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Do you know me?
Oh, okay...
Sorry to bother you.
I'm trying to find someone who does.
Because I don't know myself
Feels like someone gutted my core
And stored on a high shelf
And I can't reach it
I can catch glimpses of it
The girl I was before
Sad but confident
Wore my battle scars with pride
Didn't know when I took that last ride
Into the fray
I would never return
I pray
That I can find me
Or someone who can reach
That shelf
And return to me
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Happy Thoughts by SilverShadowPheonix Happy Thoughts :iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 0 4 Don't Even, Depression by SilverShadowPheonix Don't Even, Depression :iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 0 5 Ocs and Random Characters by SilverShadowPheonix Ocs and Random Characters :iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 0 3 Karen and Slider by SilverShadowPheonix Karen and Slider :iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 1 3
Beauty and the Beast
Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived a princess in a shining castle. Gentle and kind, she was loved by all. Yet this princess hid a dark secret. Living inside her was a monster. Black as night and cold as a blizzard, this beast raged within the princess. Its touch was death, and its cry brought despair on all who heard it. She did not remember exactly when it came or where it came from. All the poor girl knew was that it existed, and it was a horrible thing.
The princess didn't want anyone to be harmed by the monster so she kept it sealed within herself. She felt it her duty to protect her people. For years, she lived hearing it screaching in her soul as its talons sank deeper into her heart. Slowly, her smile turned into a mask to hide the destruction within. She didn't want anyone to know this beast existed. How would they react? Would they lose faith in her? Would her title be taken from her? Who could carry the weight of the kingdom if she could not? No, she couldn't risk expo
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Meet Karen
Karen pulled her auburn hair into a low ponytail. It was time for training, and she didn't need her waist-length hair getting in the way. Once her hair was up, she checked her reflection in the full length mirror on the wall of the changing room. Her hazel eyes took in her appearance clad in a black karate-style uniform. It was tailored to fit her form and provide the best range of motion. Her feet were bare and she wore black fingerless gloves on her hands. She smiled to herself she was battle ready and on time. She exited the room to enter another. This one looked like something out of Star Trek. It was a large grey room. Hexagonal plates lining all sides shimmered to life as she took a stance on one. This was her training room. She woke up before dawn to be able to practice with her growing powers to keep them in check. Based off her emotions, they had a habit of overwhelming her at time, like if she was depressed or overly mad. The bad thing was that her day job brought a lot of de
:iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 1 3
Why I Wear Black
How can one move on
when the one they lost is not really gone?
You're seated there in front of me
A shadow of what you used to be.
I can remember your true self.
Shining, stronger than all else.
You were my hero, yes, it's true.
I really did look up to you.
You made me smile.
We had fun.
You were a friend when I had none.
But something happened.
I don't understand.
What made you change?
Suddenly you were strange.
Foreign. Not really you.
Seemed to happen out of the blue.
Your soul was murdered.
This I'm sure.
The only explanation I can come up for
What has occurred.
When I see you, I see a grave.
A shadow of your soul remains.
How I wish I could have said goodbye.
Now all I can do is cry.
I still mourn for what was lost.
I wonder what it would cost
To bring you back to your real self.
Tis not like true death where a grave brings closure
My heart's wounds deepen with each exposure
To you. Not knowing how it hurts inside.
To see how your soul resides.
So again, I ask:
How can one move on
:iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 0 9
Tales of The Holiday World Part 1
A light snow fell down upon the city as evening tucked its children into bed. Bright street lights blinked to life, like stars in the sky. Colored strings of lights beamed from store fronts, greenery, and even from the many houses. Smoke curled comfortingly from chimneys as little ones snuggled up with their loved ones in beds and on couches to listen to stories be told of heroes and dragons and fair maidens and happily ever afters. Once stories had been told, mommas, pappas, uncles, aunts, and grandparents alike would tuck the little ones into bed for a good night’s rest. This is how things always were in Christmas Towne.
For centuries, Christmas Towne had been a paradise. It snowed every evening just before bedtime so the inhabitants would awake to a new blanket of magical powder everywhere. Children would run off to school as grown-ups went to work after having breakfast in the morning. Children would be let out of school an hour early so they could enjoy the snow before going
:iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 0 7
Eternal Warriors: Chapter 1 Part 3 of ???
