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Thinking... by onlyforyou123
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I Am A Terrible Person Because by Sheyff
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The American Obesity Problem
               I have no face. There was a time when I may have owned one, but this is a fuzzy half-memory. In fact, it may be entirely an invention of fantasy. These days, regardless of my history, I know for a fact that I have no face. However, I have been granted a name: The American Obesity Problem. And I am growing in the United States. You may have seen me on television. You may have been witness to my disconcerting back cleavage and mystified by the seamless transition my legs make from my calves into my ankles. You probably saw my unsettlingly large, shelf-like behind as it strained against my tight Capri pants that I swore I would fit into someday and, when I didn't lose the weight, decided to wear anyway because, "If I spend more than $30 on pants I better damn well find a way to squeeze into them." You may have caught a glance of ponytail resting on my back, or a peek at several of my lower chins. But
:iconlightningrodofhate:LightningRodOfHate 1,381 1,025
RomanoXReader - Tomato Bath
Tomato Bath
"Effing skunk..." the Italian man cursed as he slowly dipped himself into the bath of tomato juice.
Standing in the garage, you chuckled as you remembered what had happened earlier that day.
---Flash back---
Sitting on a hillside, you and Romano where out just passing time, enjoying each others company. Having been friends for quite some time now, hanging out like this was the norm for the both of you.
You had been peacefully listening to his ramblings about 'that Spain jerk', 'that potato freak', and 'my retard of a brother', to put certain words lightly. The way he spoke with that Italian accent always put you into a light trance. You loved hearing the occasional rolling of the letter 'R' when he talked. You loved that when he spoke, he used subtle body motions to give more 'depth' into what he is saying. You loved watching that one piece of hair that was to stubborn to stay down, bob as he moved. Small things lik
:icondragonscaleink:Dragonscaleink 865 496
sexy england by DarkVampirequeen9 sexy england :icondarkvampirequeen9:DarkVampirequeen9 107 113
The Lion and The Lark: Chap 1
You gulped as you slowly followed your father. Today was the day; you were finally going to the Queen's Court with your father. Your father paused before entering the hall the Queen and her Nobles were in. You halted and gulped nervously.
"Father?" you squeaked.
Was he having second thoughts?
Sir Nicholas yourlastname, Knight of Queen Elizabeth's Court, turned and looked at you. He was a big man, your father. Some of the other knights and nobles of his rank called him "Sir Bear". His crisp, icy blue eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled at you. He ran a huge, paw-like hand through his dark brown hair.
"__________, do you know why I'm bringing you here today?" he asked.
You looked around. You and your father were the only ones in the corridor. "Father, is this the right time to be asking this?" you asked.
He chuckled and said, "Answer my question, dear."
You smoothed out the skirts to your satin dress. "Exposing me to the court, perhaps?" you said tentatively.
You honestly had no
:iconsilverwing100:Silverwing100 82 92
Toe Knee Chestnut: SpainXReader
Antonio frowned. He had been taking a walk through the park outside the World Meeting Conference place to clear his head. The day's meeting was stressful. He had been thinking about a lot of things, Romano being one of them. He was just confusing in himself. All of his confusion about him linked back to how acted. The man worked with them sometimes but then other times he seemed to play for the winning team, or for himself. Romano was infuriating sometimes. Just because he acted tough and rebellious, didn't mean he didn't need to be reassured sometimes. He couldn't always be strong and the only ones who seemed to realize that were pushed away from him because of him own stubbornness and pride. He just didn't get it. Did he not see the debris he left in his wake when he was so cruel? Romano had taken it with stride.
"Toe knee chest nut nose I love you," someone sang.
He looked around. You were playing with some kids around the park. They were laughing at you as you sang you small childi
:iconkita-kudai:kita-kudai 123 32
Marukaite Chikyuu by dragon-sigma Marukaite Chikyuu :icondragon-sigma:dragon-sigma 1,386 160 Anime: Hetalia- Szwajcaria by dollycore Anime: Hetalia- Szwajcaria :icondollycore:dollycore 1,403 160 Realistic Hetalia: Russia by witchofwest Realistic Hetalia: Russia :iconwitchofwest:witchofwest 2,066 281 realistic hetalia: Italy by witchofwest realistic hetalia: Italy :iconwitchofwest:witchofwest 2,512 357 Hetalia: Italy Hair by nennisita1234 Hetalia: Italy Hair :iconnennisita1234:nennisita1234 4,671 362 Hetalia: Worst Date Ever by khakipants12 Hetalia: Worst Date Ever :iconkhakipants12:khakipants12 3,458 675 APH: Commissions by CenaFenrier APH: Commissions :iconcenafenrier:CenaFenrier 1,918 308



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