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Once this pendant sells, it won't be available again for purchase or commission!

This pendant is handcrafted from silver, brass and nickel silver. It measures approximately 2 inches in height by 1 3/4 inches in width.  The wing and smile were hand engraved into the metal, and the silver envelope she's inside is more 3 dimensional.  The piece has my signature semi-polished sand blast finish.  (NOTE: The back of the pendant is silver and brass, no nickel silver will touch the skin, so this pendant should not affect anyone who breaks out wearing nickel silver.)  The front of the pendant has been lacquered 3 times to help prevent tarnishing.

The pendant hangs on a 24" stainless steel chain that's included in the purchasing price.  Contact me if you're interested in this piece!
Open Up Your Eyes

This pendant handcrafted from solid copper depicts Tempest Shadow.  It was a concept I started shortly after I saw the movie, and it somehow fell to the wayside until a full year later....Oh well.

It measures approximately 2 1/2 inches in height by 2 inches in width.  It has a two toned finish, sand blasted face, and a sand blasted semi-polished tumbled mane.  The eye is a bluish-green custom enamel mix that will glow under dim lighting.  As a final step, the front of the pendant is given 2 coats of a strong lacquer to help prevent tarnishing. 

The pendant hangs on either a 20" black cable cord, or a 24" stainless steel curb chain, your choice!

If you're interested in commissioning this piece from me, you can contact me in a note, or by e-mail:
Seven Emeralds Pendant Series
For all jewelry related inquiries, feel free to send me a note or e-mail me at:

It all started with one pendant:

Seven Emeralds Dog Tag by SilverSlinger

Now I have an entire series!

These pendants are hand made in shop, cut from 16 gauge sheet. Each one measures 2 inches in height, and 1.20 inches in width. They have a brushed finish texture, and are engraved with a CNC diamond scribe engraver. Each pendant has 7 Swarovski crystal rhinestones set in place with jeweler's epoxy, and are the same colors as the seven Chaos Emeralds found in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.

The Super Sonic dog tag is made from Jeweler's brass (A type of brass that's alloyed to look a golden color) and it's seven rhinestones are in the following size and order:

Green (5.3mm)
Yellow (4.5mm)
Purple (4.1mm)
Blue (3.7mm)
White (3.0mm)
Red (2.5mm)
Light Blue (2.2mm)

The Super Shadow dog tag is made from nickel silver, and it's seven rhinestones are in the following size and order:

Light Blue (5.3mm)
Purple (4.5mm)
Red (4.1mm)
Blue (3.7mm)
Green (3.0mm)
Yellow (2.5mm)
White (2.2mm)

The Super Tails dog tag is made from brass, and it's seven rhinestones are in the following size and order:

Red (5.3mm)
Green (4.5mm)
Light Blue (4.1mm)
White (3.7mm)
Yellow (3.0mm)
Blue (2.5mm)
Purple (2.2mm)

The Super Knuckles dog tag is made from copper, and it's seven rhinestones are in the following size and order:

Purple (5.3mm)
Blue (4.5mm)
Yellow (4.1mm)
Red (3.7mm)
Light Blue (3.0mm)
White (2.5mm)
Green (2.2mm)

Credit for the Super Tails and Super Knuckles artwork goes to :iconchibi-jen-hen:  Thank you!!!

The pavilions of the 4 largest rhinestones on each pendant have been ground into a flat culet to keep them from poking the chest and causing discomfort while worn.

Each of these dog tag pendants comes with a 24" beaded chain that matches the color of it's pendant.
Trapped by the Queen

This pendant is a throwback to the iconic MLP:FiM Season 2 finale.  It's handcrafted from sterling silver, nickel silver and brass; and measures approximately 3 inches in height by 2 inches in width.  Chrysalis is finished with my signature semi-polished sand blast finish while the cavern below her has a rough sand blast finish.  Inside the cavern is a green dyed geode with a brass plate behind it featuring an engraving of Twilight and Cadance lost and frantically trying to escape.  The front of this pendant was given 3 coats of a hard lacquer to help prevent tarnishing.  Chrysalis' eyes were colored with a glow in the dark green pigment mixed with UV resin.  In addition, the geode was coated with a glow in the dark paint.  After exposed to bright light, the pendant will look like this in the dark:
Trapped by the Queen Dark Pic by SilverSlinger

Who's Cutie Mark Should Be Handcrafted into a Pendant Next? 

80 deviants said Celestia
62 deviants said Cadence
45 deviants said Derpy
40 deviants said Spitfire


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Rambojoe446 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2019  Student Photographer
Just wanted to say how amazingly gorgeous your work is! I love your cutie mark jewelry and your Luna related stuff is divine~
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SilverSlinger Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks very much!!
Rambojoe446 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Student Photographer
Not a problem at all my friend. Do you have a store at all or plans for one? I've never seen anything like what you make~ 
SilverSlinger Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Professional Artisan Crafter
The handcrafted stuff in my gallery is no longer available in my shop.  The shop is currently being modified to sell higher end gold, diamond and gemstone jewelry.

I may resell some of this stuff in the future, but at this moment and time I'm not in the handcrafting business.
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Joakaha Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch! :D
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