Susan turned her attention to the window. The amazing colors swirling from tree branches to the ground were more interesting than eye tattoos any day. Golden maple leaves waved good-bye to the mother tree as they danced to the ground, mingling with those who had fallen before and with them. Susan watched a particular leaf in flight, trying to predict where it would fall. However, her prediction would never be proven right or wrong because a sudden creature caught the leaf in mid air. Susan was amazed as she watched the puppy land on all four paws, shaking the leaf in his mouth about. His fur was as golden as the leaf. He looked something like a yellow lab. Susan couldn’t help but smile as she watched the little one dash about in the leaves. She almost forgot that dogs weren’t allowed on the school grounds.  
“Enjoying the scenery?” a voice whispered in her ear.
Susan quickly turned around to see her teacher smiling down at her. She noticed that the other st
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Girl in the corner
Do you see her?
The girl in the corner?
Tucked away from all other eyes?
They don't want to see her.
So they have her hide.
Work in the corner from start till we say
That you can call it a day
She does as she's told
Trying to spin their straw into gold
Sharp ends bite her fingers
As stubborn strands refuse to do as told
She tries to keep up with supply and demand
As the blood drips from the wounds in her hands
No one cares that she hurts so
Just as long as she works from when they say go
Her fingers fly as she works her craft
All others do is laugh
Taunt and tease
As they go about doing as they please
She however wants to prove her worth
Show how she can move heaven and earth
That her skills are worth their weight in gold
So she goes on doing as they are told
Till one night, they come for her at day's end
Say there are wrongs that she cannot mend
No good enough to continue here
Their voices slicing up her ears
They throw her out into the dark
But not before they impale her heart
They t
:iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 1 14
Eternal Warriors: Chapter 1 Part 2 of ???
Susan smiled to herself. She loved how passionate her mother was about what she taught. Susan had first-hand experience with teachers that just taught what they were told to teach without a second thought. Such teachers reminded her of zombies or robots. They just spouted off word for word out of a textbook or threw a massive compilation of materials for students to go through without a single clue as to how to understand the chicken scratch they were forced to read. They acted like they weren’t thinking for themselves when it came to the content. They just recited and performed as they were programmed to do. Some even made Susan wonder if they were truly human at all.
The bells chimed the hour. Susan collected her materials before bidding her mother farewell till the end of the day. It was time for school.
Susan watched the other 8th graders trickle into the building as she marched down the stairs. She didn’t mind 8th grade. She wasn’t bored by her classes. She got a
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SilverShadowPhoenix DEVIANTID by SilverShadowPheonix SilverShadowPhoenix DEVIANTID :iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 3 15
Colors of her Mind
She woke with the sunrise. Raven always woke with the sun. She jumped out of bed and
ran to the window. The sun was just peaking over the horizon. She gasped in amazement
as the first rays of sun ran through the atmosphere. She knew she only saw light this
way, but it always felt knew to her.
Raven could see each ray as it ran its course through the air. It was like watching
rain running down a window. It drips and trickles and merges with other like
particles. They started out as a light yellowish white then turned to yellow to blue
to so many other colors that they boggled the normal imagination.
Raven felt like peachy orange today. She liked peachy orange sunrises. She reached
out with her mind, touching each beam of light causing the light to bend until it
reached the color she was looking for. She smiled as she watched her handiwork change
from sunrise colors to normal day colors.
Raven quickly changed out of her white nightgown into a simple white dress. She tied
an equally white
:iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 3 6
Infinite Spiral Contest: Character Info
Name: Raven Keystone
Race: Half human/half named one
Age: says she's 12 (really is around 15-16)
True Name: Innej Poy
Worlds: She wanders a select few "because of the colors".
Traits: Shy, quiet, slow to trust, artistic, spontainious
Features: Black hair with silver streaks(in reality, she's a brownish blond. she only
lets you see the black and silver), green eyes, pale skin, always wears white, wears
the top half of an ornate key on a silver chain around her neck(this helps her get
through Gateways).
Abilities: Raven can manipulate light. She can make a dark room brighter or make the
day at noon be as dark as night. She also likes to play with the color spectrum, but
she prefers to wear white though she loves all colors. She can make you see her
wearing a rainbow of colors or hide herself altogeher, which helps her with blending
into the background when she doesn't want to be found. She can also use light to
create small "stepping stones".
Likes: Colors, plants, animals, most music, l
:iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 2 0
Pay no attention to what lies behind the mask by SilverShadowPheonix
Mature content
Pay no attention to what lies behind the mask :iconsilvershadowpheonix:SilverShadowPheonix 1 23


