had been located. The coordinates showed up on the map to be of a river in a canyon somewhere near Nevada. Ant-Man then turned to some of the SHIELD officers "Gather the squad let
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The SHS Show Moving On - Chapter 10
Chapter 10 – Clone Saga
Author's note: Longest chapter so far! I know Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider costume is more popular but I like his Spider-Man costume more, plus it's my story so I get to choose his costume. Now with that out of the way, let's begin!
His eyes shot open to be greeted by a young blonde woman stumbling back in surprise. He then scanned where he was to see a vast amount of equipment. He had no idea what all of this was for but he knew it had something to do with the silver robot with a red glowing mouth and eyes staring intently at him.
The robot then pressed a button somewhere off to the left (remember this is from the clones POV) and the restraints beneath his chest eased off him revealing a pair of jeans that the machine must have been put on him at some point during the procedure (let's face it, a clone doesn't want to wake up to have his first seconds of existence in the nude).
The clone tried to walk out of whatever the machine he was in was, but almost imm
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The New F4 - Chapter 4
Chapter 4 – Black Ops
Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel were back at the new F4 base (which is now named the Outpost 4) looking over the details the police gathered from the relatives of the hostage. They both looked at various details as the identity of the hostage wasn't easy to get since his face was concealed.
"Try looking over the residents of that area" Ms. Marvel suggested "If we take a look at those who lived there before the attack yesterday, we may be able to find out who it is."
Spider-Man then put up the details of the local area and brought up the names of the residents that currently live there (without seeing any personal information).
"Alright, let's look through all these names and check with the police to see whose missing." She heard no reply "Got it Pete?" Still no answer "Are you even paying attention?"
She turned to see why Spider-Man wasn't answering her to find him staring deeply at a single name.
"Oh no, not him. Why would Doom want him?"
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The SHS Show Moving On - Chapter 9
Chapter 9 – Date Disaster
Author's note: I apologise if Warbird's back story isn't the same as her comic book counterpart, but I only did it for story purposes. Besides if the show can make Silver Surfer a surfer dude and make Falcon a rookie, I don't see why I can't make Warbird a clone.
Ms. Marvel walked onto the landing bay on top of the Helicarrier to be greeted by the cool summer breeze and golden sunshine. Her blonde locks flowing behind her as she approached the front edge of the massive aircraft with no fear present about the fall, but rather with fear about how she would act on her date with Spider-Man.
Well that's what she called it but she couldn't admit to herself that she had a crush on the webslinger, probably because her feelings for Captain Mar-vell were still begging her not to forget him in favour of someone weaker than him. But he wouldn't want her moping over his death would he?
She pushed these thoughts aside as she started flying through the air towards the p
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Moving On - Chapter 8
Chapter 8 – Tension
Author's note: Now that I've decided to add a little bit of drama into the mix with Iron Man, that doesn't mean that there won't be any emphasis on action. I've got the rest of the story planned out so all is well and I'll know how to continue. As always, feel free to leave a comment saying what you think!
With Wolverine's advice in mind about Tony's potential interest in Ms. Marvel, Spidey knew that he had to find a way to stop this from getting too unnecessarily complicated. He headed towards the living room of the Helicarrier to try and take his mind off things.
He flipped onto the sofa and brought the TV remote towards him with a shot of his webbing. While watching the idiot box, Hulk came into the room with almost all the cereal boxes on the whole Helicarrier piled in his arms and plopped down onto the chair next to the sofa Spidey was resting on.
"Hmm" Hulk licked his lips mentally trying to decide which cereal to eat (or devour in his case) first. He too
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The New F4 - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – Doomsday Shall Soon Arrive
Author's note: Dr. Doom and his doom bots are based off their MUA appearance, though Castle Doom is similar to MUA2. Since I enjoy both games, I thought I'd give a little nod to them by using those designs. Also the base for the New F4 is based off the room where the Avengers have meetings in Avengers: EMH as well as the design for the Helicarrier in the Avengers film. And now, on with the chapter!
The armoured doctor had high hopes that eliminating his foes would end his trouble and welcome smooth sailing from that moment on. Sadly though that was not proving to be the case when he went to one of his main surveillance rooms, he approached one of the doom bots.
He scanned the robot with his wrist device to identify it "DM07...what's the status on Operation: Circuit?"
"Current status is 24.7% complete. Progress is significantly delayed due to 35% of previous equipment being available for reuse after last encounter with recently deceased Fantas
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The New F4 - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – Assembly
"Before you ask webhead, no I can't join." She-Hulk assumed the reason Spider-Man had wanted to see her was to invite her to the Fantastic Four team he was assembling due to her history with them.
"Actually Jen, that isn't what I wanted to ask..."
"You want to go out with me don't you?"
Spider-Man's eye lenses widened "Wait...what?" Jennifer grinned at his 'geek' response "N-no that's not it either."
"Why not? Is it because you think I'm ugly?" She raised a fist to his face.
"No, wait, look you're very pretty, but I only wanted to ask you something about the team!"
She-Hulk lowered her fist and chuckled at him "Calm down, I'm only messing with you."
"Oh so it's a bad thing when I make jokes but you're allowed to make them? How is that fair?"
The green Avenger turned to the reader "C'mon his writer Dan Slott wrote some of my comics to, what did you expect?" she turned back to Spider-Man and placed her hands on her hips "Alright Spidey why did you want to see me
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Aurora and Phillip [Sleeping Beauty] by ArcMagnus Aurora and Phillip [Sleeping Beauty] :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 615 69 Belle and Adam [Disney's Beauty and the Beast] by ArcMagnus Belle and Adam [Disney's Beauty and the Beast] :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 188 15 Belle and the Beast [Disney's BtB] by ArcMagnus Belle and the Beast [Disney's BtB] :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 81 8 Severed Hair [Tangled] by ArcMagnus Severed Hair [Tangled] :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 312 61 Happy Birthdaaay! [Tangled] by ArcMagnus Happy Birthdaaay! [Tangled] :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 109 23 Jane: You Can Speak? by ArcMagnus Jane: You Can Speak? :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 528 47 The Little Mermaid: Shipwrecked by ArcMagnus The Little Mermaid: Shipwrecked :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 251 13 The Little Mermaid: Drowned Prince by ArcMagnus The Little Mermaid: Drowned Prince :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 201 15 Tarzan and Jane by ArcMagnus Tarzan and Jane :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 506 35 Happy Father's Day by Louivi Happy Father's Day :iconlouivi:Louivi 401 67 Father's Day [Tarzan] by ArcMagnus Father's Day [Tarzan] :iconarcmagnus:ArcMagnus 828 70 HTTYD - Father - in color by silkenstarrs HTTYD - Father - in color :iconsilkenstarrs:silkenstarrs 528 73 5 inch gauge thomas update by bonjourmonami 5 inch gauge thomas update :iconbonjourmonami:bonjourmonami 39 6 James the Red Engine by TheChairmaster James the Red Engine :iconthechairmaster:TheChairmaster 108 8 Gordon the Express Engine by TheChairmaster Gordon the Express Engine :iconthechairmaster:TheChairmaster 93 2 Henry the Green Engine (MK2) by TheChairmaster Henry the Green Engine (MK2) :iconthechairmaster:TheChairmaster 118 10


I did it, I finally posted something after such a long period of time! (Man I'm such a lazy bum.)

It is inspired by the Sin and Punishment games from Nintendo and Treasure, I have two chapters in mind, one from each characters point-of-view. I might do a third chapter but for now, I'm working on the second one.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


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