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Breezy Pendant



One of a Kind

It wasn't easy makin' this breezy, let me tell ya!  100% hand crafted from 17 separate components made from sterling silver, steel, and copper, along with three pear shaped quartz gemstones. 

I forgot to measure the pendant, but I'd estimate it at 3 1/2 inches in height (I'll get accurate measurements tomorrow).  It's definitely one of my larger pendants.  The wing was made out of sterling silver, with three 30 x 10mm pear shaped quartz gemstones.  EDIT: I'm aware the third gemstone in the middle of the wing isn't very noticeable.  Unfortunately, it can't be helped do to the light source and camera angle.  But I can assure you the gemstone is there.  The Breezy's body is made of 3 separate pieces of steel sheet, and the mane/tail are made from copper.  The eyes are made from sterling silver, with the pupils and lashes painted black with antiquing.  The body, eyes, mane and tail all have a sand blasted finish, and the wing is a brushed finish. 

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Must. Have. Breezy.