My Little Raven. (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)
"My little raven, aren’t you afraid? Afraid that you can’t fly away anymore? Don’t worry my raven, for I will be your loyal servant until the end of time. I will never leave your side, even in your darkest hours."
You opened your weary eyes from these so called, ‘nightmares’, you’ve recently been having to the sound of the melodic voice of your butler.
“Good morning, my lady. I have prepared a poached salmon, with the side of freshly bakes scones, and a side of the finest of tea imported from China. I hope you find it to your liking.” Oh yeah… now you remember. That, butler, was Sebastian Michaelis.
The sunlight shun through the spotless windows right into your tiresome eyes. While sighing with frustration, you rose from your bed and swung your legs over the side. As you sat there, you heard Sebastian roaming through your closet, picking out clothes for you to wear. You ran a shaking hand on the back of your neck, wo
:iconmdhcakes:MdhCakes 177 15
Chase (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)
Living in a large manor was nothing strange for you. After all, you have been in a lot of manors, serving the nobles along with your mother and father. Unfortunately, they died and your previous master was murdered. On the other hand, if it weren't for those deaths, you wouldn't have been employed by little Ciel.
The pay was great, he did not treat you badly (even if he was a grumpy little kid), the other servants (though clumsy and not suited for that kind of life) were good friends- always ready to help, cheer you up and just be by your side. Then, you had Sebastian.
He was handsome, smart, brave, incredibly adapt at everything he is ordered to do and everything he wants. Although, his obsession with cats was a bit worrying.
Especially when you were ordered to get him away from one.
Like right now.
You were standing behind Sebastian who was cooing over the black cat, playing with its soft paws and murmuring gently. You were trying to get his attention for the past fifteen minutes whi
:icongryffindorslion17:gryffindorslion17 172 26
Mature content
Sebastian x Reader One-Shot :iconnolife343:NoLife343 61 14
SebastianXReader My Kitten
My Kitten
"Get out of here you mangy animal! No one wants you here!" the man screamed at you. Then he kicked you in the stomach and sent you flying into the alley wall. Your head made a sickening thud as it smashed into the bricks. Falling hard onto your side, you whimpered, begging the man silently to stop. He never did. He grabbed an old rusted pipe and stood over your bruised and frail body. "I'll teach you not to steal from me!" he shouted before he brought the pipe down towards your head.
You winced and closed your eyes, to wait for it to end your pitiful life on the streets. After a few seconds of nothing, you opened your good eye. A tall man with black hair and red eyes towered over the other man, gripping the pipe firmly in his gloved hand.
"It's highly undignified to strike a lady like that, especially one as beautiful as her. I'm going to have to teach you a lesson a lesson in manners," your savour said before grabbing the man by the scruff and tossing him de
:iconeternallove56:EternalLove56 964 136
Principal Cadance by uotapo Principal Cadance :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,013 124 Happy family comm. by ElynGontier Happy family comm. :iconelyngontier:ElynGontier 53 12 Key by eleth-art Key :iconeleth-art:eleth-art 355 15 Commission: Katherine by Lady-of-Link Commission: Katherine :iconlady-of-link:Lady-of-Link 28 8 A Shy Gaze by shock777 A Shy Gaze :iconshock777:shock777 112 13 Princess Aelwen Illustration by InkRose98 Princess Aelwen Illustration :iconinkrose98:InkRose98 198 29 Pop Princess-Ariel by Nippy13 Pop Princess-Ariel :iconnippy13:Nippy13 446 27 Belle Christmas by Nippy13 Belle Christmas :iconnippy13:Nippy13 390 8 Winter Pony - Princess Cadence and Flurry Heart by tiffanymarsou Winter Pony - Princess Cadence and Flurry Heart :icontiffanymarsou:tiffanymarsou 638 86 Winter Pony - Princess Celestia by tiffanymarsou Winter Pony - Princess Celestia :icontiffanymarsou:tiffanymarsou 551 70
Seeking out 18+ novel rpers
Hello how is everyone doing? I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!
I Love my rp group and have several really good close friends although every so often when I have nothing and no one to reply to, I have been feeling uninspired lately sadly. =\
While it's not a huge issue, it would be nice to find someone like me to rp with as we help inspire each other =)
I am looking at 18+ so no underage. Yes I will arrange and do sexual rps but 18+ also means violence, cursing, drugs, alcohol, basically no filter
I am a novel rper. That means I can write around four paragraphs on minimum. In terms of sex rps I may to less to three.
I rp through here on notes and Skype
My interests stretch all over the place which is shown through my characters and setting. Honestly I am commenting this in case there is anyone like me searching around =)
Maybe your sick tired and fed up of rpers leaving you. I do not leave my rpers unless we have some major terrible fight. I respect my partner and want
:iconroleplay-requests:Roleplay-Requests 1 2
Pretty Cure 2018!
!!! Spoilers for the new Pretty Cure season in this post !!!

