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Do any of you ever get up in the middle of the night in great feelings of writing a ranting journal, then taking a little too long while to get to it, and then not feeling like it anymore?

Well, to make my waking-up not completely useless, a possibly hours long text a little more simpler, and for the sake of that great golden opportunity to make good conversation;
can I get any of your personal thoughts and feelings on people hosting image-board threads of "bad art on the internet"?

My two cents; I'd hate to sound like your typical over-emotional DeviantTart faggot, but I can't help but find threads like that rude as hell. Really.

Same goes for the constant seemingly extra-harsh criticism on webcomics. Double-really! =/
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ZoDy Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010   General Artist
I find art one of the hardest thing in the universe to critique because we all have our own preferences. I consider 'true art' to be a painting that can capture an image better then a camera can, but some people think a photo of a half eaten sandwich to be 'true art' these days.

But when people upload pictures of Sonic and Shadow making out on MSPaint well that's not art that just..a doodle :B if people really wanna bitch about stuff they should just got to E.D where they hide behind their avatars in safety from being prosecuted
Kell0x Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
It really depends, some artist cry Troll or whine for attention if someone askes why their character looks like a twin of Naruto, Sally, or Bugs Bunny or when someone suggest to atleast ink the line art instead of submitting a sketch page as a ' comic page '

But yeah some people give out horrid criticsism , it could be various reasons. The people don't like the artist, envy him/her or are just plain trolling as revenge or for fun.

But some people deserve it because their batshit insane like turquoisephoenix mentions,

ever read Sonichu? its the most offensive webcomic i ever saw.
GangstaBoogie Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A lot of the time, when I see these threads I tend to think they're right on the money, but every now and again I do see art posted by people I know personally, which is where it gets a little iffy. I do like to laugh at the really, really bad art though, so I guess there's no harm done in the end.
Turquoisephoenix Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010  Student Filmographer
I feel it really depends on threads like that.
Most of the time, they're picking on artists that really don't deserve it, that their style sucks because they're inexperienced or that they're too young or that just because it's anime/anthro or a certain subject.

Other times, criticism can feel like it's deserved. It's one thing to have bad art but it's another to have a really, REALLY bad attitude.

Same goes for webcomics. Some webcomics get harped on too harshly but I will admit I do laugh if webcomics like Billy the Heretic get ripped a new one just because the subject matter and the person making them really deserve the criticism. (ie, webcomic mentioned basically has the same "Jews are responsible for everything" punchline and it's really bigoted.)

So basically my thoughts are the artist has to have the attitude to match or else otherwise they're just being internet bullies. (and trust me, we've all seen Special Internet Princesses.)
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