Hello everyone~
It's been quite a while since my last journal post... I decided to make one about the upcoming Pretty Cure season! Right now Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode is still airing, but there's only a few episodes left (and I still have a lot to catch up with).
The new season is titled HUGtto! Precure and will start on February 4th.
"Nono Hana is an 8th grade student who wants to be a stylish and mature big sister like figure. She always puts on a lovely smile and loves to search for exciting things. One day, Hana meets a baby named Hug-tan and her guardian fairy named Harry who had fallen from the sky. At that exact moment, an evil organisation called Dark Tomorrow suddenly appeared! They're trying to forcefully take Hug-tan's Mirai Crystal! In order to protect Hug-tan, Hana wishes to do so
:iconsekaiichihappy:sekaiichihappy 5 28




8 deviations
So my last upload work was called MIA and it turned out to be my most viewed work on here. Wow, that strangely fitting.

to those who remember me, hi, it's Karen. Sorry for dying on you guys. It's been a mix of job, website messing up for me, and being mentally kinda dead. I suffered a major mental trauma in October 2015 due to reasons and have fairly recently felt up to trying to write again. I've uploaded some doodles that I did at work, but I wanna write again! So, I'm gonna try that again. 

For or my roleplay friend, I am so sorry I've been away. I hope you can forgive me and still wanna try to roleplay again. I haven't role played at all in about two years except for three dnd sessions. I need a roleplay fix.

so, I'm back from the dead. Let's see what happens.
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Karen Shivoski
I'm one of the fallen. A vessel for damnation. The world just wants me for a punching bag. They forget that I can't be killed. I'm set aflame by hellfire. I will always rise from the ashes. One day, they'll regret what they did to me.
Yeah, that's Raven talking up there. Anywho, I'm Karen. I'm one of those weird people who likes to get in character when they write. Otherwise I'm just gonna stare blankly at my computer screen till I pass out. My bff in rl is Nitsuj-Poy. My bro is ThetaSigma7. They both are more into pictures I'll probably post some random poems or story chapters. If there is anything you like, hate, want to see, please comment so I can give it a go!


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hi i heard from someone you rp
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Dannystar64 thats who we were gonna do a Swan Princess rp from the film but he needs days to get ready so in the mean time i'm guessing i'll have to find someone who knows the 3 films and would rp it
SilverShadowPheonix Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
Danny is awesome. Yeah, I know all three films and would love to rp them.
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keep working hard :) hope you are doing well! 
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im doing alright. kinda frustrated. got rejected by a car dealership today and couldnt buy a new truck. and i sent a scene out from my story for people to edit and they did not edit what i had requested
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That really sucks. :(
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hi, remember our RPs?
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